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How to Build the Kitchen of Your Dreams

by Pam Silvia

Instead of wistfully sighing as you’re flipping through that appliance catalog, get yourself to the store, and make your dreams come true! As your eyes gleam in hopeful admiration at the sight of brush-bronze fridge handles and glossy red ovens, you may struggle to figure out where to start. But fear not: we’ve rounded up 5 past blog articles to help determine what appliances work best for you—and that look pretty while doing it.

1. A new-age quandary: convection or air frying oven?

Stay ahead of the curve, and invest in a high-tech oven that can roast and bake everything efficiently and to perfection. Read the linked article to get the rundown on both oven types.

2. The dish on hot kitchen trends from 2019

Revisit the year’s most highly coveted appliances and décor tips to make sure your kitchen doesn’t fall behind when 2020 sets in.

3. Don’t hit a wall when picking out the right oven

Or do! Whether you choose to have a built-in oven that is separate from your cooktop or you opt to have both fixtures in the same appliance, you’re bound to have an economic setup on your hands.

4. You won’t finish last with these appliance finishes

In the name of kitchen pageantry, go for any of these sleek and smudge-proof appliance finishestake heed, and your kitchen is sure to be the belle of the ball.

5. Be smart...and go smart

Immerse yourself in the latest kitchen tech and invest in a fridge you can sync to your smartphone and tablet! Smart kitchens give you control over your oven and stove top via WiFi or through mobile apps, making it easy to cook dinner while you’re unloading the dryer.

Let us help you put your plans into motion, and swing by Spencer’s TV & Appliance today! Our experts will be more than happy to help you build your dream kitchen.