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Spencer’s Guide to Energy-Efficient Laundry Machines

by Pam Silvia

GE white washer and dryer set in modern laundry room

We know the annual strive toward self-improvement can be a tired cliché, but at Spencer’s TV & Appliance, we prefer to rise to the occasion with an open mind. While healthy eating and regular exercise are admirable endeavors, we believe there are simpler moves that can leave a greater impact—or, at the very least, one that doesn’t expire halfway through January.

Your 2021 New Year’s resolution can be as simple as investing in energy-saving appliances for a dual purpose: to help the planet and optimize your paycheck.

To help you give your laundry room a clean slate, our experts are bringing you the lowdown on energy-efficient laundry appliances.

First, we’ll start with an obvious question.

What is the difference between an energy-efficient laundry machine and a “normal” one?

Aside from saving you up to 600 dollars on your energy bills annually, high-efficiency laundry machines just do more compared to most standard washers and dryers.

Most energy-efficient laundry machines offer extra volume so you can get more items cleaned in fewer loads. For reference, most washing machines have capacities between 3.1 and 4.0 cubic feet (which equates to a maximum load size of 12 and 16 pounds of laundry). High-efficiency washing machines, on the other hand, can hold up to 6.0 cubic feet of laundry (or a king-sized comforter plus your sheet set in one go)!

When it comes to dryers, standard models cap their volume at around 4.0 cubic feet whereas high-efficiency dryers can offer up to 9.0 cubic feet of capacity.

Furthermore, energy-efficient laundry machines are equipped with soil sensors that automatically set load sizes, water levels, water temperatures, dryer cycles, and in some cases, detergent amounts. Given that there is a lot of guesswork involved with laundry, adaptive sensors can save you from using too much water, too much detergent (and the pesky residue that comes with it), and over-drying. Not only are you potentially saving on water and energy costs, but the integrity of your clothes, bedding, towels, and furnishings are also protected for the long haul.

Most importantly, energy-efficient laundry machines are more economical. High-efficiency washing machines are made to clean well with less water, and they feature high-speed spin cycles that wring more water out of every load, leading your clothes to require shorter drying periods—thereby saving you energy. In addition, because these appliances have a higher load capacity, you'll likely use less detergent and fabric softener, which, you guessed it: will also save you money.

mother and daughter unload clothing from Electrolux front load dryer

What to Look for in an Energy-Efficient Laundry Machine

Filtering for energy-efficient laundry appliances is as easy as keeping an eye out for the Energy Star logo (or applying the “Energy Star Qualified” filter on the left-hand pane of our catalog). But do you know what that certification means?

Energy Star appliances exceed government standards to help conserve natural resources and save money on your utility bills. In laundry machines, Modified Energy Factor (MEF) is the energy-performance metric that the federal Energy Star program uses to qualify their efficiency. It is an equation that factors the amount of dryer energy used to remove the remaining moisture content in washed items in addition to the unit's energy used and water heating energy of the washer.

But, to put it simply, the higher the MEF, the more efficient the washer is.

Our Picks for the Best Energy-Efficient Laundry Machines

Perhaps the moment you’ve been waiting for, our experts have chimed in with their favorite appliance brands for energy-efficient laundry machines. Here is the list.


LG washers and dryers expand the limits of your laundry room with WiFi connectivity, mega capacities, certified allergen-reduction cycles, and more. As far as energy efficiency goes, this brand offers ColdWash™ Technology that couples enhanced washing motions with cold water to penetrate deeply into fabrics—resulting in the energy-saving benefits of cold water with the elevated performance of warm water.


Energy-efficient laundry machines from Samsung check all of the boxes. From offering large tub sizes to allowing you to troubleshoot issues from your smart device to drums that treat fabric gently and help extend clothing life, Samsung washers and dryers prove they can tackle anything you throw at them.

Offering a washer capacity of 4.2 cubic feet (or 2.8 laundry baskets), Samsung claims you can save up to three hours on laundry every week when you upgrade.


There’s a reason Electrolux is consistently ranked as one of the world’s top appliance makers. We can think of several. From its SmartBoost® tech that premixes water and detergent to maximize cleaning power to the industry-first Adaptive Dispenser™ that is designed to also accept detergent pods, there is much to admire about Electrolux washers and dryers.

Bringing efficiency to the laundry room, the LuxCare® Wash System offers a thorough clean with improved wash actions, temperature control, and smart load sensing.


Not only do Whirlpool washers and dryers offer sanitize cycles and advanced sensors, but many dryers also have an EcoBoost™ Option that uses less energy while delivering great drying performance; this setting saves energy by using less heat and an extended cycle time.

LG black washer and dryer set in modern laundry room

Let Us Help You

We hope our rundown compelled you to at least consider purchasing energy-efficient laundry machines—for the betterment of the planet and your finances. Whether you call or visit us in-store, our friendly staff of experts at Spencer’s TV & Appliance are always happy to help.