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A Look into Samsung French Door Refrigerators + Reviews 

by Olly Mason

When it comes to style, French door refrigerators are the trendsetters of the appliance world. With a unique design featuring two vertical doors and a bottom freezer, French door fridge models provide a look that’s totally different from the blueprint, along with a few surprising perks with the makeover.

Samsung is an exemplary manufacturer that has mastered the craft of French door refrigerators, creating models with exclusive configurations and features that reinvent this already popular refrigerator style. Our appliance experts have given the lineup a careful look in order to provide insight to the brand, plus our list of Samsung French door refrigerator reviews from three buying categories.

At a Glance:

What is a French Door Refrigerator?

Are Samsung French Door Refrigerators Right for You?

Samsung Refrigerators Performance Review

Samsung Refrigeration Pros & Cons

Our Top Samsung Fridge Picks

Samsung is always looking for new ways to pioneer game-changing ideas, and that’s reflected directly with its lineup of French refrigerators. The brand takes the trendy design and turns it into a moment of tech-forward craftsmanship, manufacturing a rich lineup of smart refrigerators with functions that step out of the ordinary and into the future of the kitchen. Here’s our rundown of Samsung French door refrigerators.

What is a French Door Refrigerator?

First, let’s scale back and consider the design style itself, and whether a French door refrigerator is a good choice for you and your home. First hitting the markets in the ‘90s, these refrigerator models offered a fresh new look with pantry-style doors that also provide better access to contents inside—a winning combination that’s made French door refrigerators one of the most popular styles one the market today.

Generally, French door refrigerators measure just under a 36 inches cabinet width, though several slimmer models can be found on the market, including Samsung French door refrigerators under 36 inches. The half-width door design on this style of refrigeration also means there’s more clearance when the doors are fully ajar, so this style can be a smart addition to tighter spaces (but keep in mind adjacent walls and cabinets). Recently, Samsung 4 door Flex refrigerator reviews have proven that the French door design can go even further by using two sets of pantry doors for more storage flexibility, including an additional storage zone that can be used as either a freezer or refrigerator.

As always, make sure to measure to fit your refrigerator before buying regardless of the brand.

Other benefits include:

The option of opening a single side to conserve temperatures and airflow

Storing fresh foods at eye level

4-door French door models with additional storage, often with temperature adjustability

Larger storage for fresh food

Why Choose Samsung French Door Refrigerators

Samsung has gained the recognition for being a brand that bridges the traditional function of domestic appliances with features that go beyond the conventional. Thanks to its roots in the electronics sector, technology drives Samsung appliances, and its variety of French door refrigerators showcase that brilliantly.

The proof? As of 2021, the Samsung brand has accrued more J.D. Power awards than any other brand reviewed in a recent survey. In the same survey, Samsung French door refrigerators nabbed the top spot for customer satisfaction—the second year in a row—with high marks credited toward features and functions, performance, overall reliability, value, and design. This means these products come at a slightly higher cost to buyers, but overall, we recommend investing in a Samsung French door refrigerator if you value tested dependability with some of the most cutting-edge user features on the market.

Samsung Refrigerators Performance Review

Innovation and conservation work harmoniously when it comes to Samsung refrigerators, thanks to digital inverter compressors that actively respond to usage rather than remaining at a constant performance level like traditional compressors. This allows Samsung fridges to save energy when more power isn’t necessary or give a little boost when needed (i.e. restocking the fridge after grocery shopping). This game-changing technology is so effective, it was awarded the Emerging Technology Award in 2020 and is endorsed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

So, what does that mean as far as performance? It means having a refrigerator that consistently works to keep preservation at an optimum with virtually no maintenance from users. It also means smarter performance that keeps French door refrigerators from Samsung from overworking, which increases lifespan and cuts down on servicing.

Depending on the model, Samsung also offers these exciting refrigerator performance features:

Family Hub – The next level of connected refrigeration with the ability to play music, stream instructional videos, synch with house cameras, check food inventory, look up recipes, and more

FlexZone – One drawer, four flexible temperature settings, plus an adjustable Smart Divider for easier organization

Food Showcase – A door embedded inside another door, allowing for quick access to go-to items without having to open the entire fridge

Metal Cooling – Stainless-steel lining that locks in cold temperatures for better food preservation

Twin Cooling Plus – Independent humidity and climate controls in the freezer and refrigerator compartments

Master the Modern Kitchen: Smart Refrigeration 101

Pros & Cons

Let’s recap what to expect if you’re considering buying a Samsung French door refrigerator with this quick list of pros and cons:


Great smart features 

A range of capacities 

Award-winning performance and reliability 


Versatile French door configurations


Mid-end starting price 

Models begin at just under six feet tall 

Limited finish options 

Limited counter depth models 

Our Top Samsung Refrigerator Picks

With a refrigerator brand as exciting as Samsung, picking just a few models to recommend can be tricky, which is why our experts took on the challenge, ultimately choosing these three options for three different kinds of shoppers.

1. Best Overall: Samsung 28 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator-RF28R7201SR

Front view of Samsung RF28R7201SR French door refrigerator

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Behold—room for every snack, essential, and extra inside this Samsung 28 cu. ft. French door refrigerator complete with a FlexZone Drawer that offers four temperature settings for even more food storage possibilities. Twin Cooling Plus precise temperature management surrounds every area of this smart fridge in enhanced climates, which is locked in with a CoolTight door for added protection against food spoilage. Enjoy the luxury of adjustable shelves, an auto pull-out freezer drawer, and Wi-Fi enabled monitoring, a complete lineup of winning features that make this Samsung French door refrigerator with ice maker our top recommendation. 

2. Best Value: Samsung 17.5 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator-RF18A5101SR

Front view of Samsung RF18A5101SR French door refrigerator

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If you plan to save space in your wallet and in the kitchen, we suggest this Samsung counter depth French door refrigerator. The featureless front enhances its flush, nearly built-in design and 33-inch refrigerator profile. Upon opening, you’ll find ample shelving and bins to organize items properly preserved with Samsung Twin Cooling Plus technology. A fingerprint resistant finish and remote Wi-Fi-enabled controls are the definition of sleek design, making this mega-value a standout ready to shine in modern kitchens.

3. Best Luxury: Samsung 22 Cu. Ft. Capacity Counter Depth Refrigerator-Fingerprint Resistant Black Stainless Steel-RF22N9781SG

Front view of Samsung RF22N9781SG French door refrigerator

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When it comes to splurging, this Samsung Family Hub French door refrigerator provides a tech-inspired twist that gives the kitchen added function and excitement. Entertainment, step-by-step videos, calendars, three cameras for quick inventory from a smart device, and so much more can be accessed from this touchscreen refrigerator, simplifying how you use your kitchen. In its Samsung Family Hub refrigerator review, this 4.5-star-rated Energy Star rated refrigerator also got top marks for its FlexZone quad door that can be used as a freezer or extra fridge space, plus a Triple Cooling System that ensures every compartment is at peak storage settings.

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