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Rethink Dish Care: A Thermador Dishwashers Guide + Reviews

by Olly Mason

Mealtime is delicious, but dinnertime cleanup can leave a sour taste in the mouth. It’s no secret that doing the dishes is hardly anyone’s favorite pastime, but with the exciting features found on Thermador dishwashers, you might just reconsider.

In this brand feature, we give the floor to Thermador as we take a look at what makes these appliances so great and what you should consider, along with Thermador dishwasher reviews of three top-performing models from our catalog.

Brand, Exposed: An Inside Look at Thermador Appliances

At a Glance:

Thermador Dishwasher Lines

Thermador Dishwasher Features

Who Should Shop Thermador Dishwashers?

Thermador Dishwashers Pros & Cons

Our Best Thermador Dishwasher Picks

What to Look for When Shopping Dishwashers

Why Trust Us?

Epicureans have been trusting in Thermador appliances for more than 100 years, thanks to the brand’s revolutionary engineering, like Thermador Pedestal Burners that deliver restaurant-grade heat right at home. The luxury name encourages its users to go beyond the limits of the everyday kitchen and to venture into the new and extraordinary.

That sounds easier said than done when it comes to taking care of the dishes. But Thermador proves, once again, the power of thinking outside the box with a reliable collection of high-end dishwashers that turns the job into a joy.

Thermador Dishwasher Lines

For those who believe presentation is an important part of the culinary experience, Thermador’s trio of high-end dishwashers provide a sparkling canvas for display. The Thermador Radiance Collection comes in three distinct lines, the Emerald, Topaz, and Sapphire series, each progressing in features and functions, respectively.

Each set features 24-inch top-control dishwashers in a choice of three handle designs (custom, Professional, or Masterpiece), plus a custom panel option for those daring to follow their creative intuition. Regardless of which line you select from, Home Connect App Wi-Fi compatibility, Powerfully Quiet technology, a standard 3rd rack, and a minimum of 15 place settings included on each model provide premium dishwashing performance that keeps up with your culinary adventures.

Here’s how the series compare:

Emerald Dishwashers 

Thermador’s introductory dishwasher line comes with core features that are also found in each following line. But with superior dishwasher enhancements, including a Chef’s Tool Drawer 3rd rack, quiet 48-dBA operation with a floor beam indicator, and an adjustable upper rack, these dishwashers offer a glimpse of the Thermador Radiance Collection’s full potential.

Starting price: $1,399

Topaz Dishwashers 

Transition into next-level dish care with the Topaz dishwasher series, featuring the power and function found in the Emerald line—kicked up an extra notch. Along with an adjustable upper tray and a 3rd rack, the addition of fold-down tines and an even quieter 44-dBA performance with a Time Remaining floor beam give the already impressive blueprint of the Emerald series an extra dose of luxury. This set also introduces the addition of a water softener in each model, perfect for combating the harsh Arizona climate and hard water.

Promoted features:

  • 48 dBA → 44 dBA
  • PowerBeam → Time Remaining PowerBeam
  • Water softener included

Starting price: $1,799

Sapphire Dishwashers 

The Thermador Sapphire dishwasher series is a dishwashing experience unlike any before. For starters, the Topaz series features are not only standard—they’re upgraded. Instead of a static 3rd rack, an adjustable Chef’s Tool Drawer provides even more ways to load dishes. Or how about a dishwasher that registers 42 dBA? But the standout is StarDry Zeolite drying technology that delivers top-of-the-line results considered to be unmatched by any manufacturer on the market.

Fancy add-ons like a Push-to-Open door and Thermador’s signature Sapphire Glow dishwasher interior are perfect reminders of the quality experience this line of high-end dishwashers offers.

Promoted features:

  • 44 dBA → 42 dBA
  • Chef’s Tool Drawer → Adjustable Chef’s Tool Drawer
  • Water softener included

Starting price: $2,299

Thermador Dishwasher Features

The luxury of Thermador dishwashers can be summed up in three main factors: performance, loading ability, and convenience. Take a look at what the brand offers.


StarDry with Zeolite: Zeolite minerals super-heat water for quick moisture evaporation with virtually no need for hand-drying.

Star Speed: Power through full loads using the industry’s fastest wash cycle with a 20-minute runtime.

Sens-A-Wash: This feature gauges soil levels in a dishwasher and adjusts the wash as needed, helping to save time and energy.

PowerBoost: Select this option for a burst of heat and water pressure on the lower rack, ideal for quick cleanup of heavily soiled dinnerware like pots, pans, and casserole dishes.

Extra-Tall-Item Sprinkler: At 22 inches tall, this spray reaches tall dishes like pitchers and bottles with ease.


Adjustable Upper Rack: Gain extra room for bulky dishes by raising or lowering this rack in three positions.

(Adjustable) Chef’s Tool Drawer: Load utensils and miscellaneous dishes above on this rack for extra space below. On the Topaz and Sapphire series, this 3rd rack features expandable wings for more loading versatility.

Flexible Folding Tines: Fold these spokes down to access more rack space for large cookware.


Home Connect App: All Thermador dishwashers come with Wi-Fi compatible control to easily manage remotely from a smart device.

Push-to-Open: A gentle nudge on Sapphire dishwasher models is all it takes to open for the door to open.

Sapphire Glow: Add ambiance to your dishwashing routine with Thermador’s iconic blue-light dishwasher interior lighting.

(Time Remaining) PowerBeam: A handy floor beam lets you know when the dishwasher is in use. On Topaz and Sapphire models, a convenient timer projects telling you just how long until a cycle is complete.

Who Should Shop Thermador Dishwashers?

On the inside, Thermador dishwashers are full of pizzazz, but on the outside, their craftsmanship is pretty simple. The top-control design creates a clean interface, but the ability to customize the handles offers a touch of design flexibility buyers can exploit to suit a spectrum of looks, from minimal to truly one-of-a-kind.

But front controls mean Thermador dishwashers rely on Wi-Fi programming once a machine starts running. Users still have the option to open the dishwasher manually to adjust settings, but it’s a lot easier (and cleaner) on a personal device.

The outstanding performance these dishwashers deliver is a value any buyer or user can appreciate, but keep in mind, these dishwashers come at a higher price point. For reference, this is how Thermador ($1,399–$2,299) compares to premium dishwasher brands Monogram ($1,400–$2,250) and Miele ($1,099–$3,099).

In the end, we recommend Thermador dishwashers to:

✱ Buyers with a bigger budget 

✱ Shoppers looking for the top dishwasher performance

✱ Fans of sleek design 

✱ Users familiar with connected appliances 

✱ Households with hard water issues

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Thermador Dishwashers Pros & Cons

After our evaluations, here’s how Thermador tallies up.


Industry-leading dishwasher features

Quality materials

Wi-Fi compatible 

Great customizable options

Each model is Energy Star qualified



No compact dishwashers 

Not a large selection 

Our Best Thermador Dishwasher Picks

Here are three recommended Thermador dishwashers that are changing the game of dish care. From the best drying to easy loading, each one of these picks is a useful kitchen tool ideal for any aspirational kitchen.

Best Overall: Thermador® Professional 24" Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher (DWHD771WFP)

Front view of Thermador Sapphire collection DWHD771WFP dishwasher

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For our overall best Thermador dishwasher, we turn to this showstopping model that is unlike any other in its lineup or on the market. Rather than the ordinary configuration below, a no-tine bottom rack design gives you the liberty to store, stack, and organize dishes as you please. That also gives this professional dishwasher the capacity to clean up to 26 pieces of stemware in one go. You’ll also enjoy heavy-duty PowerBoost wash action, plus Sens-A-Wash that does the thinking for you with the power to accommodate wash temps and times automatically.


  • PowerBoost option
  • Sens-A-Wash technology
  • Push-to-Open
  • Sapphire Glow interior
  • 26 wine glass capacity (12 oz)
  • 44 dBA 
  • Energy Star qualified 

Best Luxury: Thermador® Professional Star Sapphire® 24" Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher (DWHD870WFP)

Front view of Thermador Sapphire collection DWHD870WFP dishwasher

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It’s amazing what is capable inside a Thermador dishwasher 24 inch profile. Case in point, this top-of-the-line Sapphire model that’s loaded with fancy features. We’re talking about being able to run a full load in under 30 minutes, plus the industry’s best dishwasher drying technology. Loading is a breeze with an adjustable upper rack and a 3rd rack, all with 16 place settings and enough room to wash 18 wine glasses in a single cycle.


  • Star Speed
  • StarDry
  • Push-to-Open
  • 3rd rack
  • Extra-Tall-Item Sprinkler
  • Sapphire Glow interior
  • Wi-Fi compatible 
  • 44 dBA
  • Energy Star qualified

Best Panel Ready Dishwasher: Thermador® Topaz® 24" Custom Panel Built In Dishwasher (DWHD660WPR)

Front view of Thermador Topaz collection DWHD660WPR panel-ready dishwasher

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Upgrade to a Thermador panel ready dishwasher for the ultimate experience of luxury and illusion. Whether it’s customized to blend in or to be the centerpiece of your kitchen, this Topaz series dishwasher is polite with a quiet 44-dBA noise level and PowerBeam display to see when a cycle is running before hearing it. The spacious interior features premium loading flexibility, from a 3rd rack to fold-down tines, plus an adjustable upper rack.


  • Sens-A-Wash technology
  • Chef’s’ Tool Drawer 
  • Flexible folding tines
  • Extra-Tall-Item Sprinkler
  • Time Remaining PowerBeam 
  • 44 dBA 
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Energy Star qualified

What to Look for When Shopping Dishwashers

Thermador dishwashers are proof that dish care doesn’t have to be basic. But splurging on a luxury dishwasher doesn’t have to be a necessity in order to enjoy clean dishes. Here are four aspects to keep in mind when shopping for a new dishwasher. 

Cleaning Performance 

It’s essential for a dishwasher to clean well—otherwise, you’ll just be drawing straws to see who’s handwashing for the night. Efficient dishwashers offer multi-level spray action that targets every zone on every rack, hot water temperatures, and powerful sensors that detect how dirty a wash is to adjust the time and heat accordingly.

Drying Ability 

Not all dishwashers provide drying technology, which is why those that do are such a bonus. Some models use a heating element located at the bottom of the tub, and some even pair the hot plate with a fan for impressive results. Thermador was the first brand to introduce Zeolite mineral drying to dishwashers, but since its debut, Bosch (Thermador’s parent brand) has added to feature to its 800 Series dishwashers. 

Noise Level

By far, dishwashers are the loudest appliance in the kitchen, with the loudest models registering in levels around 65 decibels (dBA). Compared to the average vacuum cleaner at 70 dBA, that says a lot. For the best noise reduction, look for a stainless-steel dishwasher tub and quiet motor operation (brands like LG use an inverter motor that has fewer parts and is quieter).

Special Features

Dishwashing doesn’t have to be a life-changing experience, but having extra features on a dishwasher helps make the duty a little more tolerable. The most common is Wi-Fi connectivity, while some brands provide bottle jets, neat floor beams that let you know when the dishwasher is in use, and flexible loading, all of which elevate the ordinary dishwasher into something truly useful.

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