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LG Dishwasher Reviews for 2022

by Angela Maple

A major appliance can be a huge investment in your home, so finding the right brand, model, and features for you is essential. LG dishwashers are designed to be delightfully smart for the utmost customer satisfaction, outstanding washing performance, and innovative features, all wrapped up with a sleek and modern bow.

Life is good when you have an LG dishwasher, and the LG dishwasher reviews in our expert-approved guide will make you wonder why you didn’t get one sooner. Read below to find out!

At a Glance:

LG Overview

Who is LG for?

Performance Overview

Our LG Dishwasher Review Top Picks


Why Trust Us?

LG Overview

LG is an award-winning brand that revolutionizes its product users’ home-life with beautifully designed appliances. Manufacturing cooking, refrigeration, laundry, and other home appliances that are chock-full of state-of-the-art innovations, it’s no wonder LG will have shoppers exclaiming, “life’s good!” It’s no wonder they ranked second for the most reliable appliances in 2021’s Consumer Reports.

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Who is LG for?

Now you have to ask yourself: is LG what I’m looking for? With a “life’s good” slogan and futuristic logo, this sustainable brand brings peace of mind with sleek designs and innovative features. These original, quality-designed appliances are an affordable brand, ranging from $649–$1,249 in price. So, LG dishwashers are the top pick for: 

  • Eco-friendly homeowners 
  • Smart technology enthusiasts
  • Large households
  • Shoppers with smart homes

Performance Overview

LG dishwashers are loaded with smart technology and other state-of-the-art features that you and your dishes will love, but we’ll only list a few.

QuadWash™ System: Exclusive washing technology that offers four spray arms and Multi-Motion appendages that use a rotating and spinning motion for a power-clean from every angle while eliminating the need to wash your dishes more than once.

Inverter Direct Drive: Efficient motor system that uses fewer moving parts and no belts for a powerful clean and quiet operation that saves users money and energy.

TrueSteam: Saves you time and eliminates the need for prewashing or rewashing with a blast of steam at the start of the cycle, penetrating and dissolving all the baked-in foods. The second blast of steam removes up to 60 percent of water spots on your dishes and wine glasses during the drying cycle.

Pros and Cons

Before buying an LG dishwasher, you deserve to know what you are getting into, and our experts did the research for you. Here is what you can expect with an LG dishwasher — the good and the bad.




LG 24” Black Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher-LDT5678BD

QuadWash™ system

3rd rack

EasyRack™ Plus

Wi-Fi capable

15 place settings

Spacious interior

No stemware holder

Not smart compatible

Malfunctioning cycles

Takes too long to dry

LG 24” Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher -LDFN3432T

NSF certified

NeverRust™ stainless steel tub

15 place settings

Dynamic Dry™

Quiet operation

Silverware is spotty

Drying option doesn’t fully dry dishes

Long cycles

No cycle status

Can’t shut off alerts/chimes

LG 24” Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher-LDT7808SS

QuadWash™ system

Lowest noise level (42 dBA)


Wi-Fi capable

15 place settings

Needs better spacing on lower rack

Long wash cycles

Drying option doesn’t fully dry dishes


Our LG Dishwasher Review Top Picks

Our experts have tested and found LG dishwashers that are the best in their class for you to consider.

Best Overall: LG 24” Black Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher (LDT5678BD)

black stainless steel dishwasher

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A beautiful table setup starts with the dishes and our best LG black stainless steel dishwasher will have your dishware glistening. Operating at a low 46 dBA, your LG dishwasher will take care of that tower of plates while your little one naps. Equipped with the exclusive QuadWash technology that uses four sprays arms and a Multi-Motion mechanism, you are guaranteed the most powerful clean you’ve ever seen, as it gets every nook and cranny to clean your dishes. Best of all, the roomy interior of this smart dishwasher is equipped with an EasyRack™ Plus that offers an additional upper rack so you can fit more dishware and silverware for shorter cleanup times and fewer loads.

Why We Like It:

  • QuadWash™ system
  • EasyRack™ Plus
  • 46 dBA

Best Budget: LG 24” Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher (LDFN3432T)

tainless steel dishwasher with digital front panel

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Make your dishes shine without it costing you an arm and a leg with our LG direct drive dishwasher. Experience peace of mind with this NSF (National Sanitization Foundation) certified dishwasher that ensures all your pots, pans, and dishware remains 99.999 percent bacteria-free. The NeverRust™ stainless steel tub is rust-resistant and improves drying performance for longer lasting dishwasher lifespan. And no more hand drying dishes after the wash cycle; LG's Dynamic Dry technology delivers a faster and more complete drying process.

Why We Like It:

  • QuadWash™ system
  • Dynamic Dry™
  • 50 dBA

Best Splurge: LG 24” Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher (LDT7808SS)

stainless steel dishwasher with top control panel

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Invest in this LG inverter direct drive dishwasher for dishware that’ll dazzle your guests. With an exclusive LG QuadWash system, your pots and pans will experience the most thorough wash from every angle during the entire cycle. And you can say goodbye to playing tug-of-war with your dishwasher’s racks. With LG’s Glide Rail and Ball Bearing Wheel design, the upper and lower racks stay on the track and smoothly glide along for easy loading and unloading. Besides the quiet operation of this sleek dishwasher, the SmartThinq technology sends cycle status alerts to your smartphone so you can spend more time chatting with family or friends instead of waiting for the dishwasher to finish its cycles.

Why We Like It:

  • QuadWash™ system
  • ThinQ technology
  • 42 dBA

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LG Dishwasher FAQ

Q: Do dishwashers need to be disinfected between cycles?

A: Although a dishwasher’s primary duty is to clean and sanitize, they can, in fact, still get pretty dirty themselves. You should sanitize your dishwasher on a monthly basis with dishwasher disinfectant.

Q: What is the quietest LG dishwasher by decibel?

A: LG offers some of the quietest dishwasher models with a noise level as low as 42 dBA, which is as loud as a normal conversation.

Q: Can a dishwasher get hot enough to sanitize dishware?

A: Yes, dishwashers have a sanitized washing cycle that uses dishwashing detergent and high-heat water temperatures that reach at least 150 degrees for a hot water rinse to eliminate foodborne germs.

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