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Column Freezers

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Frigidaire Professional® 18.9 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Column Freezer
Energy Star Qualified
Frigidaire Professional® 18.9 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Column FreezerModel #:FPFU19F8WF
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Discover Your Best Column Freezer at Spencer's TV & Appliance

Welcome to the world of elite kitchen efficiency and style with our selection of column freezers. At Spencer's TV & Appliance, we understand that a freezer isn't just an appliance; it's the heart of your food preservation and a pivotal component of your kitchen design. Our collection features the best column freezers from renowned brands like Frigidaire Professional, Miele, Monogram, Sub-Zero, and Thermador, ensuring you find the perfect match for both your culinary and aesthetic needs.

Frigidaire Professional: Robust and Reliable

Frigidaire Professional column freezers bring a blend of reliability and robust design to your kitchen. Known for their durable build and efficient cooling technology, these freezers ensure your food stays fresh longer, with innovative features that make food storage both easy and effective.

Miele: The Epitome of Sophistication

Miele's column freezers are a testament to sophisticated design coupled with outstanding functionality. With their intuitive user interfaces and sleek exteriors, Miele freezers not only preserve your food with precision but also add a touch of modern elegance to any kitchen space.

Monogram: Where Luxury Meets Performance

Experience the harmonious balance of luxury and performance with Monogram. These column freezers are crafted for the discerning user, featuring advanced temperature management systems and customizable panels that seamlessly integrate into your kitchen decor.

Sub-Zero: The Pinnacle of Preservation

Sub-Zero is synonymous with top-tier food preservation. These best column freezers are engineered to offer more than just freezing; they're designed to extend the life of your food, locking in freshness and nutrients with their pioneering preservation technology.

Thermador: Innovation Meets Style

Thermador column freezers are for those who crave innovation alongside style. With features like auto door opening and soft close drawers, these freezers provide convenience at your fingertips, all while maintaining a sleek and attractive design that elevates the look of your kitchen.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Choosing the right column freezer is essential for both your lifestyle, your kitchen's layout, and your budget. Consider capacity, size, and the specific features that matter most to you. Whether you prioritize smart technology, energy efficiency, or specific dimensions to fit a custom kitchen design, our range at Spencer's TV & Appliance has something for every requirement.

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Explore the best column freezers on the market at Spencer's TV & Appliance. Our knowledgeable team is here to guide you through our extensive collection, ensuring you find the column freezer that not only meets your storage needs but also complements your kitchen's style. Visit our website or stop by in person to discover the perfect addition to your home.

FAQ About Column Freezers

What is a column freezer?
A column freezer is a standalone, full-length freezer unit that offers ample storage space and advanced cooling features. Unlike traditional freezers that are typically part of a refrigerator-freezer combo, column freezers are separate units dedicated solely to freezing.

How does a column freezer differ from a regular freezer?
Column freezers offer more space and often come with more advanced features compared to regular freezers. They are designed to be built into your kitchen cabinetry, providing a seamless and integrated look. Column freezers also typically have better temperature control and organization systems.

What should I consider when choosing a column freezer?
Key factors to consider include the size and capacity of the freezer, energy efficiency, the type of shelving and compartments it offers, and any additional features like frost-free operation or rapid freezing. You should also consider the style and how it fits with your kitchen's design.

Are column freezers energy-efficient?
Many modern column freezers are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Look for models with Energy Star ratings or those that feature energy-saving modes.

Can I customize the look of my column freezer?
Yes, many column freezers come with customizable panels and hardware that can be matched to your kitchen cabinetry for a cohesive look.

What brands offer the best column freezers?
Top brands for column freezers include Frigidaire Professional, Miele, Monogram, Sub-Zero, and Thermador, all of which offer a range of models with various features to suit different needs and preferences.

How do I maintain my column freezer?
Regular maintenance includes cleaning the interior and exterior, checking and cleaning the door seal, and defrosting (if not frost-free). It's also important to ensure that the freezer is not overloaded and that the air vents are not blocked.

What is the price range for column freezers?
The price of column freezers varies depending on the brand, size, and features. Generally, they are considered a premium appliance and can be more expensive than standard freezers.

Can column freezers be installed next to column refrigerators?
Yes, column freezers and refrigerators can be installed side-by-side to create a customized, full-length cooling and freezing solution in your kitchen.

Where can I buy a column freezer?
Column freezers can be purchased at appliance specialty stores like Spencer's TV & Appliance, where you can find a wide selection of models from leading brands.