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5 Wine-Infused Recipes for Valentine's Day

by Waverly Wilde

Easy Cheese Fondue Recipe

Wine and cheese make a delicious pairing, and that's no more apparent than with cheese fondue. Honestly, outside of flour, all that is left is the dippings: bread, fruit, veggies, pickles, or whatever your heart desires. https://pinchofyum.com/easy-cheese-fondue

Wine-Braised Artichoke Recipe

Eating your veggies is essential. Eating your veggies cooked in wine is divine! Braising caramelizes the vegetable's sugars while the braising liquid makes them thoroughly fork-tender. Try the same recipe with carrots to mix things up a bit. 


Wine-Braised Short Ribs Recipe

Braising is all about cooking it slow and low. That is especially true for short ribs to create tender meat that almost falls off the bone. Marbled fat from the cut blends wonderfully with the red wine, forming a tasty gravy. 


White Wine Poached Pears Recipe

Typically, pears are poached in a red wine, which is what makes this recipe a treat. We love how the wine showcases all of the spices used, notably those vanilla bean seeds. By the way, leftover poaching liquid is exceptional over ice cream. https://midwestfoodieblog.com/white-wine-poached-pears-with-homemade-whipped-cream/

Cherry & Red Wine Cobbler Recipe

It's Valentine's Day, so why should you choose only one dessert? This homemade cherry cobbler takes comforting baked desserts up a few notches with a rich, bold Bordeaux.  And if you happen to be spending the holiday alone, well it's an excellent dessert for eating your feelings. 


The only thing better than wine-infused food is a fantastic range in which to make it. We have a variety of ranges, ovens, and cooktops to meet your everyday needs (and your Valentine’s Day ones too!). Come by to speak with one of our appliance experts today.