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A Close Look at LG [Brand Guide]

by Pam Silvia

We’d hate to have to choose between innovative technology and proven performance. With LG, there’s no need to pick just one! Investing in LG home appliances means exploring the confluence of elegant design and rockstar performance. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it—an industry leader in exceeding expectations for appliance performance, LG is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) for two years in a row. And it’s not hard to see why! 

From cooking dinner to running your clothes through an anti-wrinkle dryer cycle, LG appliances with ThinQ technology make managing your chores easy, even when you're not at home. And when it comes to the subsidiary brands, LG Studio appliances let you show off your unique style at home, thanks to sleek finishes with intuitive controls. On the other hand, if you are a connoisseur of extravagance, LG Signature allows you to experience the art of essence through premium appliances designed for the most discerning individuals.

Suffice it to say, we love LG. As a tribute to this industry titan, your friends in the business at Spencer’s TV & Appliance are taking a closer look at the innovative product features that make life good. 

stainless steel LG appliance package in sunlit kitchen

LG Refrigerators

Keep things cool with an LG refrigerator. Regardless of their configuration, from the time-tested top-freezer option to the flush inset counter-depth model, LG fridges are equipped to do more than just preserve your groceries. 

Door-In-Door® French door refrigerators not only offer quick and easy access to family favorites with adjustable bins, but they also offer the most storage of any French door fridge on the market—and if they have an InstaView™ glass panel, you can see what is inside your refrigerator without opening the door. To illuminate the contents therein, simply knock twice to light up the interior so you can raid the fridge without losing your cool. 

And if that’s not enough, Door-In-Door® models are also stocked with a dual ice maker that automatically creates slow-melting round ice so you can be a baller at your next dinner party. Without the work of time-consuming molds, you can give your beverages the perfect ice for next-level entertaining, whether you’re sipping on a craft cocktail, whiskey on the rocks, refreshing lemonade, or even iced coffee. 

And LG refrigerators with ThinQ let you remotely control key features like IcePlus™ (for even more Craft Ice™ on demand), Vacation Mode (for optimal energy conservation), and more, from your smart device. 

LG Ranges

Across gas, electric, and dual-fuel options, LG kitchen ranges are brimming with possibilities, boasting innovative settings like fast-performing true convection and air fry. Yes, crowd-pleasing crispiness is just a setting away, so you can enjoy convection baking and air frying without preheating.  

Thanks to these premium features, you can bake your dishes with gourmet precision—everything from juicy roast chickens with extra-crispy marinated skins to healthier versions of your deep-fried favorites, including pork chops and onion rings. Best of all, select LG ranges let you double your fun with an additional oven cavity underneath your stovetop. 

Hey, you know the drill: After two swift knocks, the InstaView™ panel on select LG ranges illuminate the oven interior to showcase your lasagna without opening the door to let the hot air out. What, did you think LG refrigerators get to have all the fun? 

And when it comes to hands-free cooking, LG ranges with ThinQ technology let you remotely start the oven, set timers, and check on the status of dinner when you’re taking care of business elsewhere. Plus, LG smart ranges work with recipe management apps, like Innit, Tovala, and SideChef, making it easy to execute the perfect meal.

young woman retrieves roasted poultry from her LG double oven range

Pictured: LG 29.88” Stainless Steel Slide In Gas Double Oven Range (LTG4715ST) 

LG Wall Ovens

If your kitchen setup affords you the luxury of a single or double wall oven, by all means, live it up—but with one caveat: Make it an LG wall oven

LG wall ovens are engineered with convenience in mind, as they are doubly equipped for handling the meal prep and the cleanup thereafter. Four cooking modes and maximized heat distribution on every rack mean that your foods are always cooked to perfection. Relieving you of cleaning duties, LG wall ovens’ industry-best self-cleaning cycle gets the job done in just 10 minutes. It’s simple: Less time in the kitchen equals more time for you. 

LG Cooktops

Bringing premium design and faster cooking to your kitchen, LG cooktops have serious credentials. 

When it comes to gas models, 30-inch and 36-inch LG cooktops simplify meals with five burners, allowing you to have more cooking and warming flexibility as you’re assembling dinner. And with a powerful Superboil™17,000 burner bringing pasta water and other liquids to a quick boil, you will spend less time waiting and more time cooking. 

If you’re craving a more modern appearance for your cooking station, 30-inch and 36-inch electric cooktops from LG deliver constant heat at any temperature for more precise control, providing a quick response to every temperature adjustment. Most impressively, SmoothTouch™ controls allow you to adjust the settings with the touch of a finger. 

closeup of LG gas cooktop on kitchen island

Pictured: LG 30” Black Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop (LCG3011BD) 

LG Microwaves

Don’t let their small size fool you. LG microwaves relieve some of the culinary heavy-lifting with more precise defrosting, bright interior LED lighting, and an easy-to-clean coating that resists stains and buildup. 

Engineered to do more than just warm up your leftovers, many large-capacity microwaves from LG are stocked with Sensor Cooking technology that senses humidity levels within the oven to automatically adjust cooking times and performance. 

LG Dishwashers

Think doing the dishes is a chore? Think again. The brains behind LG know that a beautiful table starts with sparkling dishes, and you can set the table with virtually spotless dishes and glassware, thanks to LG dishwashers

Certified to sanitize your dishes, select LG dishwashers can eradicate 99.999 percent of bacteria and reach a final rinse temperature greater than 150 degrees with True Steam® technology to minimize water spots by 60 percent. Plus, LG’s exclusive QuadWash™ system uses four multi-motion spray arms that power-cleans dishes from several angles, getting them clean the first time. 

And the cherry on top: LG smart dishwashers use ThinQ technology to send you an alert when your dishwasher is done with a cycle. So, go ahead: Kick back and enjoy after-dinner TV with your family. 

young woman unloads cleaned dishes from LG dishwasher

Pictured: LG 23.75" Black Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher (LDT7808BD) 

LG Washers and Dryers

LG washers and dryers expand the limits of your laundry room with WiFi connectivity, mega capacities, certified allergen-reduction cycles—and more. 

Our favorite pair? The LG TWINWash™ bundle. The laundry dream team you’ve been waiting for, this stackable unit from LG features integrated control panels across both appliances in addition to high-powered settings designed to tackle large loads in less time. TurboWash® employs five concentrated jets with variable sprays to deliver a complete clean in the washer. And in the dryer, TurboSteam® refreshes clothes in between washes and sanitizes children’s toys, decorative pillows, and more. 

As far as energy efficiency goes, LG washers offer ColdWash™ Technology that couples enhanced washing motions with cold water to penetrate deeply into fabrics—resulting in the energy-saving benefits of cold water with the elevated performance of warm water. 

Bonus: LG TVs

Whew! Cooking and laundry are tiring, aren’t they? Let’s take a break with some good-old TV-watching. Oh, what, you see the LG electronics logo? You got us.

Aside from leading the pack in home appliances, LG is also the leading brand behind OLED TVs. Compared to most 4K sets, OLED TVs aren’t LED-backlit—instead, the light that composes the image is produced by millions of individual OLED subpixels. Because of this innovation, OLED TVs are said to have better image contrast compared to their LED-lit LCD counterparts.

In addition, LG’s OLED Motion Pro translates to more viewing angles, better screen uniformity, and higher image contrast. It is technology you can see but hardly notice, but most importantly, OLED Motion Pro will capture every fast break, personal foul, and overtime buzzer-beater this NBA season. Who needs courtside seats when you’ve got picture quality like this?

Innovation in both form and function: That’s the LG brand.

LG OLED TV sits on stand in stylish sunlit living room

Pictured: LG CX 77" 4K Smart OLED TV with AI ThinQ® (OLED77CXPUA) 

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