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The Cafe Fridge Everyone Wants

by Lucille Watson

Woman matching her Cafe kitchen

At a Glance:

Why Are Cafe Fridges So Great?

Cafe Fridge Configurations


Why Trust Us?

The slogan "unique by design" is something GE Cafe appliances take pleasure in. A Cafe fridge is a must-have when it comes to crunching figures, planning your kitchen's interior design, and deciding which fridge would best suit you. This exquisite collection of kitchen appliances is all about self-expression and personality.

The GE Cafe line includes not just nicely designed dishwashers and stoves, but also refrigerators. Dive in and discover why Cafe fridges are what everyone wants in their modern kitchen.

Why Are Cafe Fridges So Great?

GE Cafe refrigerators easily provide you with two of the main factors for designing a kitchen: utility and style. Many first-time homeowners and renovators are searching for an oven, refrigerator, or dishwasher that will do the job well without requiring extra work and complements a certain style.

When it comes to Cafe refrigerator reviews, many buyers will vouch that Cafe fridges focus on kitchen design. You'll find creative possibilities to construct the Cafe French door fridge of your dreams when buying this lovely model.

But Cafe fridges don’t leave you just looking at a pretty appliance. These premium refrigerators are chock-full of user-friendly functions to make everyday life simpler.

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Discover the style and performance of Cafe Refrigerators.

Cafe Refrigeration

Functions and Features

Whether you choose a GE Cafe counter depth refrigerator or a GE platinum glass refrigerator, you won’t be missing out on fantastic features.

Large Storage Capacity

GE Cafe fridges come in sizes that will easily fit your family of four’s weekly meals, or that can jam-pack it full of Sunday’s cookout hotdogs and hamburgers. Large capacity refrigerators are typically anything larger than 25 cubic feet of space, while a standard capacity fridge is roughly 20 cubic feet of space.

feature of fridge capacity

If you are looking for a large capacity refrigerator, take a look at a GE Cafe Quad Door refrigerator. These refrigerator giants are unmatched in flexibility and aesthetics. Typically matched with convertible zones and a Hands-Free Autofill water dispenser, this Cafe fridge is all your family could need.

Shelves and Drawers

GE Cafe fridges feature drip-edge shelves that prevent any spills or unwanted juice from flowing out of your fridge and creating larger messes. Also, adjustable and moveable shelves allow you to customize the interior of your Cafe fridge to fit your preferences.

feature of shelves in fridge


Because Cafe refrigerators provide you with excess space, it’s easy to organize your fruits, veggies, and sauces to your heart’s content. Cafe fridges have glass storage containers to make it easier than ever to see which fruits are ready to consume. If you have trouble with fridge organization, here are a few tips below:

  1. Place fruits and veggies near the front so you don’t forget them in the back.
  2. Put meat on the bottom shelf to prevent juices from seeping into other foods.
  3. Drinks and cans should be placed on the top shelf since there’s no worry of cross-contamination.
  4. Use labels to quickly identify where each category of food is.
  5. Rid your refrigerator of all boxes that take up unnecessary space (like soda boxes).

Stylish Aesthetics

Cafe appliances create necessary kitchen devices into statement pieces. From bottom freezer refrigerators to counter depth refrigerators to the famous Cafe French door fridge, you can choose to customize the exterior in five colors depending on the model.

Customizable Cafe Refrigerator Color Options

Black, silver, platinum, stainless steel, and white seamlessly provide your kitchen with a luxurious aesthetic. And to take your kitchen’s interior design to the next level, choose to switch out stainless steel knobs for either a brushed bronze, brushed black, or a copper finish.

feature of different knob finishes

Built In Looks

Built in refrigerators that fit seamlessly into your kitchen cabinetry can ring up a hefty price. But with Cafe fridges, you don’t have to drop thousands of dollars to match your cabinets to your refrigerator. Select a Cafe refrigerator, white with doors and panels, to elegantly mesh with white cabinets without having to pay the extra cost for a built in refrigerator.

Stainless Steel Finishes

Cafe fridges are designed with stainless steel finger-print resistant finishes, so cleaning is easier than ever.

GE Cafe Fridge Configurations

GE Cafe fridges are created to conveniently fit all your produce, meat, and cheese needs while matching your kitchen’s interior design. Cafe fridges come in five main configurations: French door, built-in, counter depth, side-by-side, and bottom freezer refrigerators. Below is a breakdown of three main configuration types.

Cafe French Door Fridge

Cafe’s French door refrigerator configuration choice is probably one of their most popular designs. Features like the in-the-door icemaker create even more space for you to store your favorite foods while sipping on an ice-cold drink. Options like a convertible drawer provide you with customizable temperature as low as 23 degrees and allows you to store hor dourves efficiently. Also, Wi-Fi connectivity enhances your daily life by easily operating your fridge from your phone.

Our Cafe French Door Fridge Choice: Cafe 18.6 Cu. Ft. Matte White Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator (CWE19SP4NW2)

Create a seamless built in refrigerator look without spending the extra cash. This GE Cafe fridge features luxurious aesthetics and functions like the ability to maintain the perfect climate for all your food. The two humidity-controlled drawers are perfect for farm-fresh veggies that will spoil slower. Also, the internal water dispenser and icemaker are powered by a GE water filtration system for a fresh refreshment.

French door fridge

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Why We Love It:

  • Customizable exterior features and finishes
  • Clean internal water dispenser
  • Turbo Cool settings for optimal fridge climates

Cafe Built Side by Side Fridges

Cafe side-by-side refrigerators sit flush with your kitchen’s cabinetry while providing you with ample space to have an organized fridge. Side by side fridges allow you to easily store all your necessary food and drinks at eye-level while you can place odd items at the bottom for special occasions. Also, instead of having a third of your refrigerator be your freezer, Cafe side-by-side freezers give you ample space for all your favorite frozen pizzas and popsicles.

Our Cafe Side by Side Fridge Choice: Cafe 24.5 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Built-In Side-by-Side Refrigerator (CSB42YP2RS1)

This Cafe fridge side-by-side choice creates a premium style that fits seamlessly into your kitchen’s aesthetic. Also, you can tailor your refrigerator’s temperature to your desired climate with the Climate Controlled Drawer that can switch between holding veggies, meat, or citrus items. Lastly, this side by side fridge features Wi-Fi connectivity for easy access to your fridge settings.

side by side fridge

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Why We Love It:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Sensor-detective automatic water dispenser
  • Spillproof glass shelves

Cafe Quad Door Refrigerator

Cafe has created a 4-door quad-style refrigerator that has supreme flexibility for your needs. These Cafe stainless steel refrigerators have platinum glass finishes for a striking aesthetic along with optimal storage options. These GE refrigerators include five storage drawers, a slide-out shelf, and two tilt-out bins. They also give your produce a longer shelf life with a Humidity Control System.

Our Cafe Quad Door Fridge Choice: Cafe 27.4 Cu. Ft. Platinum Glass Smart French Door Refrigerator (CQE28DM5NS5)

This Cafe fridge is packed with features. A convertible zone adjusts to accommodate anything from frozen food to a wine and beverage unit. The Humidity Control System keeps veggies and fruits two and a half times fresher for longer than competitive brands, and built in Wi-Fi provides you with alerts if maintenance is needed or if your fridge door was left open. An advanced water filtration reduces BPA, lead, and other impurities for the freshest glass of water every time. This large-capacity fridge is flexible in design and customizable in aesthetic.

Quad door fridge

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Why We Love It:

  • Extra-large capacity with 27.4 cubic feet
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Advanced water filtration system

GE Cafe series refrigerators are flexible, customizable, and stylish. Cafe’s recognizable white stylish finishes and brushed bronze accents knobs create premium aesthetics for any kitchen’s interior design. Whether you choose a bottom freezer refrigerator or a counter depth fridge with GE Cafe appliances, you’ll have top-notch aesthetics and features.

Cafe Fridge FAQs

Are Cafe and GE Cafe the same?

Cafe is a sub-brand of the mega-appliance maker GE. Cafe is considered one of GE’s more upscale, high-end appliance brands. Cafe appliances emphasize style and customization. 

What is the difference between GE and GE Cafe refrigerators?

Design, style, and finishes are the biggest differences between GE Profile and Cafe refrigerators. The GE Profile line is sleeker in style and more minimalistic, while the Cafe series is modeled after restaurant-grade appliances.

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