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Electrolux Appliances vs. Other Brands

by Pam Silvia

Table of Contents

  1. Electrolux Appliance Features
  2. How Does Electrolux Compare to Other Brands?
  3. Electrolux vs Other Brands Comparison Chart

A leading global appliance company that has shaped superior living for over a century, Electrolux has reinvented taste and level of care for millions of households. Along with offering a full line of kitchen and laundry appliances, Electrolux delivers inspirational design and consumer-relevant innovation that is on par with the brand’s mass-premium market position.

Electrolux kitchen appliances are developed in close collaboration with professional chefs and can be found in many Michelin-star restaurants across Europe and North America. As far as Electrolux laundry products go, these are also trusted by some of the world’s finest hotels and healthcare facilities—where clean is paramount.

Boasting remarkable utility and style-forward appeal, Electrolux appliances show that great design doesn’t happen by accident. Along with an overview of the brand’s top-tier appliance features, here is how Electrolux stacks up against other industry titans.

family hangs out in modern kitchen with Electrolux kitchen appliance suite

Electrolux Appliances: Features

Electrolux’s thoughtfully designed products are the result of continuous investment in consumer research to develop products that meet consumer needs. In line with that, Electrolux appliance reviews show widespread satisfaction with products’ usability, durability, performance, and appearance.

That said, we’re taking a look at some of Electrolux’s standout features across select cooking appliances, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and clothes dryers.

Electrolux Cooking Appliances

Top features for cooktops:

  • Min-to-Max® – On gas models, this gas burner can adjust from sear to simmer in seconds.
  • Flex-2-Fit® – On electric models, these expandable cooking elements can work with three different sizes of cookware.
  • Precise Temperature Control – On induction models, this function relies on a sensor to continuously measure pan temperature and automatically adjust the heat to maintain consistency.

Top features for ranges:

  • Perfect Taste™ Temp Probe – This accessory helps you roast meats to the exact degree of doneness you crave.
  • Perfect Taste™ dual convection fan – You can achieve crisp-on-the-outside and juicy-on-the-inside results when you use Electrolux’s convection option.
  • Glide-2-Set® control panel – On electric models, change the cooking temperature with a swipe with sleek controls.
  • Perfect Turkey® – For stress-free Thanksgiving dinners, push this button to achieve the perfect bake for a juicy turkey.

Top features for wall ovens:

  • Steam cooking modes – Steam Bake allows breads and pastries to rise higher with moisture infusion, while Steam Roast creates golden crispy skin and moist, tender meat.
  • Built-in Air Fry – Using minimal oil, you can dole out crispy appetizers and entrees like vegetable chips, chicken wings, and more.
  • Air Sous Vide – Preserve natural flavors and lock in moisture with exclusive Air Sous Vide technology that uses precisely controlled heat and airflow to deliver sous vide results without the water bath.

Top features for microwaves:

  • Convection cooking – This convection mode turns your microwave into an oven when you need great results at a moment’s notice.
  • Multi-stage cooking – You can master complex recipes with this microwave feature that can change the temperature on its own.
  • Sure-2-Fit® capacity – On over-the-range models, an adjustable rack will help give you all the space you need to cook your culinary masterpieces.

Top features for vent hoods:

  • Auto-Start Heat Sensor – If the hood senses sufficient heat it will automatically turn on to ensure proper ventilation.
  • Premium LED Lighting – Keep the food on your cooktop clearly visible with soft LED lighting.
  • LCD Electronic Controls – On wall-mounted models, you can reap the benefits of an easy-to-read blue display that shows options for a timer and fan-speed selection.

closeup of home cook using an Electrolux induction cooktop to reduce sauce in a pan

Electrolux Refrigerators

Top features for refrigerators:

  • Perfect Temp® Drawer – In French door models, items kept in this drawer are always ready to serve when you need them, thanks to customizable temperature controls.
  • Counter-depth shelves – In side-by-side models, counter-depth shelves give you more space for all your signature dishes.
  • Sure-2-Fit® capacity – For bottom- and top-freezer models wherein freezer capacity is typically limited, Electrolux expands freezer volume with flexible storage options.

woman uses water dispenser on an Electrolux refrigerator to pour water in pitcher

Electrolux Dishwashers

Top features for dishwashers:

  • SatelliteSpray™ Arm – This patented technology ensures edge-to-edge wash coverage in hard-to-reach areas of the dishwasher.
  • Target Wash Zones – These zones clean all sizes and shapes of dishes with ease.
  • Luxury Soft Grip Racks – These gripping racks keep your plates, glasses, and baking dishes in place for a thorough clean.
  • Luxury-Dry™ system – Electrolux’s dry system delivers impeccable results with spotless dishes.

man pulls out racks of Electrolux dishwasher to unload clean dishes

Electrolux Washers and Dryers

Top features for washers:

  • Adaptive Dispenser™ – The industry’s first Adaptive Dispenser™ is designed to accept any type of detergent, including pods.
  • SmartBoost® – Unlike other washers, SmartBoost® premixes detergent and water for the most effective stain removal of any washer.
  • LuxCare™ Wash System – Get the whitest whites and brightest brights with Electrolux’s top-rated wash system.
  • Perfect Steam™ – Steam rises inside the washer drum to gently remove stains.

Top features for dryers:

  • Predictive Dry™ – This dryer technology more accurately predicts dry time in the first 90 seconds.
  • Instant Refresh – This option uses steam to remove wrinkles and refresh clothes in just 10 minutes.
  • LuxCare® Dry System – You can help prevent over- and under-drying with this highly accurate moisture sensor.
  • Perfect Steam™ – Steam technology gently releases wrinkles and reduces static so that your styles look the way you love.

closeup of hand pouring powder detergent in an Electrolux washer’s Adaptive Dispenser

How Does Electrolux Compare to Other Brands?

This is an interesting question. To best illustrate the differences between Electrolux appliances and other manufacturers’ products, it would help to first unpackage these brands as complex symbols that can convey levels of meaning, namely through market position, personality, and user lifestyle.

Today, we are going to be comparing Electrolux, a mass-premium brand, to appliance brands of proximal market positions. In this case, Frigidaire and Maytag occupy the mass (or “entry-level”) market; LG represents a premium appliance brand; and GE is denoted as another mass-premium brand.

Electrolux vs Frigidaire Appliances

In case you didn’t know, Frigidaire is the U.S. consumer and commercial home appliances brand subsidiary of the parent company Electrolux—so it’s only natural that we include Frigidaire in our comparisons. Off the bat, both brands can be compared on the basis of expanding on base-level features. For Electrolux and Frigidaire, this means offering large-capacity options and time-saving settings for kitchen and laundry appliances.

True to its market position as a mass-premium brand, Electrolux stocks more nice-to-have features than Frigidaire, demonstrating an ability to keep up with the ever-changing portrait of the American family. These upmarket features include convection baking and Air Fry options in ovens, a flexible third rack in dishwashers, and sanitizing options in washers and dryers.

Electrolux vs LG Appliances

On the flip side of the coin, when drawing comparisons between Electrolux and LG appliances, it’s quickly evident that LG offers more smart-compatible kitchen and laundry products than Electrolux. That said, both appliance brands are neck-and-neck when it comes to supplying premium features, like convection and Air Fry oven modes and adaptive sensor systems in laundry appliances.

Speaking of which: Who wins in the Electrolux vs LG washer showdown? Well, as is the case with most things, it depends. While both brands offer washers with steam cycles, sanitize and wrinkle-care options, and automatic load balancing, LG may win over families that like to reap the benefits of smart-home living, including monitoring and controlling appliances via a smart device.

Electrolux vs GE Appliances

Electrolux and GE appliances possibly constitute the most well-matched faceoff on our list. Both manufacturers offer premier features across cooking appliances, highly accommodating refrigerators, hard-hitting dishwasher cycles, and sleek laundry appliances.

Actually, the laundry room is where things get interesting. In the case of Electrolux vs GE washer and dryer sets, both brands’ products are of similar caliber when it comes to quiet performances, use of steam, and total capacity. Where they differ is that Electrolux offers a faster wash cycle and pod dispensing; where Electrolux cannot compete is that GE boasts an allergen-reduction cycle and smart-compatible options.

Electrolux vs Maytag Appliances

For our final comparison, we look to Maytag appliances. As far as convenience is concerned, Electrolux takes the cake with gourmet cooking options and time-saving cleaning cycles. That said, several laundry appliances from Maytag are smart-capable so you can get personalized tips to help you power through laundry or remotely start or stop your washer and dryer.

In terms of intersecting benefits, Electrolux and Maytag are touted for appliance durability and responsive customer service. Most importantly, Electrolux and Maytag do not falter on performance, as both brands place an emphasis on reliability.

At a Glance: Electrolux vs Other Brands

For your convenience, we also whipped up an easy-to-reference chart that indicates which of the aforementioned brands, along with Electrolux, offer the most popular premium features on the market. Check it out below.

Product Attributes
Convection Oven X X X X
Air Fry Oven X X X
Induction Cooking X X
Large Capacity Microwave (≥1.9 cu. ft.) X X X X X
Smart-Compatible Ranges X
Smart-Compatible Cooktops
Smart-Compatible Wall Ovens X
Smart-Compatible Microwaves X X
Smart-Compatible Vent Hoods
Counter-Depth Installation X X X X X
Large Capacity (≥25 cu. ft.) X
Smart Compatible X X
Flexible Third Rack X X X X X
Quiet Operation (≤44 dBA) X
Smart Compatible X X
Automatic Load Balancing X X X X
Sensor Wash X X X X
Sanitize Option X X X X
Smart Compatible X X X
Steam Cycle X X X X
Sensor Dry X X X X X
Wrinkle Care Option X X X X X
Smart Compatible X X X

NOTES: Not all features ascribed to a brand are included across all its products and models; this chart is meant to denote which product features are broadly available across these appliance brands as of April 2021.

In addition, subsidiary brands are NOT included in this data collection.

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