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We’re Here to Help With Your New Home or Remodel!

We’ll help you choose the appliances for your dream home, and be with you every step of the way to ensure you get the lowest price from when you place your order and until the delivery is made. Take up to a year to pay for your order, and our team will work with you to plan for the delivery as you need them for your remodel, or for when you move into your new home!

We carry a wide range of GE’s highest performing models from their luxurious Cafe and Monogram brands. Visit us and shop our selection of appliances from all of the top brands.

Don’t forget to check out our selection of whole home audio systems, TV’s, and mattresses for even more EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS!

Call one of our stores or visit us today and ask about your NEW MOVER DISCOUNT!

Spencer’s Appliance Trade‑In Program

If you’re moving into a new build and the builder is providing appliances that you’d like to upgrade from, we offer trade in credit towards new appliances. Traded in appliances must be new & unused. Contact one of our stores for more information!

Thoughtful Kitchens

Shopping at Spencer’s is like having a friend in the business, and we’re your only friend with as much passion as you have for making customers dreams a reality!

We offer the largest selection, installation, and delivery to builders, designers, architects, developers, and management groups.

The greater Phoenix area is our niche, and your time is our priority. If you need a trustworthy recommendation on which appliances will sing in your new development or you’re seeking unbeatable deals on a mass-premium kitchen suite, we have the insight and appliances you need!

We insist on giving you a hassle-free, no-stress experience. You only want the most thoughtful kitchens for your home, and thoughtful kitchen design is our specialty.

Thoughtful Kitchens
Meet the Professionals

Meet the Professionals

Our builder and design teams are here for you. We’re always available and because we’re your friends in the business, we’ve always got your back.

Our builder team has been building relationships and earning trust with our clientele since 1974. It’s our duty to provide you the most personal attention and great prices in the Phoenix area.

Specialists at Spencer’s aren’t only experienced with appliances—we value our relationships with our clients and their time.

Come See For Yourself

Make Spencer’s your first stop for thoughtful kitchen visualization. We want you to work with us!

Our selection of premium commercial appliances is inspired by our own love of chef-inspired kitchens, and our in-house kitchen vignettes are more than enough to help you visualize your dream kitchen!

Touring our in-house kitchens can help you go from imagining your ideal kitchen to experiencing which luxury appliance brands make them feel inspiration.

Visit your nearest Spencer’s location to see for yourself.

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Come See for Yourself
Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Our inspired professional services are inspired by impressive design and planning projects in the interior design and kitchen remodeling industries. Our technicians are factory certified and keep everything in-house. We work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your project proceeds according to your plans.

Our builder appliance teams have recommendations as good as our prices, from the most energy-efficient, mass-premium laundry sets to the most thrilling, trending luxury kitchen suites.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen and need some inspiration yourself, rely on us to guide you to the most reliable and on-trend appliances at the best deals around.

If you need delivery and installation services you can set and forget, our reliable professional delivery and installation teams will get you exactly what you need with as much or little contact as you have time for!

And if you are seeking advice on what to specify for your next project, whether it’s a single-family home, a development, a multi-family dwelling, or a corporate office, we have expert and unique suggestions for each of your projects.

Contact Us. Get in Touch.

Do you need product specifications, brand details, quotes, or to request a visit? Give us a call or visit one of store’s today!

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