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Thermador Appliances: Redefining Kitchen Luxury

by Spencer's TV & Appliance

couple entertain guest in luxurious kitchen with Thermador appliances

At a Glance

Thermador Refrigerators

Thermador Ranges

Thermador Ovens

Thermador Dishwashers

Thermador Coffee Machines

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Trust Spencers TV & Appliance?

After a turbulent year, we think you deserve to make your home life as cushy as possible. Enter Thermador kitchen appliances. A luxury brand, Thermador brings cutting-edge innovation and performance to your home with its range of kitchen appliances. Enhance your culinary experience with advanced cooling, cooking, and dish care solutions designed for efficiency and elegance.

From their vibrant-color touchscreen displays to their relentless utility, Thermador appliances were thoughtfully designed with the modern entertainer in mind.  

If that’s not enough, Thermador’s Masterpiece and Professional collections inspire you to redesign your kitchen to keep up with your luxury appliances. For reference, the Thermador Masterpiece line caters to a sleek, flush appearance whereas Thermador Professional appliances outfit your kitchen with a bold style that stands out. Who is the host with the most? It could be you.

Discover how handcrafted Thermador appliances can make your life as sparkly as their authentic stainless steel and metallic silver glass: 

Elevate Your Kitchen with Thermador Appliances

Dive into the innovative world of Thermador appliances, where cutting-edge technology meets sophisticated design. Ready to upgrade your culinary experience? Visit Spencer's TV & Appliance to shop the latest in Thermador appliances, offering unmatched quality and elegance for your home.

Shop Thermador Appliances

Thermador Refrigerators

wine racks pulled out of under-counter Thermador wine cooler

Preserve what matters most with an award-winning line of refrigeration appliances—keep your cool with Thermador refrigerators!

Offering a wide range of cooling appliances, Thermador caters to your every whim. Have you always dreamed of a panel-ready fridge to match your gorgeous cabinetry? Thermador’s built-in refrigerators make your wish their command. How about a wine reserve column that spans the height of your kitchen wall? Or if you prefer an under-counter model that nestles comfortably in your kitchen island, Thermador carries 24-inch options with an astounding 41-bottle capacity.

Across French door and bottom-freezer fridges, Thermador offers a variety of next-level features, including Cool Air Flow that evenly distributes cold air throughout every corner of the unit, diamond-shaped ice made with twist tray tech, and LED lighting that provides visibility to stored contents.

If that’s not enough, Thermador refrigeration columns feature automatic door opening technology that allows you to either push or pull to access the freezer compartment, a touchscreen display panel that lets you control your entire refrigeration system, and removable, soft-close bins for delicate produce.

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Thermador Ranges

With a Thermador range, the culinary world is your oyster. Not one to have you settling for less, Thermador exclusively stocks gas and dual-fuel pro range options so you can achieve gourmet results regardless of your skill level. 

Spanning from 30 to 60 inches wide, Thermador pro-style ranges boast 18,000-BTU Star® Burners, the largest pro range oven capacity in the industry (10.6 cubic feet total), precision simmering capabilities as low as 375 BTUs, and restaurant-style knobs. 

Many pro range models feature a 24-inch double griddle with two independently controlled zones and telescopic racks with an integrated easy-grip handle. They also offer a Thermador induction range option, combining top-tier technology with exceptional cooking performance.

Within the oven cavity, select models have Home Connect so you can intelligently craft an entrée from your smart device. In addition, Third Element Convection offers precise airflow for cooking on multiple levels without flavor transfer, and six rack levels in each oven allow you to cook multiple courses at once for dinner parties. 

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Thermador Ovens

couple cook in modern kitchen with Thermador double oven

Expand your culinary horizons with Thermador appliances, particularly Thermador ovens. Whether you opt for under-counter installation or wall mounting, these ovens open up a world of possibilities, blending innovative features with versatile cooking options to enhance your kitchen experience.

This is where Thermador’s Professional collection thrives. With side-open doors, speed convection, Home Connect, and metallic silver glass, Thermador wall ovens set a new culinary standard. New speed ovens combine baking, broiling, and microwaving into one; with 10 power levels and 1.6 cubic feet of capacity, these ovens can heat and reheat everything from thin-crusted pizzas to crisp-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside artisan bread.

Thermador Professional steam ovens offer the largest capacity for 30-inch wall ovens on the market—with True Convection and Home Connect options to boot. The Thermador Professional double ovens enhance your cooking possibilities, effectively doubling your capacity and culinary flexibility in the kitchen. Also giving passionate cooks fast preheat, steam, True Convection, and broil settings to serve up a variety of cuisines. 

Thermador Cooktops and Rangetops

Rounding out the cooking category, Thermador cooktops and rangetops offer the most flexibility in terms of installation, configuration, and fuel or power types. Whether you admire the clean look of a glass-top cooktop, prefer to opt into the benefits of induction cooking power, or have always wanted to cook weekend breakfasts in the middle of your kitchen island, Thermador can help make your dreams a reality.

But first, a note about contrasting the two: Whereas cooktops have their controls on top of the cooking surface, rangetops showcase them in front—which is also to say that cooktops allow for counter space on all four sides of the appliance, and rangetops typically only do so along the sides and perhaps near the back. 

Regardless of your fuel/power preference, Thermador maximizes capabilities across electric, gas, and induction models. Increasingly popular in luxury kitchens, Thermador induction cooktops transfer heat electromagnetically into specialized cookware with virtually no trace of heat on the induction elements themselves. Due to the technology involved, induction cooking operates more economically, with virtually no heat wasted.

Induction models from Thermador Masterpiece come with 56 inductor elements to automatically recognize the size, shape, and position of your cookware. Not only that, but these cooktops also enable WiFi connectivity to allow synchronization between the cooktop and the matching vent hood.

On the other hand, Thermador Professional gas rangetops still feature the brand’s signature star-shaped gas burners in addition to an extra-low simmer system. And yes, you can power and monitor cooking operations from your smartphone.

Thermador Dishwashers

luxurious Thermador dishwasher with blue interior lighting

After all that cooking, we suggest leaving the dirty plates, glasses, silverware, and cookware to your dishwasher—but not just any dishwasher. Thermador dishwashers are specially engineered to ensure you don’t have to pre-soak before a wash cycle or use a towel after a dry cycle. On top of that, Thermador built-in dishwashers guarantee quiet operation and a three-level adjustable upper rack.

Select dishwashers also boast a stunning blue LED display, three-stage advanced filtration that recirculates water for sparkling results, Home Connect options, and adaptive sensors that detect soil levels for optimum cleaning. We know dishwashing is a painstaking chore, so to keep your dirty dishes out of sight and out of mind, Thermador has custom paneling options so your appliance can camouflage within your cabinetry. 

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Thermador Ventilation

Island, insert, downdraft, wall-mounted, and under-cabinet options: oh my! Designed with Noise Control technology and ultra-powerful blowers that discreetly absorb smoke and odors, Thermador range hoods bring peace of mind, along with dispersing steam and preventing damage to your cabinets. 

Thermador ventilation appliances give you a chance to exercise creative freedom. If your design proclivities lean more toward a professional setup, a Thermador island range hood connects to the ceiling to vent out the smoke from above. Or if you prefer a discreet solution, Thermador stocks downdraft ventilation that hides within your cooktop and insert range hoods that you can customize to fit with your existing cabinetry.

If you don’t mind making a statement, wall-mounted and under-cabinet range hoods are typically wider on the bottom to span the length of your stove. Whereas under-cabinet models are ducted through overhead cabinetry, wall-mounted versions can replace your cabinets altogether so you won’t have to stress about potential damage. 

Thermador Coffee Machines

man gets coffee from Thermador built-in coffee machine in stainless steel

It's time to retire your countertop coffee carafe or stovetop espresso maker. A built-in coffee machine from Thermador, one of the leading Thermador appliances, will not only ensure a great start to your day but will also add a sleek, modern look to your kitchen, impressing even the most traditionally inclined guests.

With a Thermador built-in coffee machine, you can experience barista-caliber service at home. Available in plumbed or non-plumbing installation options, Thermador coffee machines brew fresh macchiatos, cappuccinos, and espressos at the touch of a button. And with Home Connect, you can get your morning fix quicker than Starbucks’ Pickup service.

From customization settings that can store up to eight personalized beverages to a frothed milk dispenser, Thermador coffee makers offer a slew of impressive features that will inspire rotational menus of your own creation. In short, this investment will make you wonder why you didn’t spring for one sooner.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Thermador appliances.

What are the different Thermador appliance lines?

Thermador offers two main appliance lines: Masterpiece and Professional.

  • Masterpiece boasts cutting-edge technology, premium materials, and a focus on culinary innovation. Think WiFi connectivity, touch controls, and sous vide capabilities.
  • Professional prioritizes powerful performance and timeless design. Expect durable construction, high-BTU burners, and restaurant-grade features.

Are Thermador appliances worth the investment?

Thermador appliances come at a premium price, but the quality, performance, and design justify the cost for many. They're built to last, packed with innovative features, and enhance your cooking experience.

What is the warranty on Thermador appliances?

Thermador offers a limited warranty on all its appliances, ranging from one to three years depending on the product. Extended warranties are also available for purchase.

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