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Wireless Surround Sound For Theater-Like Entertainment at Home

by Ann Louisa

enjoying movie with theater sound

Think about the quality sound experience you get when you go to the movies. The sound seems to come from all angles, fully immersing you in the plot. Whether you are captivated by a fight scene where the fate of the planet is on the line or drawn in by a lover’s proposal, sound plays a key role in your entertainment experience.

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What if you could have theatre-quality sound without having to go to the movies? That way, you could watch your favorite flicks at home and feel just as immersed. With a little popcorn and maybe some red vines, you could turn your living room into your own private movie theatre.

This reality is closer than you might think. It’s easier than ever to add wireless surround sound to your home. Learn more about these speakers and what it means to install a surround sound system in your living area.

How does wireless surround sound work?

The best way to understand surround sound is to compare it to the traditional sound systems that come with modern televisions. With traditional sound, audio is broadcasted through one or two speakers that are built into your TV. The sound fills the room, but most people can tell that it comes from one source.

With wireless surround sound, audio is streamed from multiple speakers installed around a space. This means the listener hears audio behind them, next to them, and all around. This creates a better experience as viewers feel more connected with the movie or TV they are watching.

Wireless surround sound is different from traditional setups because the speakers you install are connected over WiFi. Your speakers communicate with each other, with the television, and with your smartphone — all without connected wiring. This feature makes installation easier and allows you to have greater control over your audio system. 

Surround sound doesn’t have to be the default setting for your home audio system. You can keep it off when you are watching TV and turn it on for movie nights to create a theatre experience. The purpose of this system is to give you more options in how you consume media. 

What are the benefits of wireless surround sound?

There are many reasons to choose a wireless surround sound system for your home. The main benefit is the elimination of wires. In older systems, speakers were connected through a system of wires. This made installation considerably harder because homeowners needed to find ways to hide the wiring in order to make their living areas look nice. Homeowners had to cut into their walls to run the wires internally or run them across the floor. With wireless systems, you can place the speakers almost anywhere and connect them to the main hub — no complex wiring is needed.

Wireless sound systems also give you more control over your audio. Instead of using a remote (or multiple remotes) to turn each speaker on, you can control your entire system from your smartphone. You can choose which speakers get turned on and which ones stay off when you are watching TV. Not everyone needs the morning news to be in surround sound, while some parents prefer to turn off this feature when small children are watching their shows.  

Many modern surround sound systems are built to be discreet, meaning they blend in with your home design. The speakers are smaller and can be tucked into bookshelves or placed within your walls. This way, you don’t have to worry about bulky technology distracting from your home decor. Most of your guests might not even notice the surround sound speakers until you turn them on. 

How do you set up wireless surround sound?

Sound design is an art. When you install a wireless surround sound system, you aren’t trying to get the loudest system or most aggressive sound. Your goal is to understand how sound is pushed into your room and where it goes. Here are a few tips to successfully set up wireless surround sound speakers in your home.

  • Make sure you balance hard and soft surfaces. Hard surfaces reflect sound while soft surfaces absorb it. Coffee tables and bookshelves are hard surfaces, while pillows and rugs are soft surfaces.
  • Place the main speaker in front of you, just above ear level. The left and right speakers should be behind the TV, angled out.
  • Place the surround speakers opposite each other, which will create an immersive sound experience.
  • Make sure you have enough speakers to create a full soundscape. Larger rooms and homes with open floor plans may need extra speakers or strategic placement to achieve your sound goals.
  • Connect your surround sound to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This way, you can give voice commands to the system when you need to.

In some cases, you might be able to hire an audio expert to look at your space and develop the best possible surround sound setup. They can make recommendations and might even install the system for you. However, many surround sound systems are built to be intuitive, so almost any homeowner can install it themselves.

What system should you get?

Like all forms of technology, there are multiple price points for surround sound systems. Your goal is to balance your home improvement budget with your desire for a quality sound system. Sonos is one of the leading brands on the market for everyday consumers. You can buy a sound system and install it yourself — which allows you to save stress and money. While Sonos offers self-install systems, it is still known for providing quality products. There are multiple features that come standard that enhance your audio controls.

If you are happy with your Sonos surround sound system, you can look for additional products from this technology company. Sonos also offers backyard speakers, which are ideal for entertaining. You can create a fun summer playlist that all your guests can enjoy, no matter where they are in your yard.

Sonos Black 5.1 Surround Set with Beam & One SL

sonos surround sound

Sonos is one of the top companies producing surround sound systems in today’s market. The 5.1 Surround Set is popular with customers because of its quality and durability. This product comes with four full-range woofers to create a deep sound experience. The tweeter creates crisp dialogue, so you never have to miss a key moment (even if a character is mumbling). There’s even a Speech Enhancement feature if characters are whispering.

Homeowners can use the adjustable bass and treble controls to can determine the sound levels that make them feel comfortable. Additionally, Sonos prides itself in offering “bass without buzz,” which means the system was developed to eliminate vibrations and rattling – even in the most dramatic moments. This system is able to connect to your Google and Alexa assistants and comes with app controls. You can manage your speakers with your voice, remote, the Sonos app, and Apple AirPlay 2. You can add this system to your home for only $1,450.  


What is surround sound?

Surround sound uses multiple speakers placed around a room to create an immersive entertainment experience. Instead of broadcasting sound straight from your TV, surround sound speakers pick up the music and dialogue so you can feel like you are watching the show or movie in the theatre.

How does wireless surround sound work?

Before wireless technology became common, homeowners had to connect surround sound speakers through a set of wires around the room. This made installation harder — especially when customers ran the wiring through their walls. Wireless speakers make it easy to set up surround sound. You can place a speaker on a shelf and connect it to the WiFi, and no wires are needed.

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