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Wall Oven Vs. Range – Which One is Better for You?

by Waverly Wilde

Your kitchen should feel comfortable to cook in and inspire you. It should be a place you enjoy and a place that is convenient for your needs. So when you’re thinking about replacing your appliances, you need to go with the right ones with the perfect features to fit you and your lifestyle. So, when it comes down to choosing your cooking appliances, how do you pick between a wall oven and cooktop or a range? We’ve narrowed down the prices, placement details, and style of each to help you come to a decision on which one would be better for your home.


The difference

First off, if you aren’t sure what the difference between a range and a wall oven and cooktop is, it’s pretty simple. A range comes together with both the oven part and stovetop combined into one appliance while the wall oven has the ability to be built-in to your wall and placed separately from the cooktop. Both are great options, but it depends on you and your preference.


Price and Budget

Whether price is an issue or not, it’s important that you know what you’re getting into when buying a new appliance. If you’re looking to stick to a budget when perusing cooking appliances, you’ll find that ranges will generally be less money than a wall oven and cooktop. On average you can find ranges around $400 to $11,000 and wall ovens alone can run higher depending on the features. On average you’ll find wall ovens starting around $900 but can go as high as $7,000 in some cases; then you’ll want to add a cooktop which is an additional $400 to $3,300 on top of your oven.

If it does come down to money for you but you’ve had your eyes on an appliance that was a little higher in price than you wanted to spend, we are happy to provide you with special financing. Check out more here, or one of our sales associates at Spencers would be happy to answer any of your questions.


Placement and Storage Space

Of course, if price isn’t a concern of yours, the layout may still be. Wall ovens and cooktops are a great option if you are looking for more room in your kitchen. Having these appliances separated allows you to get different sizes and receive ample storage space under your cooktop if wanted. If you tend to use your oven more than your cooktop, you could get a larger oven and opt for a more modest cooktop or vice versa. Another perk when it comes to your oven placement is that it is usually built-in at around chest level, meaning you’ll do less crouching and bending over to get your food out.

With a range, there is a lot less versatility involved. While having your cooking all in one spot may be what you prefer, you run into the issue of size. The stove and the oven come together so you won’t get to modify your cooktop or oven individually.


Aesthetic and Style

You have to step back and ask yourself, “what’s my style?” before purchasing your next cooking appliance. Do you prefer traditional styles or do you like more contemporary and minimalist details? Do you want something that the professionals would use or something that blends in well and doesn’t take too much attention away from the rest of your kitchen? Wall ovens for example, are fairly simple looking appliances, unless you happen to be interested in a French door wall oven. Ranges on the other hand have more design options: Add an industrial flavor to your kitchen with a professional style range or incorporate a vibrantly colored range into your kitchen so it impresses your guests.

No matter what styles stand out to you more, your kitchen will always look sleek when you get your next appliance from Spencers.


It’s a big decision when it comes to choosing between a range or wall oven and cooktop for your kitchen and luckily you don’t have to do it alone. Let us help you figure it out by answering your questions and making the process easier. Drop on by one of our Spencers locations and we’ll gladly get you on track to cooking on the right appliances.