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TV Size Chart - Which TV Dimensions are Best For You

by Experts at Spencers

white living room with mounted Sony tv

Interior design requires balance. If your couch is too large, then your family members will have a hard time navigating around it. If your TV is too big or too small, your family won’t be able to enjoy your favorite shows and movies. While most people know that a TV can be too small (no one wants to squint to see the football scores), there is such a thing as a screen that is too big. A too-large TV might not fit on a wall, and it might even be hard to watch if the screen is too large.

If you are in the market for a new television, take some time to understand your sizing options. This will help you find the right size TV for your space. Use this TV size chart and buying guide to help you strike a balance in your living area.

How to Measure a New TV

Before you can explore the TV market, you need to know how these appliances are measured. This will help you choose the right size television for your space. First, TVs are actually measured diagonally. This allows TV manufacturers to provide a single size (like a 55-inch TV or a 75-inch TV) instead of listing the width and height. Some people mistakenly think these measurements refer to the length, which means you will buy a much smaller TV if you base your purchase on how long your screen can be.

Once you know how to measure TV size, you can measure your space to understand what size TV you can handle. There are two ways to do this. The first involves bringing back your middle school geometry and using the Pythagorean theorem to calculate your ideal size based on your goal width and length. The second way is with painter’s tape. Create a box on the wall with tape of the ideal size TV for your space. Then measure the distance from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. This is your goal size.

If you are replacing an existing TV, you can take the diagonal measurement first. Then decide if you want to get a bigger or smaller appliance — or keep the same size system.

32-Inch TV

If you live in a small space, consider choosing a 32-inch TV. This option is ideal for people who live alone or couples who curl up in their urban apartments and townhomes. If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, this option is for you.

When you look at a TV size chart, consider how the appliance will fit into your home. If you have a small living room, then you might feel overwhelmed by a large TV. It might even hurt your eyes or your neck, depending on where it is positioned. Look into various small TV sizes so you can stream your favorite shows without feeling like the media dominates the entire room.

You can buy one of these TVs for a few hundred dollars. However, these models can get expensive. If you choose a luxury brand, you could pay more than $600 for one of the smallest TV models on the market. 

43-Inch TV

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you need a tiny television. A 43-Inch TV is a little bigger but doesn’t have to take up much room. This TV size is often preferred by homeowners who store their TVs in built-in cabinets. The homeowner can close the doors to the cabinet during the day, so the TV isn’t a prominent part of the room. They can then open the doors when it’s time to watch their favorite shows.

The demand for large TVs has increased over the years, and it might actually be harder to find a smaller TV than a bigger one. Consider increasing your TV size to a 43-Inch model if you want more brand options and technological features. You can add a Samsung 4K Smart TV to your home in this size.

These models are only slightly more expensive than their 32-inch counterparts. On the affordable end, you could buy a 43-inch TV for $300 or less. 

55-Inch TV

Once you reach the 55-inch mark on your TV size chart, you are entering the mid-size models. These are TV sizes that are in the highest demand because they fit in most homes. Buyers of these TVs don’t need to cram a television into a tiny space, but they still need to be careful with their measurements.

The 55-inch TV model is often considered the best TV size for bedroom use. It is large enough that you can see the TV from farther away (your bed frame is typically farther from the screen than your couch placement), but it’s also small enough that one partner can sleep without getting bothered by the light. You can mount a 55-Inch TV on the wall or place it on top of a clothes dresser, depending on your design style.

Whichever room you choose for this TV, make sure you choose a model that has the color and clarity expectations you require. You can expect to spend around $450 on the low end for these TVs and more than $800 on the high end. 

65-Inch TV

Another standard size is the 65-inch TV. This option is preferred by homeowners who want a large TV experience but still live in a mid-size home. These TVs are large enough that the whole family can cheer on their favorite sports team or cuddle together while watching a movie.

Larger TV sizes like this option are increasingly used in open floor plan home design. A homeowner will turn on the TV in the living room and watch their shows while preparing food in the kitchen. A family might eat breakfast at the dining room table while checking the weather and traffic on the local news. The larger TV makes it easy for people to see the content even if they aren’t sitting directly in front of it. 

You can find affordable 65-inch TVs for around $600. However, if you want more advanced features and smart capabilities, you will likely pay between $1,000 and $1,300.

75-Inch TV

Once you reach this part on the TV size chart, you are entering the large TV sizes. These are TVs for people with enough space in their living areas to spread out and invite friends over. Large families can lounge on sectionals and enjoy theatre-quality entertainment without leaving their homes.

Keep in mind that larger TVs are heavier. While modern technology keeps many TV systems light, these TVs might come with extra mounting instructions to make sure your system will remain in place. Consider purchasing a 75-inch TV that comes with both a stand and wall-mounting options. These TVs cost around $1,400, but you may pay more if you choose a luxury brand. 

85-Inch TV

An 85-inch model is the biggest TV size on today’s market. This is a TV for cinema lovers that refuses to compromise on the quality of the experience. 85-inch TV systems can be used in home theatres or in living areas where the television can take up most of the wall. While you might occasionally see larger options on a TV size chart, these models are difficult to find. Some 85-inch TVs cost more than $3,000.


How do TV sizes work?

TV sizes are based on the diagonal measurement from one top corner to the opposite bottom corner. This allows companies to market TV sizes based on a single measurement (ex. 65-inch) instead of having the list the width and height of the appliance.

What is the best TV size for the bedroom?

Every house is different, so there is no default size for adding a TV to your bedroom. However, a 55-inch model is often considered large enough to see from the bed but small enough to fit in most spaces.

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