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Appliances Showdown: Comparing Maytag vs Whirlpool

by Pam Silvia

Side by side shot of a Maytag dishwasher interior and a Whirlpool dishwasher

At a Glance:

Maytag vs Whirlpool [Comparison Table]
Maytag Appliances Overview
Whirlpool Appliances Overview
Maytag vs Whirlpool Appliances
Is Maytag or Whirlpool Better?

In one of our latest blogs, we illustrated the differences between Electrolux and other appliance manufacturers with comparable price points and product quality. In our newest installment, we are taking a closer look at one of the manufacturers in question, Maytag, and assessing its merits against another industry giant, Whirlpool.

First off, did you know Maytag is owned by the Whirlpool Corporation? Well, it’s true! And the connection doesn’t stop there, as both appliance brands are touted for their reliability and mass-market appeal. We’ll unravel the question of mass-market appeal a little later, but in the meantime, let’s learn how these two long-standing appliance brands duke it out in our “Maytag vs Whirlpool” showdown.

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Maytag & Whirlpool Appliances

Comparing Maytag vs Whirlpool

What better way to compare two brands than with a quick-reference table? To give you a glimpse into how Maytag and Whirlpool appliances compete, we (your friends in the business at Spencer’s TV & Appliance) compiled a list of premium appliance features to draw comparisons.

At a Glance: Maytag vs Whirlpool Appliances

Now, here is how Maytag and Whirlpool stack up when it comes to cooking appliances, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and clothes dryers:

Product Attributes
Induction Cooking X
Convection Oven X X
Large-Capacity Oven (≥6 cu. ft.) X X
Large-Capacity Microwave (≥1.9 cu. ft.) X X
Smart-Compatible Cooking Appliances Ranges, wall ovens, and microwaves
Counter-Depth Installation X X
Large Capacity (≥25 cu. ft.) X X
Smart Compatible
Flexible Third Rack X X
Sanitize Option X X
Smart Compatible X
Automatic Load Balancing X
Sensor Wash X
Sanitize Option X X
Smart Compatible X X
Steam Cycle X X
Sensor Dry X X
Wrinkle Care Option X X
Smart Compatible X X

NOTE: Not all features ascribed to a brand are included across all its products and models; this chart is meant to denote which product features are broadly available across these appliance brands as of April 2021.

Maytag Appliances Overview

After providing a macroscopic look at both brands’ offerings in the scape of home appliances, we’re ready to paint you a portrait of each brand. Let’s start with Maytag.

As far as brand reputation goes, Maytag is deemed a bright beacon in a sea of entry-level options. Power and durability come standard with Maytag appliances, as their kitchen appliances are equipped to tackle dinner (and the cleanup thereafter) while their laundry machines are designed with the hard-hitting features you need to move mountains of laundry.

If you favor appliances with an industrial flair, you’ll find there’s much to admire in Maytag’s vast repertoire of functional stainless-steel options. But most commendably, many Maytag models offer a 10-year limited-parts warranty, which is to say, you can expect greater performance longevity and superior customer care.

For an appliance package that doesn’t compromise on performance while not breaking the bank (and, really, who isn’t?), look no further than Maytag.

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woman loads Maytag top-loading washer

Whirlpool Appliances Overview

Not to be outdone, however, is Whirlpool. A home stocked with Whirlpool appliances means being able to cook for the family on a hectic schedule. It also means purposeful organization, customized care for any mess, and above all, having products that are easy to use, no matter who is running the kitchen or managing the laundry room.

In terms of price point and brand reputation, Whirlpool is broadly considered to be “great-value” manufacturer, wavering between mass and mass-premium market positions. What this means is that you can expect a wide range of Whirlpool home appliances at price points that won’t cause you to turn out your pockets. From freestanding to built-in installations and baseline to smart-capable features, Whirlpool appliances carry the amenities that can keep up with your family life at every turn, but above all, these products are designed with top-of-the-line technologies and innovations to help give families the care they need.

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woman organizes four-door Whirlpool refrigerator

Maytag vs Whirlpool Appliances: Product Breakdowns

It’s time for the main event: Let’s get ready to rumble! For our Maytag vs Whirlpool product breakdowns, we’re assessing how both brands fare across the following appliance categories: refrigeration, dish care, and laundry.

Maytag vs Whirlpool Refrigerator

If you typically buy your groceries in bulk, then you might be interested in the extra storage capacity a side-by-side refrigerator can provide. In this realm, Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerators are stocked with a spacious vertical freezer wherein you can store more food items on wall-to-wall frameless glass shelves that offer greater storage flexibility. In fact, when it comes to storage options, design, reliability, and value, Whirlpool models overtake Maytag side-by-side refrigerators.

Where Maytag wins some points is in the details; while both brands offer exterior ice and water dispensers and humidity-controlled crisper drawers in their side-by-side fridges, Maytag additionally stocks PowerCold®, a feature that quickly chills the interior of the fridge.

Similarly, if you pine for a more modern kitchen design, Whirlpool French door refrigerators take the cake, as they outperform their Maytag counterparts on multiple fronts, including the fact that Whirlpool offers more organization options, multi-zone temperature control, more finishes, and more features for the value. That said, Maytag French door refrigerators are touted by users for their long-term reliability, durable construction, and 10-years limited-parts warranty on the compressor.

When it comes to top-freezer and bottom-freezer refrigerators, Whirlpool and Maytag are relatively evenly matched, as both brands offer ultra-convenient features, including full-width deli drawers, produce preservers, and flexible storage options for any-size items.

Refrigerators Compared

➤ Lifespan: On average Maytag refrigerators are reported to last between 10.6-11.5 years. In comparison, Whirlpool refrigerators will last roughly 12 years.

➤ Repair & Service: Both brands report that, once out of warranty, refrigerator repairs will cost between $230-$360

➤ Price: The price range for Whirlpool refrigerators is $600-$3900. The price range for Maytag refrigerators is $700-$2200.

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Maytag vs Whirlpool Dishwasher

In this “Maytag vs Whirlpool” matchup, we’re calling it a draw, as dishwashers from both brands are similarly regarded for their generous tub capacities, comprehensive cleaning power, and commendable energy efficiency.

Impressively, Maytag and Whirlpool both have extra-sized tub capacity compared to other dishwasher brands, and in the case of Whirlpool dishwashers, some models offer super-sized tubs that provide three inches of extra storage space over other 24-inch dishwasher models—and yet still fit in the standard cabinet opening.

As far as cleaning power goes, dishwashers from both Maytag and Whirlpool are equipped with special technologies designed to clean dishes better with little to no pre-rinsing required. Select Maytag dishwashers can harness the power of steam to eradicate stuck-on food particles while certain Whirlpool models offer PowerScour technology that relies on 35 different spay jets to efficiently target every corner of the appliance.

Thankfully, most Maytag and Whirlpool dishwashers are ENERGY STAR® qualified, meaning they require less energy and water to run, which in turn, means lower operating costs and a greener ecological footprint. And as far as premium features are concerned, Maytag and Whirlpool dishwashers offer third-level racks, low-noise operation, sanitize options, and sensor-wash cycles across several models.

Dishwashers Compared

➤ Lifespan: Whirlpool dishwashers reportedly last 10-13 years while Maytag dishwashers will last 10-12.

➤ Repair & Service: Maytag dishwasher repairs cost between $50-$500. Whirlpool dishwasher repairs will cost between $200-$450.

➤ Price: Maytag dishwashers are priced between $550 and $900. Whirlpool dishwashers range in price from $400-$1200.

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side-by-side images of Maytag and Whirlpool dishwashers

Left: Maytag® 24” Built-In Dishwasher (MDB4949SKZ); Right: Whirlpool® 24”Built-In Dishwasher (WDTA80SAKZ)

Maytag vs Whirlpool Washer

In another battle that is a little too close to call, Maytag and Whirlpool washing machines have comparable features, but each manages to hold their own with unique amenities and proprietary technologies. They are relatively equally priced, so choosing one brand over the other ultimately comes down to determining which features complement your family’s lifestyle and needs.

Maytag washers are renowned for their Extra Power button that boosts stain-fighting performance on any wash cycle. Other Maytag specialties include the Late Add feature that allows you to press the start button to pause the washer to toss in forgotten items and the Advanced Vibration Control Plus, which automatically redistributes unbalanced loads.

On the other hand, Whirlpool washers feature a Load & Go System that enables you to add detergent only once for every 20 loads of laundry. Additionally, the brand’s Automatic Temperature Control guarantees the right wash environment while intuitive controls allow you to customize up to 35 of your own wash options.

Both brands’ washers intersect when it comes to smart capabilities and durability, but in the end, Maytag washing machines boast greater value across top-load and front-load models, as they stock more premium features compared to Whirlpool washers of a similar price. That said, Whirlpool carries a broader selection of products with a wider range of prices on both ends.

Maytag vs Whirlpool Dryer

As is the case with both brands’ washing machines, Maytag and Whirlpool clothes dryers are backed by consumer reviews for their quality and dependability, offering exceptional features at low- to mid-end prices. Their main differences are traced in their drying options and user interface.

Many Maytag and Whirlpool dryers offer stainless-steel dryer drums, numerous preset cycles, and moisture sensors, which automatically turn off the appliance once your clothes have reached their ideal level of dryness. In certain Maytag dryers, this premium feature is accompanied by steam cycles or an automatic refresh cycle to prevent wrinkles from setting in.

And in terms of user interface, select Whirlpool dryers showcase a 7-inch LCD screen to readily display a history of actions for any given load. While Maytag models do not stock this flashy feature, they do offer a helpful time-remaining display so you don’t have to loiter around the laundry room.

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side-by-side images of Maytag and Whirlpool clothes dryers

Left: Maytag® 8.8 Cu. Ft. Front Load Gas Dryer (MGD8230HC); Right: Whirlpool® 7.4 Cu. Ft. Front Load Electric Dryer (WED5100HC)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Whirlpool and Maytag the same company?

Short answer: No. While Whirlpool acquired Maytag in 2006, both appliance brands are still independent in their design and manufacturing of products.

Is Maytag a good appliance brand?

Yes! A purveyor in the appliance industry for over a century, Maytag is part and parcel with superior customer service, durable construction, and excellent warranties.

Is Whirlpool a good appliance brand?

Also, yes. Ranking as the number-one most reliable appliance brand in the U.S., Whirlpool is favored for their consistent performance in addition to providing an accessible user experience. The brand is considered a strong finisher across both kitchen and laundry categories.

shot of kitchen with Maytag black stainless-steel appliance package

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

We’re calling it a draw! But we’ll say this: Maytag might push Whirlpool over the edge in the laundry room with higher-end features while Whirlpool may have Maytag beat in the kitchen, thanks to a broader selection of models and smart capabilities across refrigerators, cooking appliances, and dishwashers.

Overall, both brands offer premium features at mid-end prices, so you can rest assured you’re getting good value from products from either Maytag or Whirlpool.

shot of kitchen with Whirlpool stainless-steel appliance package

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