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The 6 Best Dishwasher Brands to Tackle Your Dishes

by Pam Silvia

Dishwashers are designed to save you both time and labor—so that you can load in your dirty dinnerware while you figuratively take a load off elsewhere. The last thing you need after an afternoon of intense cooking is to tackle pile of grimy dishes, so our experts at Spencer’s TV & Appliances rounded up the best dishwasher brands that can help lighten the load. Check out our top six!

 closeup of woman’s hand taking a clean wine glass out of the dishwasher

1. Bosch

With impressively low decibel levels ranging from 38 to 50 dBA, Bosch dishwashers are whisper-quiet so that you never have to wait until bedtime to run the dishwasher. Some of the 18 ways this premium brand approaches noise reduction include multiple insulation layers, grind-less food filtration, the EcoSilence™ motor system, and a sound-absorbing base. When it comes to this brand’s line of dishwashers, quality is in the details. Engineered to the highest of standards, these dishwashers undergo 485 quality checks so that Bosch can deliver quality you can count on.

Bosch’s Flexible 3rd Rack features expandable wings that easily lower to accommodate more of your deeper items while adjustable tines let you customize the rack’s loading space to fit awkward and bulky items. Meanwhile, Bosch’s intelligent PrecisionWash™ sensors continually scan and check the progress of dishes throughout the wash cycle as powerful, precision spray arms go to work, targeting every item of every load.

Bosch Dishwasher Spotlight: Bosch 500 Series DLX 24” Built In Dishwasher (SHP865ZD) ‒ Granting you peace of mind whether you are away or at home, this dishwasher’s AquaStop® leak protection system contains leaks through a precisely engineered system so that when a leak occurs, the system prevents damage by shutting down operation and pumping out water. This premium model even boasts the InfoLight® feature, which projects a red light onto the floor during the wash cycle and turns off when your dishes are ready.

Bosch 500 Series DLX 24” Built In Dishwasher SHP865ZD

2. KitchenAid

KitchenAid offers a generous selection of luxe dishwashers replete with front controls and smudge-resistant finishes, delivering performance and style passionate home cooks can appreciate. KitchenAid dishwashers are stocked with an Advanced Clean Water Wash System, wherein microfiltration continuously removes food particles during the wash and rinse cycles to circulate clean water to dishes in all three racks. Speaking of which, the brand’s signature SatinGlide® Max Rails allow third and middle racks to move effortlessly, even when the dishwasher is fully loaded.

What’s more, KitchenAid’s Express Wash Cycle option cleans in less time so that you always have the dishes you need while prepping, cooking, and entertaining. And if you enjoy a glass of red after dinner, some KitchenAid dishwashers are equipped with stemware holders that secure your wine glasses along the side of the middle rack to prevent them from moving around during the main wash cycle.

KitchenAid Dishwasher Spotlight: KitchenAid® 24” Built In Dishwasher (KDFE104H) ‒ Retailing for a mid-end price, this dishwasher from KitchenAid exudes great value with a one-touch ProWash™ Cycle that senses and adapts to soil levels, a Heat Dry option that engages a recessed heating element to ensure bone-dry results, and SatinGlide® Max Rails in the upper rack that roll out smoothly.

KitchenAid® 24” Built In Dishwasher KDFE104H

3. Miele

The cleanup after a delicious meal will be one less thing to worry about with a dishwasher from Miele. You can confidently explore the brand’s lineup of luxury-tier dishwashers, including those from the Futura Classic Plus Series, Futura Crystal Series, Futura Dimension Series, Futura Lumen Series, and Futura Diamond Series, to find one that suits your household. Full-console units feature a sleek control panel on the exterior, making it easy to select a cycle, and if you prefer a streamlined look, fully integrated models are panel-ready to match your gorgeous cabinetry.

With a Miele dishwasher, loading and unloading dishes couldn’t be any easier, as many models come with a tall tub interior, three racks, and a spacious capacity of up to 16 place settings. Several dishwashers even include a uniquely designed 3D+ cutlery tray to maximize space and enable thorough cleaning. Some models are equipped with up to 16 wash cycles, including a Quick Wash mode that can have plates clean in just under an hour. And a few dishwashers operate with sublime noise levels as low as 37 dBA.

Miele Dishwasher Spotlight: Miele 24” Built In Dishwasher (G 7596 SCVi) ‒ In addition to its 3D MultiFlex Tray that maximizes space for dishware and FlexLine Baskets that easily accommodate cutlery, this Miele dishwasher offers luxurious amenities that combine convenience with elegance. The Miele AutoClose function on this dishwasher model closes the door automatically and very gently—slight contact between the door and the appliance is all it takes to activate the motorized closing feature. In a feat of energy efficiency, this built-in dishwasher reduces water consumption to 2.4 gallons, requiring less energy to heat the water.

Miele 24” Built In Dishwasher G 7596 SCVi

4. LG

A dishwasher from LG simplifies your life, streamlines your kitchen, and results in spotless, sparkling dishes. Sleek and powerful, LG dishwashers feature innovative technology and stylish designs—for faster cleanup and a look you will love. Boasting top control and front control designs, these dishwashers will blend seamlessly into your space while offering a wide range of cleaning features that effectively tackle everything from your delicate dishware to your sturdy cookware.

Touted LG features include a height-adjustable third rack that provides more functional space, ultra-quiet QuadWash™ technology that uses four spray arms instead of the customary two, and Multi-Motion action that uses high-pressure jets that reach every nook and cranny to power-clean dishes. With fewer moving parts, no belts, and energy- and water-saving features, LG dishwashers will get your dishes sparkling clean and help reduce your energy and water consumption.

LG Dishwasher Spotlight: LG 24” Built In Front Control Dishwasher (LDF5545) ‒ While this dishwasher may look futuristic, behind its unique, integrated handle is a quiet and efficient dishwasher with a wide array of cycles and features. Product reviewers at Reviewed.com deemed this dishwasher to have “stellar drying and stain removal abilities,” designating the LDF5545ST as the Best Overall dishwasher in 2020. The same glowing review compared the dishwasher’s cleaning performance to that of the highest-rated Bosch dishwashers—remarkably, this LG model only costs half as much. Seeing that this dishwasher is stocked with a QuadWash™ system, EasyRack™ Plus, a LoDecibel™ Operation of 48 dBA, and a sanitizing Steam option, the accolades are not surprising.

LG 24” Built In Front Control Dishwasher LDF5545

5. Samsung

If their #1 ranking in Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Power is any indication, Samsung dishwashers get the job done the first time, every time. Investing in a dishwasher from Samsung means unlocking premium design and powerful cleaning capabilities. Among the brand’s most impressive dishwasher features is the Linear Wash System with AquaBlast™ jets that provide corner-to-corner coverage, the AutoRelease™ Door that slightly opens at the end of the cycle, and the Zone Booster™ feature that provides an additional water stream to the bottom-left area for hard-to-clean pots and pans. An alternative to the Samsung Linear Wash System, StormWash™, available in select Samsung dishwashers uses powerful rotating spray jets that target every angle to clean tough-to-reach areas.

Samsung Dishwasher Spotlight: Samsung 24” Built In Dishwasher (DW80K5050) ‒ Thanks to StormWash™, this built-in dishwasher from Samsung cleans the messiest pots and pans without the hassle of pre-washing. The FlexLoad™ Rack can adjust to accommodate bulky cookware and tall delicate glasses simultaneously while a prominent indicator light signals whether the dishwasher is running and can be seen from across the room. A digital leak sensor protects your floor from any water-related damage, allowing you to enjoy worry-free dishwashing, and the special insulation system significantly reduces noise during operation so you can experience powerful, efficient dishwashing in peace.

 Samsung 24” Built In Dishwasher DW80K5050

6. GE Profile

GE Profile incorporates smart home technology and cutting-edge features into every appliance to make daily life simpler and ensure your cooking experience gets better over time—the brand’s dishwashers are no different. If dishwashers aren’t convenient enough already, with a GE Profile smart dishwasher (and the SmartHQ app), you can monitor cycle time and status, remotely lock and unlock controls, and automatically reorder detergent. Plus, you will get alerts if anything prevents a less-than-perfect wash when the load is finished.

Hallmarks of GE Profile dishwashers include Twin Turbo Dry Boost™, which uses two heaters and two fans to guarantee bone-dry results. There are also Bottle Wash Jets that direct water and detergent to effectively wash hard-to-reach areas, including the inside of narrow glasses, jars, and other tall items. But most importantly, the Piranha Hard Food Disposer allows you to skip the pre-rinse, as its stainless steel impellers rotate at 3,600 RPM to pulverize food particles while an anti-jamming design ensures wash arms stay unclogged.

GE Profile Dishwasher Spotlight: GE Profile™ 24” Built In Dishwasher (PDT715S) ‒ Thanks to Dry Boost with Fan Assist, this dishwasher from GE Profile takes advantage of the latest in drying technology to get hard-to-dry items up to three times drier than other heated cycles can. Not only that, but this dishwasher also has Deep Clean Silverware Jets that blast away stuck-on food from your cutlery and a high-temperature Steam + Sani rinse that reduces bacteria by 99.999 percent. Lastly, this dishwasher is stocked with a Third Rack that is ideal for miscellaneous items like plastic lids and pizza slicers, and extra capacity that holds up to 16 place settings.

GE Profile™ 24” Built In Dishwasher PDT715S

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