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Reimagine Everyday Living with Smart Home Appliances

When it comes to today’s concept of luxury at home, smart home appliances take the title for the hottest buzzwords on shoppers’ wish lists. With the latest products such as Wi‑Fi refrigerators equipped with internal cameras, so you know what to add to the shopping list while you’re at the grocery store, and smart stoves that provide home cooks with step‑by‑step recipes built right in, smart appliances make everyday tasks a little easier — and whole lot more fun! The experience awaits you at Spencer’s TV & Appliance, where we have the largest selection of in‑stock appliances, including the latest smart home appliances to upgrade your home to the next generation of smart home appliances.

The Best Smart Home Appliance Brands in Phoenix!

How many other smart appliance stores can say they have more than half a century of helping Phoenix shoppers with their appliance needs? Or how about having the largest independently owned stock of appliances in the valley? Those are just a few of the perks we provide — not to mention the top smart appliance brands to choose from.

LG Smart Appliances

Is there another brand that fuses breakthrough technology and appliances like LG does? It’s no wonder LG is a leader in smart appliances, boasting desirable features like smart washer and dryer pairing, LG ThinQ, and select smart refrigerators with cameras. LG matches its intelligent features with smart designs modern homeowners will find just as appealing as the many upgrades the lineup of appliances offers.

GE Profile Smart Appliances

Another brand that’s making an impact on the smart appliance market is GE Profile. As GE’s tech‑forward appliance series, GE Profile manufactures sleek products with features like in‑oven cameras, intelligent washer and dryer sensors, and Wi‑Fi enabled cooking appliances. Spencer's is your destination for the GE Profile UltraFast Washer Dryer Combo, the brand's latest way to use smart technology to make laundry day easier. Plus, with more than 100 years of crafting reliable appliances homeowners have come to know very well as part of the GE family, GE Profile offers peace of mind along with its advancements, making it one of the top brands for buyers to  purchase.

Samsung Smart Appliances

It’s not surprising that Samsung also dominates the smart appliance sector. After all, the brand originated in the electronics industry, and it uses that background to make smart appliances that simplify everyday duties. Samsung touchscreen refrigerators are the epitome of the modern kitchen, and the exclusive SmartThings Cooking app gives home cooks the confidence to cook with guided meal prep on intuitive cooking appliances.

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Smart Refrigerators

With over 10 smart refrigerator brands to choose from, Spencer’s is the number one place to shop for smart fridges in the Valley. Explore all the possibilities with the latest tech from top names, including Samsung, LG, and GE Profile in styles that will complement today’s modern kitchens. From touchscreen refrigerators to fridges that can send you important notifications about your appliance’s settings, we can help guide you through all the latest features to make your life easier and keep your ingredients at peak freshness.

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Smart Washers and Dryers

A smart washer and dryer still might not be able to find that missing sock for you, but the features these appliances offer are still impressive. Load your dirtiest load into a smart washing machine and let intelligent sensors detect soil levels and customize the wash to fight stains even better. And once the wash is done, a smart dryer will take care of your favorite articles of clothing with advanced moisture sensors that provide the right amount of heat—and that means less heat damage and shrinking.

Plus, once connected to a smart device, users can operate a smart washer or dryer from virtually anywhere. Stay comfy and run the load using your smartphone from bed, or check how long before your favorite pair of jeans are dry from an app. It’s that easy! Spencer’s has the best smart laundry solutions versus other appliance stores Phoenix locals can choose from, including best‑in‑class brands like GE Profile, LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool. Shop our selection today and make laundry day less of a hassle.

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Smart Cooking Appliances

The kitchen is a haven for creativity, and what better way to tap into your creative side with a suite of smart kitchen appliances that make preparing meals even more enjoyable? A smart oven is a perfect tool for bakers looking to perfect their baking game with features like in‑oven cameras, remote temperature control, and Wi‑Fi timer available from our wide selection. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a smart range that has guided cooking or a smart cooktop with intelligent temperature management that automatically adjusts to maintain precise cooking temperatures. And that’s just scratching the surface on so many other smart appliance features available from our stock of smart cooking appliances from top‑rated brands like KitchenAid, Monogram, Café, and Thermador. Discover how to take your cooking to the next level with the next generation of cooking appliances.

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Smart Dishwashers

Don’t think a smart dishwasher is worth the hype? Then you’re missing out on dish care with powerful sensors that adjust the time and temperature for better results or having the power to start the wash with your smart device even after you stepped out. Washing dishes is already everyone’s least favorite chore, but with the performance from top brands like Bosch, Miele, LG, and more from the 10+ brands we carry, you can lighten your load with models starting under $700. Talk about a clean deal!

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Smart Cooking Appliance Packages

Looking for the full smart home appliance experience? Then a smart appliance package is the solution for you! By selecting a single brand for all your smart appliance needs, you can enjoy a seamless user experience with full control of all your appliances from a single device. That means preheating your smart oven, turning the ice maker to the turbo setting, and running a quick load before dinner starts all from one platform. Not to mention, appliance packages look great too because they’re curated to complement each other. Explore our lineup today and enjoy the luxury of style and performance all in one.

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We're Your "Smart Home Appliances Near Me" Dealer

Some shoppers search for “appliances smart near me” and others “appliance smart locations,” but smart shoppers know Spencer’s TV & Appliance is the best place to shop for appliances in Phoenix — period. On top of having the largest independently‑owned selection of appliances Phoenix buyers will find at prices nowhere else in the area, but we’re also dedicated to pairing you with the best smart home appliances for your needs, demands, and budget. To see everything we have to offer, visit us today and have one of our smart appliance experts guide you through the best brands, the latest features, and the hottest styles on the market today.

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We Also Deliver!

Saving you the money on quality appliances is just the beginning of our outstanding services, because we also save you the effort of taking your new smart appliance home. Wherever home may be for one of our smart appliances, Phoenix, Mesa, and Maricopa Country residents can all enjoy the quality delivery services we provide at Spencer’s TV & Appliance. In some cases, we can even deliver as soon as the next day, and buyers who upgrade can also take advantage of our professional installation, including certified installation on Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances.

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Enjoy Flexible Payment Options

What’s even better than saving money on smart appliances? Being able to enjoy those savings with buy now, pay later payment options. Our exclusive in-house appliance credit line is just one more way we meet our buyers halfway, so that they can create the perfect home of appliances with peace of mind. Click the link below to learn even more about Spencer’s TV & Appliance financing.

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A1: Smart appliances deliver a whole new approach to appliances with Wi‑Fi enabled programming and monitoring, meaning users can operate their products whenever once connected to a smart device. Homeowners searching for the ultimate appliance flexibility are highly recommended to explore smart appliances.

A2: Smart appliances connect to your home's Wi‑Fi network. From there, brands typically offer a downloadable app that can connect to a smart device, turning a smartphone or tablet into a working "remote" where users can manage their smart devices.

A3: While smart appliances will still cost more than standard appliances, the market has become far more accessible than even 10 years ago. Today, shoppers can find great prices on smart appliances, and retailers, such as Spencer's TV & Appliance, even offer promotions and rebates on smart appliances.

A4: As always, the best appliances work with your budget, style choice, and household needs. With that said, popular brands include GE Café, LG, Bosch, and KitchenAid. At Spencer's, we offer more than 10 smart appliance brands to choose from for every type of budget and style need.