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Compare TVs: QLED, OLED, UHD & More

by Experts at Spencers

At a Glance:

What are UHD TVs

What are QLED TVs

What are OLED TVs

Can UHD TVs be QLEDs

Examples of QLED vs. OLED TVs


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There is more to TV shopping than the size of the monitor. While you want a TV that matches the size needs of your space, you can’t sacrifice the quality of the viewing experience. Historically, TV technology was rated by the resolution of the pixels in the appliance. More advanced TVs had more pixels, which made the images sharper and the colors better. However, developers have shifted to change how TVs are made. By adjusting how light travels through the TV, they can improve the viewing experience.

As a customer, you might be left trying to figure out the difference between UHD vs. QLED vs. OLED in your TV search. Is one type better than the other? What brands carry each option? It’s time to break down these acronyms so you can find the best viewing experience for your home.

What are UHD TVs?

If you aren’t familiar with TV technology, then the first place to start is UHD. This stands for Ultra High-Definition, which refers to the resolution on your TV screen. These TVs are made up of different pixels that display the shows and movies you watch. A High-Definition (HD) TV will have a resolution of 1080p. Most TVs on the market these days are at least High-Definition and it has become the standard for customers.

A UHD TV can double or quadruple the number of pixels that display an image. This is where your 4K TVs come in. The 4K refers to the strength of the resolution beyond the standard 1080p.

If you are shopping for LED TVs and they don’t have specific acronyms, like QLED vs OLED, then you are likely looking at a standard TV with HD or UHD resolution.

What are QLED TVs?

QLED stands for "quantum dot LED TV" and is a variation of existing LED technology. The LED lighting behind the TV shines through the pixels, allowing users to enjoy a clear viewing experience. If you are looking for a standard TV that is a step above the UHD experience, a QLED model is one you should look for.

Samsung is the main driver of QLED technology. This company has been investing in quantum dots since 2015 and debuted its first QLED TV in 2017. Each year, the company introduces new models with improved quantum dots that transmit light. Other companies make QLED TVs, but Samsung is one of the top producers and has heavily invested in this TV production model.  

What are OLED TVs?

OLED stands for "organic light-emitting diode" and uses a different form of technology than traditional LEDs. The clue to how these TVs work can be found in the name: the pixels emit their own light and create a different viewing experience. OLEDs are different from standard TVs and QLED models. Consider how plasma TVs changed the game a few decades back. OLED technology is doing the same thing – pushing the boundaries of how we engage with media.

From a consumer’s perspective, the main difference between OLED vs QLED TV options is that OLEDs are easier to find. A few brands that create OLED TVs include LG, Panasonic, Philips, and Huawei. As technology becomes more common, it becomes easier to create and therefore cheaper to buy. Because OLED technology is commonly used, you can find affordable TVs on the market that maintain OLED quality.

Can UHD TVs be QLEDs?

UHD describes the quality of the viewing experience. It does not describe how the TV is made. As a result, you may find TVs on the market that boast UHD quality and QLED technology. You can also find UHD models that do not have QLED systems. That being said, it is rare to find QLED TVs that do not have ultra-high definition resolution.

A decade ago, high-resolution TVs were standard and customers paid more for UHD models. However, it is now becoming more common for TVs to have UHD quality, to the point where it is hard to find simple HD systems. Because QLED TVs are considered advanced and mostly made by a high-tech brand (Samsung), they are not going to come with simple HD systems.

Additionally, customers who are eager to pay for the best light distribution systems likely don’t want to settle for poor resolution. There is no reason to invest in a QLED or OLED TV without making sure it has UHD capabilities. 

Examples of QLED vs. OLED TVs

Understanding the different acronyms and the technology behind them will make it easier to shop for TVs. However, it also helps to see these TV models in action to compare the two. Here are a few top options if you are still torn between an OLED vs QLED model or an LG vs Samsung TV. 

Samsung Q60B Series 50" 4K Ultra HD QLED Smart TV

Samsung Q60B Series 50in 4k Ultra HD QLED Smart TV

Samsung is one of the top providers of QLED technology and this model highlights how your TV can be UHD while also using QLED systems. The HD references the quality of the resolution while the QLED describes how light is emitted from the screen.

Along with boasting a 100% color volume with Quantum Dot systems, this appliance is a Smart TV and can be controlled by multiple voice assistants. You can control this TV and even manage your other appliances through the SmartThings on this device. This TV has features for gamers (like Auto Game Mode which prevents lag time) as well as a SmartHub to easily find the shows and movies you want to watch. It even connects with Google Duo so you can have video calls with up to 32 people at a time.

Despite the size and all of these features, this TV falls within most family budgets. It only costs $650 and can fill the space of a living room easily. Read customer reviews to learn what others have to say about this TV.

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LG 80 Series 65" UHD 4K Smart TV

LG 80 Seiries 60in UHD 45 Smart TV

If you aren’t interested in QLED systems, then you can invest in an OLED TV without sacrificing the quality of the viewing experience or paying more. LG is one of the top TV brands on the market now and you can find several OLED models that have UHD quality.

This TV is also WiFi compatible, which means you can navigate through different systems with the LF ThinQ app. This is the same app that LQ has for all of its appliances, so you can control your entire house from one place. You no longer have to download one app for your TV and another for your dishwasher. The Magic Remote comes with a built-in AI that learns what you like and dislike. Over time, you can navigate to your top channels faster with this system.

This TV is one of the most popular options by LG. The 65-inch screen is ideal for large spaces so your whole family can watch shows and movies together. Customers rave about the color and highlight how easy it is to navigate around the different apps and features. You can buy this TV for only $600 or $450 for the 55-inch model. 

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Is OLED better than QLED?

Both OLED and QLED TVs provide a quality viewing experience to customers. However, expert analysts have found that OLED provides better contrast than QLED imaging. You can test this for yourself, look at both OLED vs. QLED and decide which definition you prefer. Then find a TV make and model with that technology.

Is OLED or QLED better for bright rooms?

QLEDs are better for bright spaces than OLED TVs. This is because they have a higher peak brightness and can stand out against natural sunlight and bright lights. Consider where your TV will be placed and whether you will watch it primarily in a light setting or in the dark before choosing between LED vs. QLED vs OLED.

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