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Celebrate Every Day with an Electrolux Wine Storage

by May Fitzgerald

If you didn’t already have an excuse to drink a glass of wine, well now you do. It may be any ol’ day, but when you have an Electrolux Wine Storage holding your wine bottles, it will always feel like a time to celebrate!

So, go big and throw a nice dinner party, enjoy the fermented beverage with your friends and share your favorite bottle. Ask guests to bring theirs as well and you can stow them away in your Electrolux wine cooler to keep at the precise temperature needed. But, on those days you aren’t partying it up, take these four reasons into consideration on why an Electrolux Wine Storage is needed in your home for more than just a special occasion.

1. It keeps your wine at the perfect temperature

Wine is best if kept at specific temperatures. If you don’t have a wine refrigerator, or a wine cellar for your bottles, your wine tends to be put in not ideal conditions. With an Electrolux Wine Fridge, you can set your fridge temperature anywhere from 40 and 65 degrees, ensuring the flavor of your wine will be exactly how it was intended. Delicious!

2. Store more bottles than you’ll ever need

If you’re someone who buys a lot of wine, but goes through it pretty quickly due to entertaining, a wine refrigerator is right down your alley. The Electrolux Wine Storage can fit up to 45 bottles of wine which is more than enough for the avid wine drinker. Feel free to add other beverages of the same shape in there that don’t need to be set at a specific temperature.

3. Looks Modern and uses advanced technology

When you get an Electrolux Wine Cooler, you’re getting a high-tech appliance made to not only make your life easier, but also give your kitchen more class. For example, there’s an Electronic Temperature Control with LED digital display and interior light so you can clearly see the temperature above the wine bottles. The design is simple to configure yet looks very sophisticated. Not to mention, the front glass is tinted, continuing to give it that high-quality look to complement your room and wine collection.

4. Install almost anywhere

Maybe you want your wine refrigerator in the dining room, where most of your dinner parties take place. Maybe you want it in the kitchen where you like to sip and cook. No matter where you decide your Electrolux Wine Fridge will go, it will fit in with the crowd. It can even be built-in or freestanding!

With the addition of a wine cooler to your home, you’ll always have the best tasting wine set to the perfect temperature. Celebrate like it’s National Wine Day, every day, by grabbing your favorite wine bottle from your Electrolux Wine Cooler, propping your feet up, and enjoying a tasty glass. If you don’t own a wine storage, visit our store to check them out today! You’ll want one of these bad boys in your home for all those spontaneous celebratory occasions!