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Samsung Frame TV Review — QLED 4K Smart TV

by Angela Maple

Family watching TV

Choosing a new tv — or any electronic one for that matter — used to be a simple task. You went to an electronic store, bought the latest TV from a brand you love, and then watched it. Now, it has become an intimidating task as the biggest television brands like LG and Samsung constantly go head-to-head to one-up each other in visual, audio, and smart technologies. And with technical terms like HDR, LED, 4K, OLED, QLED, or 8K, it’s a miracle to find the right TV you’ve been looking for.

Read our Samsung Frame TV review for more details on why TV lovers and art enthusiasts alike will want this Samsung television for themselves.

At a Glance:

What is a QLED 4K Smart TV

Is a QLED 4K Smart TV for Me?


Pros & Cons

Samsung Smart TV Highlight


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What is a QLED 4K Smart TV

A QLED 4K Smart TV allows viewers to directly connect to the internet to stream their favorite movies, music, and TV shows at a higher resolution (3840x2160) than full HD (1920x1080). And this is all shown on a Quantum Light-Emitting Diode (QLED) screen that uses quantum dots to super-charge its brightness and color, creating more vibrant and dynamic images for viewing pleasure.

 So, to put it simply, a QLED 4K Smart TV offers the best and brightest images for users to be completely immersed in their visual experience. You’ll feel like you are watching a concert, documentary, or racing on a speedway as you stream your shows, movies, games, and more, all at the touch of a button or voice command.

Is a QLED 4K Smart TV for Me?

Fans of Samsung technology and modern designed televisions that love the premium picture quality, streaming capabilities, and an artwork display mode along with other exclusive features are usually those who are: 

  • Gamers
  • Art enthusiasts
  • Movie lovers  
  • Tech connoisseurs

Samsung crafts modern, premier televisions designed with the philosophy of “Inspired by humans, creating the future” in mind. Samsung manufactures the next best thing in television innovation based on their users’ needs, creating some of the best pieces of technology to upgrade your TV-viewing pleasure. If you have been dying to get your hands on a Samsung 4k TV for greater viewing or streaming purposes, you could buy an older 32-inch model for as little as $500, while the latest and largest available 55-inch television will cost as much as $3,500. 


With all the TV technical jargon being thrown around in a store, it can be confusing to know which screen type, resolution, TV size, accessories, and additional features are the right one for you. But in the case of Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) and Quantum Light-Emitting Diode (QLED), we did the heavy lifting and broke down each screen type’s strengths and weaknesses.

Screen Type




☑ Very high screen brightness

☑ Low input lag, so there is little delay between action onscreen and controller commands

☑ Larger screen sizes

☑ Longer lifespans

☑ Lower prices

☑ No risk of burn-in (permanent version of image retention — where the previous image still lingers on the screen instead of changing.)

☒ Narrow viewing angles

☒ Slow pixel response time


☑ Wide viewing angles up to 84 degrees

☑ Energy-efficient

☑ Has the broadest range of colors

☑ Produces less blue light for viewers’ eye comfort

☑ Fastest pixel response time at 0.1 milliseconds              

☒ Can get extremely expensive based on screen size

☒ Susceptible to image retention and burn-in               

Ultimately, both are great choices for enjoying a gaming session or a family movie night. It’s just a matter of what you want in a Samsung TV. QLED excels in delivering a higher brightness, longer lifespan, larger screen sizes, and lower prices. On the other hand, OLED is unmatched in better viewing angles, deeper black levels, and energy efficiency.

Learn More About OLED TVs

Pros & Cons

If this Samsung Frame TV review hasn’t fully convinced you of why you should get a QLED 4K Smart TV, take a look at some of the pros and cons of this elegantly simple device will help.



☑ Great picture quality

☑ Anti-Reflection technology reduces glare effects

☑ The studio stand allows for TV placement on smaller TV stands

☑Little to no lag while gaming

☑ Excellent contrast ratio for watching TV at night


☒ The bezel (frame around the screen) is sold separately

☒ Not compatible with some game systems

☒ Installation can be tricky

☒ Poor sound quality

☒ In-TV apps don’t work in portrait mode

☒ Extreme backlight bleeding

Samsung Smart TV Highlight

Before you run out and buy a new TV for yourself, take a look at our Samsung QLED 4k Smart TV spotlight in this Samsung Frame TV Review.

Samsung the Frame 65” QLED 4K Smart TV-QN65LS03AAFXZA

Samsung Frame Smart TV

Struggle no more deciding whether to turn your leisure room into an entertainment space or an expression of art with the QLED 4K Smart TV. Its sleek and flawless design will elevate your home décor when you use Art mode. This feature allows you to showcase lifelike art from the Samsung Collection or your own upload pieces — all in 4K resolution. And to really embrace the art aesthetic, you can customize the bezel to frame your TV to create the feeling of looking at a framed work of art. But art is not the only thing you can enjoy in 4K. When the TV isn’t in Art mode, watch your favorite movie or show for the umpteenth time in a more vibrant, vivid image quality. You’ll feel like you are watching it with a new set of eyes for the first time. Additionally, the greatest thing about this Samsung 4K TV is its advanced motion sensor feature and quantum dot technology, taking this TV to the next level in graphics with bright and rich colors, all while saving you money on your utility bill.   


  • Customizable bezel
  • Quantum processor 4K
  • 4K AI upscaling
  • Art Mode

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After reading this Samsung Frame TV Review, you probably are curious to know more about this Samsung television. Well, if you have questions, we have answers! Everything you’d want to know is just a glance below.

Q: Does the Samsung Frame TV burn out?

A: No, the Samsung Frame TV is designed to display both art and photos for extended periods of time. They have deliberately engineered this television so that there is no risk of pixel burnout.

Q: How much power does The Frame use?

A: Samsung’s Frame television uses roughly 100 watts in TV mode and 60 to 130 watts in Art Mode. The amount of energy it uses whilst in art mode is dependent upon how bright the room is.

Q: Is QLED or OLED better for gaming?

A: Between the two, OLED TVs are the better choice for gaming because they have better viewing angles, deeper black levels, better contrast, and are energy efficient.

Q: Is a QLED TV good for your eyes?

A: Samsung QLED TVs have received the “no photobiological LED hazard” verification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as well as the “eye safety” certification from Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE). This means that Samsung QLED TVs do not pose any threat to a viewer’s eyes despite their high brightness. And as of 2020, the QLED TV series has been deemed safe for viewers’ eyes based on the requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Q: What is a Samsung Neo QLED TV?

A: Neo QLED is the next step in the evolution of QLED TVs. The biggest upgrade of Neo QLED from QLED is the introduction of MiniLED backlighting that packs up to 10 times the usual amount of LEDs to increase brightness, wider viewing angles, and reduce blooming (lighting where it shouldn’t be).

Q: How long does a Samsung QLED TV last?

A: Factoring in heavy Smart TV usage, Samsung QLED televisions can last about seven to ten years before viewers would start to see any sort of visual degradation.

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