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Top Reasons to Consider High End Dishwashers

by Olly Mason

JennAir Dishwasher - Close up

At a Glance:

Is a High End Dishwasher for You?

3 Major High End Dishwasher Benefits

Our High End Dishwasher Brand Rankings


Why Trust Us?

When it comes to luxury appliances, dishwashers are often overshadowed by professional ranges, fancy refrigerators, and wall ovens with restaurant-inspired features. It’s the curse of being the only kitchen appliance made for cleanup, yet that’s exactly why investing in a high end dishwasher should be just as important as any other premium appliance.

But in the end, are high end dishwashers really worth the price? Follow along as we reveal three reasons why you should consider a premium dishwasher. Then, we give you a look at industry standouts, along with recommended models from each brand.

JennAir high-end dishwasher in a black finish shown with its door slightly open

Is a High End Dishwasher for You?

Ultimately, your budget will determine if you should buy a high end dishwasher. Typically, luxury dishwashers run for $1,000 and $3,500 or more, depending on the brand and features. Budget aside, if you consider yourself any of the shopper types below, professional dish care might be worth the investment.


You love to throw dinner parties, and that means charcuterie boards, cocktail glasses, fine silverware, and everything in between. Post-party cleanup is even easier when you have the performance and loading flexibility of a luxury dishwasher.

Full Houses 

If the average person eats two meals a day, a large household will deal with multiple loads of dishes more often. High end dishwashers lighten the load with speedy wash cycles, advanced wash systems, and maximum place settings.

Fans of the Designer Kitchen Experience

A gourmet kitchen functions best when all its components are quality appliances. Brands like Thermador with Sapphire Glow interior lighting add excitement to your routine, and other features like Wi-Fi compatibility or panel-ready fronts give the humble dishwasher an edge over standard models.

3 Major High End Dishwasher Benefits

Washing dishes may not be the most glamorous household chore, but here are three ways premium dishwashers can enhance the experience.

  1. Better Dish Washing Performance

No other kitchen appliance does what a dishwasher does, but that doesn’t mean all dishwashing machines work the same. For instance, consider how quietly high end dishwashers operate. Thanks to enhanced motors that feature fewer parts, premium dishwashers feature low-decibel noise ratings that purr rather than roar. When you upgrade to a luxury dishwasher, you can also expect advanced wash systems with special filtration and sensors, plus dish drying technology that keeps pools of condensation from forming on surfaces.

  1. Superior Dishwasher Materials

From the interior to the exterior, what a dishwasher is made of counts. It’s the difference between a plastic dishwasher tub that is loud and vulnerable to high heat and a stainless steel tub that is durable, noise-resistant, and promotes moisture evaporation. Overall, every part of a high end dishwasher is crafted to deliver a professional experience, whether it’s marine-grade dish racks, rust-proof interior linings, or nylon tines.

Want proof? Consider the quality dishwasher engineering from Miele. Thoughtful craftsmanship using the finest materials means these Miele dishwashers are designed for 20 years of use.

  1. Customized Looks for Dishwashers

Modern dishwashers are ditching traditional looks in favor of becoming installations that express a kitchen’s style and character. You’ll still be able to find premium stainless steel dishwashers, but shoppers splurging on high end dishwashers are making the transition into customizable dishwashing machines. Panel-ready dishwashers make personalized interior design easy by completely matching your kitchen’s cabinetry and installing flush for a virtually invisible presentation.

Our High End Dishwasher Brand Rankings

Buying luxury appliances will always mean having a bigger budget. And while pricing is important, each dishwasher brand offers a different value to shoppers, whether it’s aesthetics, features, or even capacity. Take a look at the best high end dishwasher brands ranked from most to least expensive.

Miele Dishwashers

Miele, whose experience in the appliance industry dates back to 1899, is easily one of the biggest European appliance names on the market today. The brand’s catalog of home appliances showcases premium craftsmanship, which is why many experts consider Miele dishwashers the pinnacle of luxury dish care. Along with decades of use, users will enjoy powerful wash technology, large loading capacities, and professional materials designed for heavy-duty use.

A Miele dishwasher can range anywhere between $1,300 and $3,500, ranking it as the most expensive dishwasher brand on our list. However, with several ENERGY STAR Most Efficient dishwasher models, plus unbeatable dishwasher lifespans, we consider Miele dishwashing machines worth the splurge.

Recommended Miele Dishwasher: Miele 24" Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

Front view of Miele G 7566 SCVi dishwasher

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Built for professional-grade use, this Miele dishwasher makes easy work of messes on plates, bowls, silverware, and cookware. By placing the controls on the top of the door, this dishwasher gives off a sleek and sophisticated presentation ideal for settings from elegant to eclectic.

Premium Features:

  • QuickIntenseWash tackles full loads of dishes in under an hour.
  • The 3D MultiFlex Tray uses purposeful design to fit cups and bowls in the upper rack.
  • Run a small load with half load technology that washes the upper or bottom rack only.
  • A quiet 41-dBA noise level means this machine can run at any hour — day or night.

Thermador Dishwashers

Calling all tech-savvy appliance shoppers! Thermador delivers a full lineup of smart dishwashers from three unique series: Emerald, Sapphire, and Star Sapphire. Every Thermador dishwasher features Wi-Fi compatibility, a third rack, and premium drying technology, plus more features with each line upgrade.

Wondering what ultimate dishwashing luxury looks like for Thermador? Venture into the Star Sapphire collection. High end models can wash up to 18 wine glasses and zap dishes towel-dry using StarDry with Zeolite, regarded as the industry’s best dish drying feature.

Thermador dishwashers price between $1,800 and $2,800 and are recommended for households keen on connected appliances and the latest appliance features.

Recommended Thermador Dishwasher: Thermador® Masterpiece® Emerald® 24" Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

Front view of Thermador Masterpiece Emerald dishwasher model number DWHD650WFM

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A masterpiece from Thermador’s Emerald line, this high end dishwasher combines style and performance in a simply sophisticated package. Stack dishes with 16 place settings coupled with an upper tool tray to make extra room for larger dishes below. And with an ENERGY STAR performance rating, you can load up knowing every load is washed responsibly.

Premium Features:

  • Sens-A-Wash does the brainwork for you with sensors that adjust wash times based on water soil levels.
  • Load up pitchers and sports bottles — the 22” Extra-Tall-Item sprinkler will target it.
  • PowerBoost in the bottom rack delivers heavy-duty cleaning for extra-dirty cookware.

Cove Dishwashers

If you’re a fan of Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances, then a Cove dishwasher is all you need to complete the trifecta in your luxury kitchen. Like Cove’s sister lines, these appliances are made with quality and performance in mind. Case in point, select dishwashers with water softeners ideal for Arizona hard water, quiet 41-dBA operation, and fan-assisted drying. Even as the smallest lineup of dishwashers on our list, Cove stands out for its superb engineering.

Cove dishwashers start at higher price points, but at $2,600–$2,740, these models still cost lower than premium dishwashers from Miele and Thermador.

Recommended Cove Dishwasher: Cove® 24" Panel Ready Built In Dishwasher

Front view of Cove DW2450 panel ready dishwasher

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You have a vision for your kitchen, and this Cove dishwasher can match it with a panel-ready front. You can even personalize the interior of this high end dishwasher, giving you the ultimate freedom to design a kitchen that works for you. However you choose to configure this dishwashing machine, spacious loading racks with adjustable positions and an upper utensil tray makes sure there’s enough loading flexibility for every dish.

Premium Features:

  • A series of 43 spray jets target every dish surface. 
  • Pull out dry dishes every time with fan-assisted drying technology.
  • Adjust the middle rack to make room for bulky or tall dishware. 
  • At 41 decibels, this dishwasher never makes an interruption. 

KitchenAid Dishwashers

KitchenAid is known as an affordable luxury brand, offering upgraded dishwashers priced between $1,050 and $2,150. Even so, these dishwashers come with some major incentives, like extra-quiet 39-dBA sound ratings on select models, plus ProWash Cycle with soil sensors, and a fan-enabled ProDry System.

The tradeoff? You won’t find that many KitchenAid panel ready dishwashers to choose from. But with classic finishes in black, white, and stainless steel, this lineup is a worthy consideration for shoppers who are features-forward over aesthetics.

Recommended KitchenAid Dishwasher: KitchenAid® 24" PrintShield™ Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

Front view of KitchenAid KDTM604KPS built-in dishwasher

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If you’re looking for a high end dishwasher under $1,500, this KitchenAid model is worth checking out. From loading to washing and drying, this setup has everything a premium dishwasher should have. Run large loads with the ultimate flexibility, thanks to adjustable racks and loading capacity for bowls and glasses in the FreeFlex third rack. We also love the Sani-Rinse on this cycle that is useful for baby bottles or reducing the risk of viruses and bacteria on dishes.

Premium Features:

  • Enjoy ultimate dish loading freedom with FreeFlex, the industry’s largest third rack. 
  • Advanced Clean Water Wash System filtration produces sparkling dishes. 
  • Get a custom wash every time with the ProWash cycle and its intelligent soil sensors.
  • Select ProDry to distribute hot air throughout the dishwasher for a superior dry.

Asko Dishwashers

What do you get when you combine up to 9 spray zones, Turbo Drying technology with 25 percent increased airflow, and a 15-minute wash cycle? You get Asko, the “quickest dishwasher” on the market. While less popular than other dishwasher brands on our list, Asko earns its spot as a luxury dishwasher brand, thanks to perks like up 17 place settings and durable 8 Steel material designed for years of use.

Best of all, Asko dishwashing machines price between $1,000–$1,850. So, if you’re looking for luxury that doesn’t break the bank, this is a brand worth looking into.

Recommended Asko Dishwasher: ASKO 40 Series 24" Built In Dishwasher-Panel Ready

Front view of Asko 40 series panel-ready dishwasher model number DFI664

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An arsenal of dishwashing cycles awaits you with this Asko dishwasher. Whether it’s fine china, taking care of lighter dish loads, or you need to run a load at night, 11 unique cycles give you the power to wash as you need. At 42 decibels, this high end dishwasher is virtually silent, and with a customizable panel front, it can match your cabinetry and become invisible to the eye.

Premium Features:

  • Load anyway you want with adjustable upper rack.
  • Turbo Drying circulates up to 25 percent more air for dishes that are always ready for dinner.
  • Jet Spray and Wide Spray arms effectively clean dinnerware tall and large. 
  • The Self-Cleaning cycle means one less chore for you to have to do.

Bosch Dishwashers

Even as one of the best dishwasher brands on the market, Bosch dishwashing machines are an extreme value for the amount of performance they deliver. The Bosch 800 Series — the brand-s premium line — will only run you $1,050–$1,650. But Bosch doesn’t compromise on performance.

Across the lineup, upgrades like water softeners, FlexSpace Tines, EasyGlide Rack Systems, RackMatic, and PureDry technology provide function and convenience on a luxury level.

 Each Bosch dishwasher undergoes 485 quality checks to ensure the best performance. In fact, Bosch dishwashers are built to last a minimum of 10 years. However, many users comment that with proper maintenance, the brand lasts well over that expected lifespan.

Recommended Bosch Dishwasher: Bosch 800 Series 24" Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher


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A clean pocket handle and top-control buttonsmake this Bosch dishwasher one of the sleekest on our list. But what’s inside is just as impressive. Complete with adjustable racks and a third rack, this model provides 16 place settings you can customize to fit all your dishes in one go. Choose from four finish options to give your kitchen the look you want with the performance you deserve.

Premium Features:

  • Take advantage of 30 percent more loading space with a flexible third rack.
  • With nine rack positions, the RackMatic loading zone makes it easy to fit more dishes.
  • Crystal Dry uses natural minerals to heat moisture to 176 degrees, evaporating condensation on dishes.

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High End Dishwashers: FAQs

Before investing in a premium dishwasher, take a look at what shoppers like you are asking.

How much does a high-end dishwasher cost?

High-end dishwashers range in price but generally cost between $1000 and $5000. Dishwashers in this price range come with impressive standard features, including extra-quiet sound and the latest dishwashing technology. 

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