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Spencer's Samsung 8k TV Buying Guide

by Spencer’s TV & Appliance

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At a Glance:

What is an 8K TV? 

What is the difference between 4K vs. 8K?

Best 8K TV Models on the Market


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Cinephiles and TV fans are constantly looking for the latest in picture technology. They want to feel immersed in the movies and programs that they watch, with the most advanced color pictures and the clearest sound imaginable. Even TV shoppers who aren’t sure what they need want the most advanced systems because it means they won’t have to replace dated technology within a few years.

If you are looking to upgrade your viewing experience, consider purchasing a Samsung 8K TV. The current models are blowing away the competition and elevating the viewing experience. Learn more about this technology, why 8K is the future, and which models would be best for your home.

Evolution of the TV

What is an 8K TV?

TVs are measured based on the number of pixels on the screen. Each pixel displays a color that contributes to a larger image. The more pixels on the screen, the more detailed the image. In past years, the 4K TV was the most advanced model on the market because it used nearly 4,000 pixels that ran horizontally across the screen. Now, Samsung has developed and launched 8K TV models, with nearly 8,000 pixels running horizontally across.

This upgrade to double the pixel quality might seem exciting, but the TV content might not look as impressive right now as it will in the future. Most movies and TVs are designed to be watched in 4K (or less). Producers aren’t creating content yet to match the 8K possibilities.

However, this isn’t something to be concerned about. The same process occurred when HDTV first debuted in the 1990s and today that content quality is common across most screens. Consumer demand will drive producers to develop 8K-quality shows and movies.  

This doesn’t mean you need to wait to buy an 8K TV. Right now, when you watch your favorite shows, the pixels on your television screen will be less noticeable. You can enjoy a more seamless experience and focus on the plot or events happening on the screen. You can still stream your favorite apps and watch your favorite channels on your 8K TV, even if they weren’t designed for this model. It just means that once 8K content starts to roll out, you will be ready.

What is the difference between 4K vs. 8K?

The main difference between a 4K vs. 8K TV is that an 8K model has twice the number of pixels. A 4K TV has 3,840 pixels horizontally by 2,160 pixels vertically. This creates a screen density of approximately 8 million pixels. An 8K TV, meanwhile, has 7,680 pixels horizontally and 4,320 pixels vertically. This generates a resolution of 33 million pixels.

If you are shopping for TVs from the same brand, then the only difference will be the pixel quality. You should be able to find TV models that are the same size regardless of the pixel density and they should have the same features. You should be able to find a smart TV in both 4K and 8K models that sync with your digital assistants and connects to your smartphone.

While 8K TV models have an edge over 4K options because of their quality of viewing, you should have an easier time finding 4K products. This is because 8K Tvs are new to the market whereas 4K TVs have been around for a longer time. However, in the coming years, 8K TVs should become more common, especially as movie directors and producers create content for these products.

This is no different than purchasing a smartphone when it first came out versus buying one in 2023. Other brands have developed their own smartphone technology, so you aren’t limited to one product. You can expect 8K TVs to become more common in the future, so investing in one now puts you ahead of most consumers.

Best 8K TV Models on the Market

Once you have a clear understanding of 8K TVs, you can look at current models to see if they are right for your home. Here are two top options to consider if you want the best possible picture in your living area.

Samsung QN800C Neo 75" 8K QLED Smart TV

Samsung 75in 8k QLED Smart TV

Samsung 75in 8k QLED Smart TV

Start your search for a Samsung 8K TV with this model. Not only does it use more than 33 million pixels to create amazing picture quality, but it comes with 1.5 times more lighting zones than your standard 4K TV. Samsung is working to elevate the viewing game by creating TV models that are unrivaled in the current market.

This 8K QLED TV also comes with 3D audio that fills the room. This creates one of the most immersive viewing experiences yet. If you love hearing the chirp of songbirds as the sun rises at the start of a movie, this TV is for you. AI Sound actually tracks the action on screen and adjusts the direction and levels of the audio. This is an experience that a standard surround sound system can’t replicate.

You can find this 8K TV for sale at any Spencer’s TV & Appliance location or call ahead for availability. You can also pair this TV with the Samsung soundbar to sync the TV and sound systems together. Whether you are watching a live sports broadcast or playing music while you watch dishes, you will deeply enjoy the sound quality. 

Samsung QN900C Series 9 85" 8K Ultra HD Neo QLED Smart TV

Samsung 85in 8K Ultra HD QLED Smart TV

Samsung 85in 8k Ultra HD Neo QLED Smart TV

If you are looking to add the ultimate luxury viewing experience to your home, pick up this Samsung 8K QLED TV. Not only can you enjoy all of the features of the smaller 8K models (including outstanding picture quality and advanced sound systems) but you will also have one of the largest TV models on the market. You can turn your living area into an at-home cinema or invite your friends to watch the big game – while making them feel like they are actually on the field.

You don’t have to worry about placing this Samsung 8K TV in a dark space that was designed for cinematic viewing. This model comes with Anti-Glare with Ultra Viewing Angle technology. You will enjoy the same picture quality regardless of where you sit to watch it and wherever the TV is placed. You can now hang up your TV in your living area that is filled with natural light without damaging the viewing experience.

As you explore this Samsung model, check out the bonus add-ons that come with it. With this smart TV, you can enjoy amazing gaming experiences and stream your favorite shows, movies, and podcasts. You can even queue up your favorite songs ahead of date night.


Is it worth getting an 8K TV?

If you are in the market for a new TV, consider buying an 8K model. You will immediately notice a crisper viewing experience and enjoy a brighter TV and a more realistic feel. While TV and movie creators aren’t making 8K content yet, you will be the first to see these shows as soon as they debut.

Is 8K better than 4K OLED?

8K TVs provide nearly double the pixel density as the most advanced 4K models. While 8K TVs are new to the market right now, they are expected to become more common in the coming years. When choosing between the two, ask yourself what TV you will want in the next 5-10 years and plan for the future.

Can the human eye notice the difference between 4K and 8K?

Yes. The human eye can tell the difference between these two types of TV resolutions. If you aren’t sure whether you will notice the difference, visit your local TV and appliance store that carries 8K models. You will see a marked difference between the 8K images and the 4K displays.

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