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Bosch vs. Thermador Appliances

by Spencer's TV & Appliance

Bosch vs Thermador Kitchen Appliances

At a Glance:

Bosch Appliances

Thermador Appliances

Deciding Factors

Bosch vs. Thermador: Product Comparisons


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Here’s an industry secret you might not know. Bosch technically owns Thermador appliances. But does that mean both brands are equal? Not exactly—in fact, the two are pretty distinct and offer a unique experience that appeals to separate buyers.

For this brand comparison, we’re focusing on two of the top categories, Bosch and Thermador rank highest in cooktops, ranges, and wall ovens. Inside, our Bosch vs Thermador guide will give you the answers you want to know, a look into each brand’s features, and a list of recommended cooktops and wall ovens that showcase the best each brand has to offer.

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Bosch Appliances

Kitchen featuring Bosch Kitchen Appliances

European consumers have been long-time fans of Bosch appliances. Several generations have given Bosch an edge on engineering and user features, which truly make household tasks easier and more efficient. The manufacturer primarily positions itself as a mid-end brand, although Bosch Benchmark products consistently rank with leading high-end appliance brands. On top of cooktops, rangetops, and wall ovens, Bosch offers a full lineup of home appliances, including:

Let’s break down what Bosch has to offer in each category.

Bosch Cooktops & Rangetops

Despite classifying as a premium brand, Bosch caters to a wide audience of buyers. Case in point, unlike Thermador, Bosch cooktops come in sizes 24–36 inches (rangetops are available in 30-inch and 36-inch options), hitting bases with compact luxury shoppers to buyers with more kitchen space.

Additionally, Bosch manufactures gas, electric, and induction cooktops, with gas models boasting up to 20,000 BTUs with dual-stacked burners for utmost precision and range. Other exclusives include AutoChef temperature precision, SpeedBoost induction technology, flexible heating elements, and even select rangetops with six burners for maximum cooking efficiency.

Bosch Wall Ovens

Again, Bosch demonstrates its inclusivity with wall ovens in 24-inch, 27-inch, and 30-inch sizes. That variety directly matches the number of configurations; whether it’s a single oven, double oven, or combination oven, Bosch has a model. Powerful cooking methods like European convection and steam add to the list of incentives for buying a Bosch wall oven.

Thermador Appliances

Thermador Kitchen Appliances "Credit: Sidekix Media"

While Bosch manufactures appliances for every room of the home, the Thermador family of appliances caters exclusively to the kitchen. For that reason, gastronomy gurus consider Thermador a go-to for designing aspirational kitchens with luxury innovations that truly cater to home cooks passionate about cuisine. Make no mistake, Thermador appliances are priced for bigger budgets, but professional chefs and home users both agree, that Thermador occupies an elite circle of brands consumers find especially appealing.

Along with cooktops, rangetops, and wall ovens, shoppers can explore an exceptionally diverse stock of appliances like:

If you’re ready to cook with fire, these hot features from Thermador cooking appliances are a must-see.

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Thermador Cooktops & Rangetops 

Thermador puts the “top” in cooktop and rangetop with some of the best technology on the market. Models come in gas, electric, and induction power options in 30-inch and 36-inch sizes. The heroes of the collection are the Thermador Pedestal Star burners standard on all Thermador gas cooktops and rangetops. Up to 18,000 BTUs of precise firepower with 56 percent superior flame coverage make these high-end cooktops and rangetops some of the most complete packages of performance in their class.

It’s no secret gas is Thermador’s fuel of choice, but buyers can also appreciate innovations from electric and induction models. CookSmart with sensor controls, dual-zone bridge elements, and no-boundary induction cooking zones are just a few reasons Thermador retains its placement as a premier cooking appliance brand, no matter what fuel source you choose.

Thermador Wall Ovens

Fun fact: Thermador is native to Irvine, California, so you know cuisine is at the heart of the brand’s identity. That’s clearly evident with each Thermador wall oven throughout the Masterpiece and Professional collection. Each offers an impressive lineup of configurations and cooking methods even the pros would admire. We’re talking steam, convection, and even steam with convection, plus a large selection of Wi-Fi compatible wall ovens for a seamless user experience.

Thermador ovens tap out at 4.5 cubic feet—some of the largest in their class—and come in single, double, and triple oven configurations in 30-inch profiles. 

Deciding Factors

Determining the distinguishing qualities that set reliable brands like Bosch and Thermador apart from each other is your typical needle-in-the-haystack scenario. Still, our evaluations reveal the following:

Consistency of Features

As mentioned, Bosch focuses on satisfying a wide scope of buyers. It’s a positive, but features are available in stages. For instance, Bosch 500 Series wall ovens might have a few options with convection, but Bosch 800 Series ovens will almost always outperform the former.

Because Thermador hovers at a luxury price point, features are consistent across the board. A few affordable Thermador ovens (relatively speaking) might have basic convection, but the majority include Thermador true convection, are Wi-Fi compatible, and offer some of the largest capacities in their rank.


It’s hard to compete with German engineering. The country has long been recognized for its quality manufacturing, and the trend continues today. Overall, Bosch and Thermador appliances are nearly neck-and-neck when it comes to durability. Each brand uses only the best materials and careful craftsmanship that are worth the investment.

Overall, here’s how the two compare:

  • Bosch vs. Thermador cooktop:  <10 years vs. 12+ years
  • Bosch vs. Thermador oven: <10 years vs. up to 15 years


If there’s one area where Bosch outdoes Thermador, it’s selection. But not just models—we’re considering budget, too. Dollar for dollar, Bosch caters to more buyers with mid-end cooking appliances that are easier on the bank. Thermador is exclusively a luxury brand with some appliances priced well over $20,000.

Bosch vs. Thermador Product Comparison 

Now that you’re familiar with Bosch and Thermador appliances, let’s take a look at some of the best models from each lineup.

Bosch Combo Wall Oven Spotlight: Bosch 500 Series 30" Stainless Steel Microwave Combination Oven

Model #: HBL57M52UC

Front view of Bosch 500 Series HBL57M52UC 30-inch combination wall oven

Shop Bosch 30" Microwave Combination Oven

Convert a 30-inch space in your kitchen into a powerful duet of performance and convenience. The key lies in this Bosch microwave combination oven, which integrates European convection within its lower oven, boasting a substantial 4.8 cubic feet of space., plus a supplemental speed oven above to quickly prep sides and entrées with sensor cooking. Bosch’s signature minimalist design showcases sleek touch controls, heavy-duty knobs, and wide, black glass windows that declare your space a gourmet zone where delicious meals are created.


  • European convection baking 
  • Convection temperature conversion
  • Microwave sensor cooking
  • EcoClean 2-hour self-clean cycle

Thermador Combo Wall Oven Spotlight: Thermador Masterpiece 30" Stainless Steel Combination Speed Oven

Model #: MEDMC301WS

Front view of Thermador Masterpiece MEDMC301WS 30-inch combination wall oven

Shop Thermador 30" Combination Speed Oven

Your cooking skills are only as powerful as the tools you use. With this Thermador oven from the Masterpiece series, unlocking new levels of cooking is easy, enjoyable, and full of style. This model doubles up on power with convection inside the speed oven and the lower cavity for a total of 16 cooking modes, including broil, proofing, and dehydrating. Flex your mastery of the kitchen even more with Wi-Fi controls that keep you head chef with remote operation from a smart device. The luxury continues with details like soft-close hinges, a speedy self-clean mode, gliding oven racks, and brilliant halogen lighting that showcases your masterpieces in full glory.


  • True convection (upper oven)
  • 36 CookSmart programs 
  • 16 cooking modes
  • SoftClose hinges
  • 2-hour self-clean
  • Wi-Fi compatible

Bosch Cooktop Spotlight: Bosch 500 Series 30" Black Electric Cooktop

Model #: NEM5066UC

Overhead view of Bosch 500 Series NEM5066UC 30-inch black electric cooktop Overhead view of Bosch 500 Series NEM5066UC 30-inch black electric cooktop

Shop Bosch 30" Black Electric Cooktop

Refined, modern, and versatile—this Bosch electric cooktop has all the elements to inspire home cooks to create magazine-worthy meals. Activate four high-performance heating elements equipped with agile temperature control for an experience comparable to gas cooking that is safer and cooler to cook around. The cooking setup is also no sweat, featuring dual elements that expand for larger cookware, a residual heat sensor, and ceramic glass that makes cleanup as simple as spraying and wiping.


  • Precise temperature management 
  • Dual heating element
  • Ceramic glass surface
  • Residual heat indicator

Thermador Cooktop Spotlight: Thermador Masterpiece 30" Black Electric Cooktop

Model #: CEM305TB

Overhead view of Thermador Masterpiece CEM305TB 30-inch radiant cooktop

Shop Thermador 30" Black Electric Cooktop

Liberate yourself from one-dimensional cooking appliances. Upgrade to this Thermador cooktop that delivers up to eight different cooking zones, all on a space-friendly 30-inch profile. Whether it’s the bridge elements or the center zone that fits cookware up to 11 inches, the dynamic surface of this black electric cooktop gives you the freedom to create the ideal cooking setup.


  • 9-stage power setting
  • 8 cooking zones
  • Triple zone center element
  • Dual-zone bridge elements

Bosch vs. Thermador: Our Final Verdict

The bottom line is Bosch and Thermador are standout names in the industry, and for that, we fully endorse each brand. However, as appliance experts, each brand has highlights that excite us and sway our vote. Here’s what we suggest:

If you want a quality cooking appliance with timeless style and top-rated performance, Thermador is the way to go. Overall, Thermador offers more smart ovens and Wi-Fi-compatible cooktops and rangetops, and powerful features from Pedestal Star burners to Thermador convection provide a rich canvas for culinary enthusiasts to explore cuisine without borders.

Of course, that experience will cost you significantly more than Bosch. That’s why we consider Bosch a strong runner-up and a worthy alternative for buyers looking for an upgraded cooking experience at a fraction of the luxury price tag. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Shoppers like you are curious about the comparison between Bosch and Thermador, too. Here are a couple of answers to the most commonly asked questions on the topic.

What are the main differences between Bosch and Thermador appliances?

Bosch is typically known for its efficiency, reliability, and sleek design, often at a more affordable price point. Thermador, on the other hand, is recognized for its luxury, advanced technology, and high-end performance, catering to a more premium market segment.

How do the prices of Bosch and Thermador appliances compare?

Generally, Bosch appliances are more budget-friendly, while Thermador products are in the higher price range due to their luxury features and advanced technologies.

Does Thermador have better features than Bosch?

Bosch and Thermador appliances have similar features, including convection, steam oven cooking, dual cooktop heating elements, and Wi-Fi compatibility. A side-by-side comparison of cooktops reveals two major differences.

Bosch uses dual-stack burners, which are better than standard gas burners, but not as efficient as Thermador’s Pedestal Star burners. On the other hand, Bosch has a maximum gas cooktop output of 20,000 BTUs, while Thermador trails slightly with 18,000 BTUs.

Is Thermador better for baking than Bosch?

Overall, Thermador offers slightly better materials, manufacturing, and upgraded features, ranking the brand higher than Bosch.

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