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Backyard Entertainment - Sonos Outdoor Wireless Speakers

by Lucille Watson

backyard party with outdoor speaker

At a Glance:

With summer quickly approaching, having one of the best outdoor speakers on the market is something you don’t want to miss out on. Sonos outdoor wireless speakers offer a brilliantly clear sound that connects to your mobile device to showcase all your favorite songs from Spotify to Apple Music. Let’s dive into why Sonos outdoor wireless speakers are worth it and how they’ll serve your family for years to come.

Reasons Why a Sonos Outdoor Speaker is Worth It

We’ve all experienced our favorite songs or podcasts being muffled by a poorly designed speaker. Having one of the best outdoor wireless speakers, though, makes all the difference, and here’s why.

backyard party with Sonos outdoor speaker

✓ Sound Performance

Sonos Sonance reviews state that this outdoor speaker produces a perfect amount of bass output to keep the party going but not enough to overwhelm the conversation. If connected to a Sonos amp, you’ll find that this speaker provides an ideal amount of soundstage levels while having distinctions between the right and left channels.

Sonos’ motto is to “hear how sound should sound,” and they have delivered this expectation with over 2,100 patented innovations to make their designs best-in-class while using state-of-the-art software. Grammy-winning music producer Giles Martin endorses this outdoor speaker by stating, “it’s an artistic approach to sound.” We at Spencer’s TV & Appliance are proud to give our loyal customers the best-of-the-best in the speaker industry.

✓ Design and Aesthetic

Sonos outdoor wireless speakers are weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about it while a storm is moving in. Also, this outdoor speaker can easily withstand direct sunlight and high temperatures, so there is no need to hide it in the shade. Place this wireless speaker right next to the pool and enjoy hours of crystal-clear sound.

You can also install them on your patio. Since they can handle water exposure, freezing temperatures, and high humidity, there is no need to move them around for the changing of the seasons. Once installed, leave it, and watch as it serves your home for years to come.

3 Benefits to Sonos Outdoor Wireless Speakers

There are more than just three benefits to the best outdoor speaker on the market, but here are our top reasons why they’re worth it.

man jumping in pool with backyard speaker

1. Stream All Your Favorites

The days of having to download the right apps to be compatible with your speakers are over. Sonos outdoor speakers can easily connect to your favorite streaming services via an app or voice control features.

Rather than having to hop out of the pool or move from your chair to change the song on an outdoor speaker, Sonos gives you full control to switch tunes right where you are. Bluetooth and AirPlay connectivity are available and useful when phones aren’t available.

2. No Wires

Sonos outdoor speakers are completely wireless, which also means completely portable. While you do have the option to install it on your outdoor patio, this wireless speaker can also follow you throughout the day.

For those long late-spring gardening days, place your Sonos speaker next to you as you pull weeds and plant new flowers. Or, for evenings when the pool needs to be cleaned, have your wireless speaker near you and discover how the sound drifts across your yard. Even for your children’s birthday parties, you can place your Sonos wireless speaker conveniently out of reach of curious hands while still having that astonishingly clear sound.

3. Built to Withstand the Elements

Nothing is worse than rain pouring down and the next day realizing your outdoor speaker really isn’t fit for the outdoors. While some speakers market being able to withstand a bit of rain or heat, Sonos ones really can. Whether it’s water, salt spray, humidity, UV rays, heat, or freezing temperatures (from negative 13 to as high as 149 degrees Fahrenheit), Sonos outdoor wireless speakers have been engineered to perform through any weather condition.  

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Sonos Backyard Speaker Features

Here are a few of the specific features you’ll enjoy with a Sonos outdoor speaker.

the Sonos wireless outdoor speaker

  • Trueplay: Trueplay tuning constantly adapts the output of sound to where you’re sitting and what you are listening to, to ensure high quality sounds at all times.
  • Voice Control: Connect your Sonos speaker to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant to switch up songs, set alarms, check the news, and more, all while never getting up.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Listen to your favorite tunes for up to 11 hours of rich sound.
  • Class-D Amplifiers: Your speaker will automatically switch frequencies to ensure the richest sound.
  • IP56 Rating: This rating means your speaker is protected from liquid splashes and dust particles that could otherwise harm it.
  • Dimensions: 9.44 in x 6.29 in x 4.96 in (H x W x D)

Other Sonos Speaker Choices

If you’re looking to pair your Sonos wireless outdoor speaker with another device, take a look at a few of our other favorites below.

Sonos Black Arc Soundbar: The Sonos Black (or White) Arc Soundbar is perfect for any living room or home theater setup. Amplify dialogue and bring your favorite movies to life. If you need a little extra help deciphering movies, turn on the Speech Enhancement setting to clarify dialogue.  

Sonos Black Sub Gen 3 Subwoofer: If you’re looking for a wireless subwoofer with powerful bass, look no further than this Sonos Black Sub Gen 3 Subwoofer.

  1. Take over the lowest frequencies by enhancing the midrange playback with this subwoofer.
  2. Also, easily stand this device on its side or place it upright with its versatile design.

Sonos Sonance White In-Ceiling Speakers: Lastly, these Sonos In-Ceiling by Sonance speakers customize your home sound with Trueplay technology. These speakers account for the structure, layout, and size of the room they’re placed in, so you’ll always have a crystal clear sound.

Are Sonos Outdoor Wireless Speakers Worth It?

We believe so. Sonos speakers are known to be one of the best wireless outdoor speakers on the market. But the price can be a point of contention for some shoppers. While these speakers are well over $300, you are investing in a device that will last for many years and can combat the elements. If you’re looking for an outdoor speaker that will provide you with wireless connectivity, clear sound, and durability, the Sonos outdoor wireless speaker is for you.

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