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How do Samsung Dishwashers Rate? | [Buying Guide + Reviews]

by Olly Mason

In just over five decades, Samsung has risen to the rankings as one of the more exciting appliance brands on the market. While innovative technology is the brand’s signature, Samsung also has an impressive output of performance, and buyers are taking note. The brand has its golden children, from Samsung FamilyHub refrigerators to its BESPOKE line of products, but when it comes to its simpler catalog of dishwashers, how does that performance hold up?

We provide all the details in this buying guide with Samsung dishwasher reviews, from what you should know before purchasing, to the standout models we highly recommend.

At a Glance:

Samsung Dishwasher Features

Samsung Dishwashers Pros & Cons

Recommended Samsung Dishwashers Users

Our Best Samsung Dishwasher Picks

Tips on Shopping for a Dishwasher


Why Trust Us?

Samsung appliances have become quintessential emblems of modernism, largely due to their sleek designs and future-forward features that echo the brand’s start in the electronics industry. Now a global goliath of home goods, the Samsung family credits its unique brand value to “growing, innovating, and challenging the status quo,” which is evident in its small-but-mighty lineup of full-size dishwashers.

Even with its smaller selection, every single Samsung dishwasher in the entire suite has become a J.D. Power-awarded model in the category of Customer Satisfaction, making Samsung one of the more reliable brands, according to buyers surveyed. Additionally, each Samsung dishwashing machine currently available comes with an Energy Star certified rating, so you can run its advanced wash features with a conscience as clean as the results.

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Samsung Dishwasher Features

Along with exclusive features we discuss below, select models from Samsung are also capable of operating convenient Half Load washes, which save time and energy for those moments when you don’t want to wait (or can’t) to wash a full load. Additionally, you can find dishwashers that operate between 39–55 dBA. For reference, the quietest dishwashers on the market come from Bosch’s luxury dishwasher lineup, and they register at 38 dBA.

For our evaluations, we split the features into these three main categories.

Dishwasher Performance

Linear Wash System with AquaBlast: A series of jets spray on a sliding bar cover dishes in a complete wall of water to clean every dish surface.

Stormwash: An additional rotating spray nozzle provides 360 degrees in water coverage to reach every item inside the dishwasher.

Zone Booster: A dedicated area with four powerful jets that deliver a heavy-duty wash for extra-dirty dishes.


(Flexible) 3rd Rack: This upper rack allows for greater loading versatility with extra room for your miscellaneous items. Models with a Flexible 3rd rack feature an adjustable section for even more ways to fit dinnerware.

Adjustable rack: An easy-to-use mechanism raises or lowers the upper rack, creating additional clearance above or below.


AutoRelease Door Drying: This function sets the dishwasher door ajar at the end of a cycle for better drying that requires no extra energy.

Samsung Dishwashers Pros & Cons

After reviewing Samsung dishwashing machines, these are the main takeaways we recommend you keep in mind: 


An entire lineup of Energy Star dishwashers

Rated best in satisfaction by buyers

Affordable to mid-end price point

Several dishwashing features

Nearly all models have a stainless-steel tub


Not as many place settings as comparable brands

Small selection of models

Limited color options with no panel-ready options

Do not come with heated drying

Recommended Samsung Dishwashers Users

Despite a background in technology, Samsung dishwashers are simple to operate, even when it comes to the smart dishwashers from the lineup. Unlike Samsung fridges, which have become canvases for the brand’s latest tech capabilities, Samsung dishwashers stick to performance.

If you have a busy household, you’ll find its series of advanced wash systems—whether it’s a rotary arm or the upgraded Linear Wash System—gets the job done for the price point. That price range, to be exact, is between $629–$1,249, including multiple dishwashers under $1,000, a major value for budget shoppers who looking for reliability.

After all’s been summed up, we recommend Samsung dishwashers to:

➕ Eco-friendly shoppers

➕ Households with standard dishwashing needs

➕ Buyers looking for performance first

➕ Shoppers with low- to mid-end budgets

➕ Fans of neutral appliance finishes

Our Best Samsung Dishwasher Picks

Best Overall: Samsung 24" Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher (DW80R5060US)

Front view of Samsung DW80R5060US dishwasher

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When it comes to Samsung StormWash dishwasher reviews, this sleek and stylish model under $850 delivers all the requirements to become our best overall pick. Experience the results of StormWash technology first-hand as a rotating spray targets all three levels of this dishwasher’s stainless-steel interior. Finding that extra space for last-minute items is as simple as adjusting the middle rack with just a finger or placing them above on a convenient 3rd rack.


  • StormWash
  • 3rd rack
  • Adjustable middle rack
  • Half Load cycle
  • 60-minute Express Cycle
  • AutoRelease Door
  • Energy Star rating 

What our appliance experts are saying: A force of nature installed right in your kitchen that’s ready to shower dishes in high-performance cleaning.

Best Budget: Samsung 24" Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher (DW80R2031US)

Front view of Samsung DW80R2031US dishwasher

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Samsung showcases thoughtful engineering with this affordable dishwasher, starting with a hybrid tub design. The stainless-steel door withstands higher water temperatures, which can aid in the drying process and help buffer noise levels. Meanwhile, a plastic tub means this budget dishwasher won’t cost you more than $650. Despite being a bargain, 14 place settings and an adjustable rack keep up with full-size households, all while the Advanced Wash System and four wash cycles provide tailored dish care for all our dinnerware.


  • Advanced Wash System
  • Adjustable upper rack
  • 60-minute Express Cycle
  • Digital leak detector
  • Energy Star rated

What our appliance experts are saying: This Samsung dishwasher is a winning example of how to successfully craft simple appliances.

Best Luxury: Samsung 24" Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher (DW80R9950US)

Front view of Samsung DW80R9950US dishwasher

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You might call this pick a Samsung smart dishwasher or a Samsung linear dishwasher, but we personally call it a triumph in performance and design. The featureless dishwasher door accentuates a pocket handle design with an ice-blue digital display that captures the essence of modern style. But the true story happens inside. A Linear Wash System, Zone Booster jets, and a flexible 3rd and middle rack give you all the power to load and wash with high-end results, all operational wherever at the touch of a button with Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • Linear Wash System with AquaBlast
  • Zone Booster
  • Flexible 3rd rack
  • Adjustable middle rack
  • AutoRelease Door 
  • Half Load cycle
  • 60-minute Express Cycle
  • 39 dBA operation
  • Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Energy Star rated

What our appliance experts are saying: Luxury without the price tag—Samsung gives other premium dishwasher brands a run for their money with this model.

What to Look for in a Dishwasher

Regardless of the brand, here are a few pointers to keep in mind while you shop for a new dishwasher.

Washing Capabilities

We don’t need to convince you that the number one job for a dishwasher is to clean your dishes well. Simple rotary arms are ideal for lighter dish loads, but for households that run constant cycles, an extra oomph is necessary. While Samsung’s basic dishwasher features a rotary arm, StormWash technology and the exclusive Linear Wash System are just the upgrades needed to handle heavy-duty dinnerware messes with ease.


At a max capacity of 15 place settings, Samsung dishwashers are just shy of the 16 place settings found on the largest dishwashers on the market, but there’s still plenty of room to fit demanding loads. A household of four to five can get away with more affordable models with 12 place settings, but for your money, more place settings are better.

We also highly recommend 3rd rack dishwashers. The extra wash zone above the middle rack can be an indispensable area to put bulky or awkward items, clearing space on the main racks for your essentials.


When we say efficiency, we’re not limited to just Energy Star ratings (but they count!). Explore other features, like speed cycles and half load washing, as well smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity that let you manage every cycle on the go from a personal device.

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Samsung Dishwashers FAQs

Q. Are Samsung dishwashers reliable?

Samsung dishwashers continuously rank as top performers according to reputable sources. Additionally, the Samsung dishwasher warranty is good for up to 1 year after purchase, providing another level of brand dependability.

Q. How do you clean a Samsung dishwasher?

To extend the life of your appliance, follow these steps on how to clean a Samsung dishwasher.

  • Several Samsung Dishwashers come with a fingerprint-resistant finish that can be easily wiped clean with a wet cloth.
  • To clean the inside of a Samsung dishwasher, start with the filter located at the bottom of the tub. Check with the manual to determine how to remove your model’s filter, rinse it of any food debris, and soak it in a solution of white vinegar, ideally overnight, before replacing per the manual’s instructions.
  • For Samsung rotary dishwashers, make sure to inspect the nozzles to ensure they are free of clogs. Refer to the manual to determine how to unscrew the nozzle, then use a small brush to knock any particles out of the spray hole before inserting the nozzle and installing per the manual’s instructions.

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