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Miele Dishwasher Reviews [Buying Guide]

by Pam Silvia

Since the international brand’s founding in 1899, Miele has remained true to its brand promise. Translated from German, Miele’s “Immer Besser” pledge means that the manufacturer will work to be “forever better” than its competitors—and forever better than it already is. For consumers of its products, this means having the peace of mind of knowing that choosing Miele is the decision of a lifetime. Miele dishwashers are no exception. As one of the few leading manufacturers that test its dishwashers to ensure a lifespan of at least 20 years, you can expect durable construction and reliable performance that withstand hours upon hours of use. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out these Miele dishwasher reviews to unlock a world of innovation.

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About Miele Dishwashers

Miele Dishwasher Reviews

Best Miele Dishwashers

Miele Dishwashers Pros and Cons

About Miele Dishwashers

Miele dishwashers are known for rewriting the rules, with ultra-flexible basket designs to maximize cleaning results, state-of-the-art touch displays, and smart solutions that allow you to experience freedom like never before—among other luxuries. Due to their high-end price point, it can be said that Miele dishwashers cater to connoisseurs of extravagance and convenience.

open Miele dishwasher with clean plates and bowls

Miele Dishwasher Reviews

Let’s take a closer look at the features, performance, and prices associated with Miele dishwashers.

Premium Features

  • Double Waterproof System: This feature automatically shuts off the water supply to the dishwasher if the system detects a leak or blockage.
  • AutoClose: A slight contact between the door and the appliance is all it takes to activate this gentle motorized door-closing feature.
  • Delay Start: Available in 30-minute to 24-hour options, the start time of a cycle can be delayed to save on costs during peak energy hours.
  • Knock2Open: After knocking twice on the front panel of select higher-end Miele dishwashers, the door opens by about four inches, completely on its own using an ingenious opening mechanism.
  • M Touch Display: You can control higher-end top control dishwashers quickly and intuitively by tapping or swiping this hidden, visually appealing control panel.
  • Miele@home: Intelligent Miele dishwashers can be networked conveniently and securely via the Miele app, which also allows you to use voice control and integrate with other existing home-automation devices.


Miele stands for fascinating technology and excellent results combined with minimum energy consumption. Miele dishwasher reviews from product testers and customers alike hold these appliances in high regard due to their wealth of innovative features available exclusively from Miele, including the convenient Knock2Open feature and automatic detergent dispensing in newer premium models. As a testament to its commitment to superior cleaning results, Miele features intelligent sensors across all models’ Normal cycles to detect soil levels and delegate cleaning power as appropriate, saving water and energy in the process.

Plus, the SaniWash cycle delivers hygienic and gentle care to your dishes for the perfect cleaning while the Extra Dry option dries everything to perfection—even glassware and plastic items. The IntenseZone option in premium models offers enhanced cleaning performance in the lower basket. As if that’s not enough, Miele dishwashers ranked first in leading product tests conducted around the world.

Price Range

As previously mentioned, Miele dishwashers retail for a luxury-tier price. Entry-level front control dishwashers start at around $1,099 while high-end top control models cost up to $2,999. That said, the higher price tag comes with ultra-quiet noise levels (as low as 41dBA), hygienically clean results, reduced cycles by up to 50 percent, AutoDos automatic detergent dispensing, digital touch displays, and more.

The Best Miele Dishwashers: Our Top Picks

✓ Stainless Steel, Built In

Miele 24 Inch Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

If you’re partial to a timeless kitchen design, then this built-in stainless-steel dishwasher surely fits the bill—and inside your cabinet opening. Among its most touted attributes, you can use this Miele dishwasher with a clear conscience even when it’s not full; in almost all standard programs, this appliance detects how many dishes are inside the chamber to precisely adapt the water levels accordingly. In short, with automatic load sensing, there is no longer any need to wait until the dishwasher is fully loaded. You can also reap the benefits of ultra-quiet operation at 41 dBA, a 3D MultiFlex cutlery tray, FlexLine Baskets, and advanced dishwashing programs like QuickIntenseWash and PerfectGlassCare.

Check for best price: Miele 24” Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher (G 7566 SCVi SF)

Integrated, Built In

Miele 24 Inch Built In Dishwasher

This Miele fully integrated dishwasher is teeming with exclusive advantages, including a patented 3D+ cutlery try that provides unique versatility for perfect utensil care—i.e., a hinged row of tines in the middle section that can be lowered to offer space for larger items. Another Miele exclusive, the Perfect GlassCare cycle gives way to perfect shine, and most importantly, thoroughly and gently cleaned glasses. Patented AutoOpen assisted drying and ComfortClose ensure that the dishwasher door opens swiftly and closes easily.

Check for best price: Miele 24” Professional Built-In Dishwasher (PG 8133 SCVi)

Clean Touch Steel

Miele 24 Inch Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

This Clean Touch Steel Miele dishwasher boasts a premium finish that keeps the exterior cleaner and easier to maintain, without the need for special detergents. An entry-level model for the brand, this dishwasher still offers plenty of advanced cycles, including SaniWash, QuickIntenseWash, and SensorDry, in addition to premium features like AutoOpen drying and EcoPower Technology that reduces thermal losses and thus the amount of energy required to heat the water.

Check for best price: Miele 24” Clean Touch Steel Built In Dishwasher (G 7106 SCU)

Miele Dishwashers Pros and Cons


Miele dishwashers boast exclusive features, including AutoDos with PowerDisk automatic dispensing and Knock2Open.

The Miele@home feature on select models allows you to remotely monitor and control your dishwasher.

Several Miele dishwasher models were voted the Most Efficient by ENERGY STAR in 2021.

Miele dishwashers are among the most quiet in the industry, with decibel levels as low as 41 dBA.

Advanced cycles and options are broadly available across models, including ExtraQuiet, SaniWash, China & Crystal Protection cycles.


X The high-end price tag may not accommodate all budgets (from $1,099 to $2,999).

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