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The Best Freezerless Refrigerators | Reviews and More

by Bill Welles

If you prefer to keep your refrigerator and freezer compartments separate, then it might be worth investing in a freezerless refrigerator. If you don’t have room for a full-size refrigerator or you utilize your freezer capacity as often as your fridge, a unit designed specifically without a freezer will allow you to maximize your refrigeration storage.

Freezerless refrigerators allow you to stock up on beverages, condiments, dairy items, meats, and produce without having to sacrifice storage space for the freezer section. You can opt for a standalone chest freezer or upright freezer to handle your frozen goods and dedicate your fridge to preserving only refrigerated items.

At a Glance:

Best Overall: Whirlpool SideKicks Freezerless Refrigerator (WSR57R18DM)

Best Budget: Frigidaire White Freezerless Refrigerator (FFRU20F4VW)

Best Luxury: Miele MasterCool Freezerless Refrigerator (K 2911 SF)

At Spencer’s TV & Appliance, we always have our finger on the pulse of current appliance trends and the best products on the market. That's why our expert team has provided a comprehensive overview of the best freezerless refrigerators and their available features.

woman reaching into her refrigerator

Freezerless Refrigerator Pros

With a traditional all-in-one refrigeration appliance, the freezer section can occupy as much as 20 percent of the fridge capacity, taking up valuable storage space that is needed for meal prep and regular trips to the grocery store.

Additionally, freezerless refrigerators operate to maintain a single temperature throughout the appliance, making it an energy-efficient choice to reduce your power usage.

Let’s take a further look at some additional pros of freezerless refrigerators.

Temperature Regulation: If you have a standard refrigerator, the temperature will get progressively warmer as you place food further away from the freezer section. A wider range of temperatures across your fridge unit minimizes its energy efficiency and temperature regulation. This can lead to uneven and inconsistent cooling such as canned beverages freezing or items kept in crisper drawers spoiling prematurely.

However, a freezerless refrigerator provides a well-balanced distribution of cool air that proves to be a highly effective storage and preservation option for both drinks and grocery items.

Pricing: If you don’t need an advanced freezer compartment or prefer to invest in a separate freezer for additional storage, then a freezerless refrigerator might also preserve your bank account. There are always a few exceptions, but generally, an average freezerless refrigerator will cost far less than a full-size all-in-one refrigerator with similar specifications.

Ease of Use: A freezerless refrigerator is easy to use and maintain, as you won’t have to worry about defrosting, which is a common issue with traditional refrigeration units. Cleaning and maintenance are also easier when you only have to focus on a few select compartments.

The Best Freezerless Refrigerators

Now that you know what makes a freezerless refrigerator unique, let’s explore a few of our favorite options.

Best Overall Freezerless Refrigerator: Whirlpool SideKicks Freezerless Refrigerator (WSR57R18DM)

With the SideKicks freezerless refrigerator from Whirlpool, you’ll have plenty of room to store all your refrigerated favorites with an 18 cubic feet capacity. The temperature alarm will notify you if the refrigerator gets too warm, and you can select the ideal temperature for the food you're storing with convenient and easy-to-use electronic temperature controls.

Why we like it:

  • Long-lasting LED lighting illuminates the contents of your refrigerator
  • In-Door Pizza Pocket is large enough to store your leftover slices
  • Air Tower helps regulate temperature

Whirlpool freezerless refrigerator

Best Budget-Friendly Freezerless Refrigerator: Frigidaire White Freezerless Refrigerator (FFRU20F4VW)

For a reliable and cost-effective freezerless refrigerator, look no further than Frigidaire. With a classic white finish, reversible door swing option, and 20 cubic feet of storage capacity, this fridge model will enhance your food preservation and optimize the way you organize your meals.

Why we like it:

  • Door ajar alarm
  • Sabbath mode
  • LED interior lighting
  • Five door bins and four adjustable shelves

Frigidaire freezerless refrigerator

Best Luxury Freezerless Refrigerator: Miele MasterCool Freezerless Refrigerator (K 2911 SF)

If you’re in the market for a freezerless refrigerator with a luxurious touch, then you need the Miele MasterCool series. Every Miele product is made with consistent elegance, high-end technology, and diverse color options to suit any kitchen layout or interior design.

This fridge model integrates into handleless kitchens, as the Push2open setting conveniently opens the door when you push on the front. The SmartFresh setting controls temperature and humidity to keep food fresh three times longer than a conventional freezerless refrigerator.

You can network all your household appliances with WiFi Conn@act, and control your refrigerator setting with a tap of a finger thanks to the MasterSensor color touch display.

Why we like it:

  • Strong and resilient MaxLoad hinges
  • Energy Star certified
  • Glass shelves with overflow protection

Miele freezerless refrigerator

Spencer’s TV & Appliance Recommendations

We wanted to expand upon the Miele MasterCool series, so we have a couple more freezerless refrigerator recommendations that we think you’ll enjoy.

Miele MasterCool Integrated Freezerless Refrigerator (K 2902 Vi)

This MasterCool refrigerator selection with an integrated counter-depth design makes the first impression with BrilliantLight. High-quality LED strips in the side panels of your refrigerator steadily get brighter as you open the door, providing a perfectly clear view of your food.

With protective storage and long-lasting freshness, the drawers of your MasterCool appliance provide the perfect climate for food storage. The SmartFresh function keeps the internal temperature low, meaning vitamins and minerals are preserved for a long time and humidity is adjusted to suit fruit, vegetables, dairy products, fish, and meat.

And with DynaCool, you’ll never worry about finding the perfect location for your groceries. A built-in fan on the back wall ensures that cool air circulates evenly, resulting in uniform temperature distribution throughout the entire unit.

Miele MasterCool Right Hand Built In Freezerless Refrigerator (K 2902 SF)

The final Miele MasterCool product on our list includes many of the same rich features as the previous two models. The main difference being, this fridge model is not equipped for a panel-ready installation.

However, you can still feel confident in your decision knowing this product keeps your food cold and protects it from odors. Miele’s Active AirClean Filter eliminates virtually all odors in the refrigerator section and prevents any transfer of odors.

You can utilize all the benefits of Miele@home and make your everyday life even smarter. Whether you use the Miele app, voice control, or integration into existing smart home solutions, your refrigerator can be connected via a home WiFi router and the Miele Cloud.

With a high-resolution touch display and Push2open doors, you can access every refrigerator function with a simple tap of a finger. Adjust temperature or lighting to your specific preferences, change the appliance's interior background color, and lightly press on the door to open your fridge and access the contents inside.

Miele freezerless refrigerator

Standout Features

If you’re still undecided on the optimal fridge variety, these freezerless refrigerator features might help sway your decision.

Adjustable Shelves: Whether you’re making room for serving platters or special holiday dishes, adjustable shelves can be moved to different levels to make room for almost anything. Some models have wire shelves and others have glass shelves with built-in drawers that can also be adjusted to suit your storage needs and retain the freshness of your food.

Open-Door Alarm: If you accidentally leave the refrigerator door open for too long, an alarm will sound and let you know it needs to be closed. Some fridge models will alert you continuously until the door is closed, while others will sound every one to two minutes. Plus, certain models will also have a separate alarm that will sound if the internal fridge temperature rises to an unsafe level.  

Finish Options: Freezerless refrigerators can still make a statement in your kitchen with finish options ranging from white, black, stainless steel, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, and wood panels.

Energy Star Certification: Energy Star certified refrigerator models use less energy and cost less to operate over time compared to non-certified units. Brands like Miele and Monogram have a wide variety of freezerless refrigerators that pass the Environmental Protection Agency standard for energy consumption and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are freezerless refrigerators good for food storage?

Simply put, yes! Freezerless refrigerators maintain one temperature across the entire fridge unit, which creates a specialized cooling environment that is effective at storing food and optimizing energy use.

2. Are separate fridge and freezer units better?

For the average consumer, it will depend on which is the more economically sound decision — a combination unit or two separate appliances. However, if budget is not a concern and energy savings is your only deciding metric, then separate fridge and freezer units could be a more cost-effective solution depending on the brand and preservation features.

3. Are there any cons to freezerless refrigerators?

Every major appliance comes with its negatives. For many shoppers, not having a connecting freezer compartment or built-in ice dispenser is an automatic dealbreaker. Those who buy meat and frozen foods in bulk or those who prefer to keep plenty of ice on hand would most likely choose not to invest in a freezerless refrigerator.

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