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Exceptionally Thermador: Refrigerator Reviews & Guide

by Spencer's TV & Appliance

kitchen featuring Thermador appliances including dishwasher and Thermador refrigerator

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Thermador Refrigerators

Who is Thermador For?

Thermador Collections and Features

Pros and Cons of Thermador Refrigerators

Our Top Picks

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Trust Us?

Take a moment to address your refrigerator needs. If you can’t find enough room for your leftovers or are constantly throwing out just-bought produce, then we’re glad you’re here. Thermador is an exceptional brand with high-quality appliances that bring sleek and robust styles to any kitchen. Plunge into our Thermador refrigerator reviews and features to explore the best appliance for your lifestyle.

Impeccable craftsmanship and unapparelled performance define Thermador. Entire kitchen solutions are at your fingertips with built-to-last appliances and beautifully crafted designs. Newlyweds, first-time homeowners, and those seeking to refresh their existing appliances need to look no further.

If you’re searching for intuitive controls and iconic stainless-steel interiors, Thermador refrigerators are your best bet. This high-end luxury appliance brand flawlessly delivers personalized options to your door, matching any aesthetic. Discover what Thermador refrigerators can do for your home in our inclusive features and performance guide.

Discover Thermador's Refrigerator Luxury

Experience the blend of luxury and innovation with Thermador refrigerators. Elevate your kitchen with state-of-the-art features and sophisticated designs that redefine modern living. Visit Spencer's TV & Appliance to find your perfect Thermador refrigerator and transform your culinary space today.

Shop Thermador Refrigerators

Thermador Refrigerator Styles

Let Thermador cooling appliances cater to your every desire. Discover what Thermador refrigerators can offer your luxury kitchen.

Thermador Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Cool Air Flow technology evenly distributes cold air to make sure every inch of the unit is taken care of in Thermador’s bottom fridge. Quick Chill features and Diamond Ice make Thermador bottom freezer refrigerators gold. Upgraded and improved water filtration removes a resounding 99.9 percent of sediments with every glass.

Thermador Refrigerator Columns

Choose a Thermador refrigerator column to add true luxury to your kitchen. With a choice between 24, 30, or 36 inches of spacious room, a Thermador column fridge gives you accessible TFT Displays (touchscreen display), and Wi-Fi-enabled capabilities to access temperatures and controls remotely.


Customize your shelves and drawers with Thermador’s many configuration options. Make sure your drawers seamlessly match your life’s needs and bring order back to your fridge.

Thermador Wine Cooler

Place select wines at the forefront of your wine cooler to see and share your options with guests. Wenge wood and aluminum presenter will catch the eyes of anyone in your home. All of Thermador’s wine coolers are designed with SoftClose doors and drawers to prevent any unintentional spills or damage. See and feel luxury with hidden rails and ball bearings to give that perfect appeal of opulence.

Who is Thermador For?

Let Thermador accommodate where you’re at with its luxury and precise design. Timeless style, integrated touchscreen displays, and connectivity make this brand accessible to those looking for premium appliances.

Thermador is considered a luxury brand, so be prepared to spend between $5,000 to upwards of $10,000. View our Thermador brand guide to discover more of what this coveted company has to offer.

Thermador Collections and Features

Thermador Freedom French Door Refrigerator features

Between bold, robust styles or sleek, modern designs, Thermador offers quality craftsmanship and connectivity on every product. If you’re interested in discovering more products, view our Thermador dishwasher guide or Thermador cooktop reviews here.

The Masterpiece Collection

A modern design for any luxurious kitchen. Thermador features contemporary design and industry-leading technology in their Masterpiece Collection. Seamless finishes of metallic silver glass, chrome, and stainless-steel accents give this collection its beauty. Vibrant color touchscreens that are fully integrated displays put the control in your hands.

The Professional Collection

Thermador’s Professional Collection is just that, professional. Bold designs and smart appliances are offered across Thermador’s full spectrum of appliances. Show off your skills with unequaled performance and power while experiencing effortlessly bold elements like cast metal knobs and sturdy, stainless steel handles. 

Home Connect Wi-Fi

Connect all your Thermador home appliances with one app: Home Connect. Choose to control your appliances with Thermador’s integrated technology that is cohesive with Ok Google, Just Ask Alexa, Fitbit, Amazon Echo, and other smart tech. Preheat your oven, start your dishwasher, or easily change the temperature of your refrigerator while enjoying your dinner date.

Pros and Cons of Thermador Refrigerators

Let’s review a few of Thermador fridges' pros and cons below.


✅  Premium products

✅  Customizable panel options

✅  Push to open doors for easy accessibility

✅  Custom configurations


❌ Smaller capacities compared to other luxury brands

❌ Higher price point

Our Top Thermador Refrigerator Picks

Our experts have crafted the top picks of Thermador refrigerators below.

Best French Door: Thermador Freedom 19.4 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready Built-In French Door Refrigerator

Model #: T36IT905NP

stainless steel French door refrigerator frontal view

Shop Thermador Freedom Built-In French Door Refrigerator

This Thermador’s French door refrigerator is our top pick. Cool Air Flow tech evenly distributes cold breezes throughout your refrigerator to keep all produce and meats fresher for longer. Don’t worry about interrupted drops in temperature because, with Thermador’s Home Connect Wi-Fi technology, you’ll receive alerts straight to your phone. Sit back and sip on your drink with Diamond Ice exclusive to Thermador.


  • 5.5 cu. ft. freezer capacity
  • 13.9 cu. ft. refrigerator capacity
  • Energy Star Qualified

Best Column: Thermador Freedom 13 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready Built-In Column Refrigerator

Model #: T23IR905SP

single column stainless steel refrigerator

Shop Thermador Freedom Built-In Column Refrigerator

Discover the best humidity control and temperature management with ThermaFresh in this Thermador best column refrigerator. Cool Air Flow technology, Home Connect, and open door assist make life easier for you and your lifestyle. Receive instant notifications when temperatures drop, or your column fridge needs assistance. Ultra-smooth closing doors top off the elegance of your refrigerator to keep your life simple.


  • 13.0 cu. ft. total capacity
  • Reversible doors
  • Energy Star Qualified

Best Wine Cooler: Thermador Freedom 18" Panel Ready Wine Cooler

Model #: T18IW905SP

Thermador tall wine cooler

Shop Thermador Freedom 18" Panel Ready Wine Cooler

Thermador’s best wine cooler is gorgeously designed with prominent features that allow you space to show off your select wines. Present your cabinets with striking wenge wood and aluminum features. Easily hide rails and ball bearings behind newly designed wine columns to make your kitchen feel dashingly elegant. Open door assist and SoftClose hinges give your wines the comfort they need.


  • 11 shelves
  • Home Connect capable
  • 58 bottle capacity


Here are some frequently asked questions about Thermador refrigerators.

What Makes Thermador Refrigerators Stand Out in the Market?

Thermador refrigerators are renowned for their combination of luxury, innovation, and performance. They stand out due to their robust build quality, advanced cooling technology, and elegant design. Features like customizable temperature settings, energy-efficient operation, and spacious interiors are common in Thermador models. Additionally, many Thermador refrigerators offer smart home connectivity, allowing for remote monitoring and control, enhancing convenience for users.

How Energy-efficient Are Thermador Refrigerators?

Thermador refrigerators are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Many models are ENERGY STAR® certified, ensuring they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Features like LED lighting, efficient cooling systems, and precise temperature management contribute to reduced energy consumption, making Thermador refrigerators both environmentally friendly and cost-effective to operate.

Can I Integrate a Thermador Refrigerator Into a Smart Home System?

Yes, many Thermador refrigerators are equipped with smart technology, allowing them to be integrated into a smart home system. Features like Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with various home automation platforms enable users to control and monitor their refrigerators remotely. This integration can include adjusting temperatures, receiving maintenance alerts, and even accessing usage statistics, all from a smartphone or other smart devices.

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Not only do we offer top-rated appliances, name-brand electronics, and the best mattresses on the market but we also provide water treatment solutions and perform kitchen design services. Stop by your nearest Spencer’s and see what you’re missing!

Shop Thermador Refrigerators at Spencer’s 

At Spencer’s TV & Appliance, we provide high-quality, name-brand products at great prices — check out our catalog to shop refrigerators online today. Your friends in the business are always happy to help you find the best Thermador refrigerator for your needs. Call us, or better yet, stop by at one of our locations in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale regions. Visit us today!

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