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What Are 2019’s Kitchen Trends?

by Waverly Wilde

The year isn’t over yet! Check out these 2019 trends that are sure to overlap into 2020 ...

Matte Black is the New Black

Black appliances have been trending for a very short time, but 2019 has been all about the matte black look. Not only does this bold finish look incredible, but the dark color is also great at staying clean. The matte is fingerprint resistant keeping this luxurious color stunning for a long time.

Smart Home Smart Life

Don’t be afraid of the high-tech world - embrace it! It may be a little intimidating, but having smart appliances can add a ton of convenience to your life. You can connect your phone to most appliances such as your refrigerator, oven, and even dishwasher to not only make sure everything is running correctly but to also help in your day to day life. Start the oven on your way home from the grocery store, change the temperature in your refrigerator while you’re away on vacation and waste less energy, and even see when your dishwasher is almost done with a cycle all at the touch of a button.

Open Your Heart to Open Shelving

Hiding your dishes behind closed kitchen cabinets is no longer the ideal shelving setup. Now, people are displaying their current dishware and cups in open shelving for a minimalist aesthetic. If you have a lot of clutter in your cabinets currently, this will give you a chance to clear out what you don’t need and freshen up your shelves so you’re only keeping the items that you use.

It’s All in the Metal Details

Pre 2019 was all about basic, plain appliances, but present 2019 has changed that. Say hello to appliances with gorgeous metal details that will class up any kitchen. Whether you want your range handle to shine a brushed bronze or brushed copper, we have many unique designs that will make your kitchen look sophisticated. Be different and spice up your cooking space with a metal flair.

At Spencers, we’re here to help you with all your appliance needs - even by staying on top of the trends for 2019. Visit us to get started revamping your kitchen today!