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GE Dishwashers Under the Microscope: In-Depth Reviews and Ratings

by Spencers TV & Appliance

Dirty Dishes Ready for Dishwasher

At a Glance:

Get to Know GE

Top 3 GE Dishwasher Models

How to Choose the Right Dishwasher

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Trust Spencers Appliance?

The average household uses their dishwasher five times per week. Even if you don’t run your dishwasher daily, you likely spend at least a few minutes loading or unloading around your meal times. This means you need an appliance that will be reliable from the first time you use it until you replace it more than a decade from now.

One brand to consider in your search is GE. There are several GE dishwasher options to choose from in order to better accommodate your needs. These are also highly-rated appliances that are also fairly priced.

If you love researching appliances before making a purchase, then you will love this guide. Enjoy a deep dive into GE dishwashers so you can decide whether this line of products is right for you. 

Check Out GE Dishwashers

If you're looking for a reliable dishwasher, look for a company with nearly 120 years of experience. Check out GE dishwashers today at Spencers Appliance.

GE Dishwashers

Get to Know GE

The appliance division of General Electric (GE) is nearly 120 years old. In 1904, Georgia A. Hughes developed the first electric range, which was billed as a more efficient and affordable alternative to gas. The company expanded to offer a complete line of heating and cooking appliances in 1907.

The rest is history. Over the past century, the company has continued to develop new appliances and improve existing ones to better meet customer needs. Its long history has made GE a household name and a trusted brand by consumers.

Despite its quality reputation, GE continues to produce affordable appliances for customers. While it has since debuted the more advanced GE Profile, GE Monogram, and GE Café luxury lines, the company always has affordable models and baseline products for customers who need them. These are still high-quality models that last several years. 

GE is one of the most famous and most popular appliance brands in the United States. It beats out Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Kenmore as a recognized name. As long as GE continues to produce reliable appliances, its reputation is secure.  

Top 3 GE Dishwasher Models

GE is a reliable brand for dishwashers, refrigerators, and other kitchen appliances. However, you still need to make sure there is a model out there that meets your needs. Here are three of the best GE dishwasher options to choose from, along with comments and reviews from buyers who already own them.

GE® 24" Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

GE Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

GE 24" Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

This stainless steel GE dishwasher is a great place to start in your search. It can give you an idea of what a base model looks like by this brand. The control panel for this dishwasher is on the front, where you can choose from five different cycles. Set your dishwasher to a quick one-hour wash if you are in a hurry or opt for a Steam + Sani cleaning if you know your pots have cooked-on grime.

This dishwasher has two racks but can still accommodate family-size loads. It can hold 14 place settings and large dishware, which is ideal if you enjoy hosting gatherings with friends and family. 

You can decide whether this is the best GE dishwasher for you by reading online reviews. One person shares, “The dishwasher is quiet and does a thorough job of cleaning the dishes. No need to prewash…It has the capacity to dry the dishes as well, so no need to wipe off the dishes after the cycle is complete.” 

GE® 24" Black Built-In Dishwasher

GE Black Built In Dishwasher

GE 24" Black Built-In Dishwasher

This black GE dishwasher provides an upgrade to customers who want a few more features, but it’s not just the color that makes it stand out. The top rack is adjustable so you can set it based on what you need to wash. If you have bulky items on the bottom rack, you can lift the top one to better accommodate them.

This dishwasher also comes with an AutoSense wash cycle that determines how dirty your cookware is before firing up the jets. This is a great feature for homeowners who want an energy-efficient model that uses less water and electricity than their previous dishwashers. This is an ENERGY STAR® certified dishwasher with a proven record of efficiency.

You can read more than 5,000 reviews to learn more about this model. One person writes, “This dishwasher was purchased to replace my 22-year-old GE dishwasher, which I really liked. I have to say that this new one is even better. I love the way the racks are set up. It can hold more dishes than my old machine.”

GE® 24" Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

GE 24in Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

GE 24in Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

This is the next step up in your dishwasher search. This particular dishwasher comes with four bottle jets that are specifically designed to clean reusable water bottles, baby bottles, and other specialty drinkware.

You can skip any pre-rinsing with the help of the Piranha Hard Food Disposer, which breaks up food particles and disposes of them without potentially clogging your drain. The motor of this food dispenser spins at 3,600 RPM, one of the leading models in the current market.

This GE dishwasher is a highly-rated model with countless positive reviews. One buyer says, “Quietest washer I've ever owned! So impressed with its excellent cleaning ability. I washed [a] casserole dish that had baked-on grease for a long time and it came out sparkling like it was new! No scrubbing on my part!”

How to Choose the Right Dishwasher

Buying a dishwasher might seem like a simple process, but you will quickly realize that there are hundreds of options to choose from that are manufactured by dozens of brands. This can get overwhelming for homeowners who want to make the best choice. Take a deep breath and follow these steps to choose the right option.

  1. Measure your space. Make sure your kitchen can handle a built-in 24-inch dishwasher or see if you need a smaller 18-inch model.
  2. Determine your storage needs. Large families need as much dishwasher space as they can handle. If you cook a lot, you also might need a dishwasher that can handle bulky pots and pans. Look for dishwashers with third racks and extra storage options.
  3. Evaluate your design options. Consider whether you want a black dishwasher, stainless steel dishwasher, or panel-ready model for your kitchen.
  4. Identify your most important features. Today’s dishwashers are incredibly high-tech. Decide whether you are willing to pay more for WiFi connectivity, ultra-quiet performance, air-dry options, and other advanced cycles.
  5. Set a budget. You don’t have to buy a $2,000 dishwasher to get a reliable appliance. Many GE models sell for around $500 and come with bonus features.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dishwasher

You can apply these steps to any appliance you need to replace in your home. A quality appliance store like Spencer’s will have hundreds (if not thousands) of appliances to choose from. You can keep a level head and choose the best models for your needs based on your set criteria.


How long should a GE dishwasher last?

Most kitchen appliances are meant to last a decade, and GE is no exception. Your dishwasher should last around 10-12 years if it is used often and well cared for. The more you use your dishwasher, the faster it is likely to wear out. This means your GE dishwasher might last 15 years if you only run it once or twice per week. 

Are GE dishwashers any good?

There are thousands of GE dishwasher reviews from happy customers who approve of these appliances. GE is known for producing quality appliances at fair prices. You can pay more for advanced features or look into the GE Profile or GE Monogram line of products for higher-end dishwasher models.

Are GE dishwashers made in America?

Yes. GE has nine manufacturing facilities in the United States. It employs more than 13,600 U.S. workers to design, produce, and ship its appliances. If you buy a GE dishwasher, it is highly likely that the appliance was assembled in GE’s Louisville, Kentucky plant.

Why Trust Spence’s TV & Appliance?

Since 1973, Spencers TV & Appliance has grown to 10 locations throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. The secret to our longevity is simple: personal service. Customer satisfaction has always been the focus of our business, and throughout the years, we have been able to work hard with our suppliers to bring you the best prices. After all, getting customers the best price and personal attention is how we compete with big-box stores, day in and day out.

Not only do we offer top-rated appliances, name-brand electronics, and the best mattresses on the market but we also provide water treatment solutions and perform kitchen design services. Stop by your nearest Spencer’s and see what you’re missing!

Shop Dishwashers at Spencers

At Spencers TV & Appliance, we provide high-quality, name-brand products at great prices — check out our catalog to shop GE dishwashers online today. Your friends in the business are always happy to help you find the perfect GE dishwasher for your home. Call us, or better yet, stop by at one of our locations in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale regions. Visit us today!

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