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All White Kitchen Ideas: White French Door Refrigerators

by Angela Maple

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Benefits of White Kitchen Appliances

4 White Refrigerators Inspirations

6 White Kitchen Ideas


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For good reason, there is possibly no more tried and true color for a kitchen than a traditional white to unify its style. It allows you to effortlessly combine white cabinets, appliances (white French door refrigerator, white gas stove, and white dishwasher), worktops, lighting, and flooring. You may build the perfect white kitchen for your house regardless of your style preferences, from traditional to modern.

Just because a place is mostly white doesn't mean it's boring. You may spruce up the design with wall décor, wallpaper, or a variety of other kitchen decor ideas. Color may also be used in backsplashes and floors, as well as stoves and vent hoods that seem more like furniture than appliances. Whatever all-white kitchen style you choose, you'll want a look that will work for your kitchen, whether it's huge or little, with islands or a basic galley layout.

And, with white appliances making a comeback this year, there are plenty of reasons to adore them. So, in this guide, we'll not only give you all of our finest all white kitchen ideas and suggestions, but we'll also discuss the advantages of white kitchen appliances from white French door refrigerators to white cooktops!

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Benefits of White Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to selecting appliances for your kitchen, there are several factors to consider. You could wish to compare energy consumption and features, for example, and you might be interested in a certain brand. Another item to consider is the color of your kitchen appliances. Classic white kitchen equipment is unquestionably appealing. So, what's the big deal about white appliances? Just keep reading and we’ll explain.

1. White Appliances Are Often Cheaper

For one reason, it is quite simple to overspend while purchasing household appliances. If you want to save some money, you may consider purchasing lower-end appliances with fewer amenities. However, you are not required to do so in order to save money when purchasing appliances. Even if you pick the same model, you can sometimes get plain white appliances for far cheaper than stainless steel appliances. It's a smart approach to stay within your budget while still purchasing appliances from the brand you choose with all of the features you require.

2. Appliances in White Are Easy to Clean

Numerous individuals avoid the color white in many situations, such as carpet or furniture, because they are afraid of stains. However, when it comes to appliances, white is an excellent choice because it is so easy to clean. Stainless steel appliances can be difficult to clean, and fingerprints and smudges emerge frequently and readily. On white appliances, you may use a variety of cleaning agents without worrying about smudges or fingerprints showing. Of course, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning your new white appliances to ensure that you don't endanger them, but in general, you should find them to be simple to clean.

3. White Appliances Look Bright and Cheerful

Finally, white appliances, like white furniture, may make a house appear cheery, light, and expansive. If you have a smaller kitchen and want to make it appear larger and more spacious, or if you simply want a good, clean, and cheery look, white appliances may help you achieve your desired kitchen style.

Our 4 Best White French Door Refrigerators

Do you adore the all-white look? Check out some of our top white French Door refrigerators to go with your white kitchen theme.

1.     Best Café White Refrigerator: Café™ 18.6 Cu. Ft. Matte White Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator

Even if your kitchen is small, you can still stay fashionable. This Café French door refrigerators is designed to complement your kitchen's individual aesthetic while also offering convenience. Open the French doors to obtain fresh, filtered water from an internal water dispenser that preserves the basic, appealing aesthetic of your refrigerator. And, thanks to the LED lighting, you'll be able to see everything you need, from ingredients to snacks, while your fruits and veggies will stay fresh and crisp in the humidity-controlled drawers.


  • 18.6 Cu. Ft. capacity
  • Turbo Cool temperature management
  • ConnectPlus


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2.     Best Samsung White Refrigerator: Samsung 22.8 Cu. Ft. White Glass Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

White French door refrigerators don't have to be dull, and this Samsung French door is far from that! With the clever counter depth 4-Door Flex compartment and changeable door panels, you can add a burst of color to the all-white design. Quench your thirst with the beverage center, which provides easy access to chilled water from the internal dispenser or impress your guests with a pitcher of flavored water from the built-in pitcher, which automatically refills. You may also impress your visitors by serving their favorite drinks with cubed ice or ice bites for a more enticing look.


  • 23 Cu. Ft. capacity
  • 4-Door Flex
  • Ice Bites


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3.     Best GE Refrigerator: GE® 27.0 Cu. Ft. White French Door Refrigerator

This GE French door refrigerator with a white finish offers the highest capacity of any of our featured white French refrigerators (27 cu. ft.). The full-width deli drawer of this GE refrigerator white finish gives plenty of capacity to keep all of your groceries, desserts, and party platters at the optimal temperature. Cleaning will be a snap thanks to the spill-proof shelf, which has raised edges to prevent spilt milk from cascading into neighboring shelves. You can also effortlessly modify the shelves for higher food or drink items with the quick space shelf. If you prefer to munch late at night, the LED illumination will make it easy to discover exactly what you're looking for.


  • 27. 0 Cu. Ft. capacity
  • GE water filtration (XWF filter)
  • Spill-proof shelves


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Best Whirlpool Refrigerator: Whirlpool® 25.2 Cu. Ft. White Wide French Door Refrigerator

This white Whirlpool refrigerator has enough storage for your family while also providing simple access to EveryDrop filtered water via the integrated water dispenser. The humidity-controlled crisper drawers keep fruits and vegetables fresher for longer, while the FreshFlow produce preserver keeps food fresher for longer. This ENERGY STAR refrigerator also incorporates LED lighting to guarantee that your food appears as wonderful as it tastes. Best of all, the Accu-Chill temperature control technology ensures that your items cool fast in the gallon door bins for ice cold milk, juice, or chilled snacks.


  • 25.2 Cu. Ft. capacity
  • Accu-Chill temperature management system
  • EveryDrop water filtration


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6 White Kitchen Ideas

all white

Apart from serving as a blank canvas for all of your major design ideas — from bold tile to imaginative painted flooring — these white kitchen ideas span the style and price spectrum and go great with a white French door refrigerator. You're guaranteed to discover something you like!

1.     Break Up White Counters with Natural Textures

A clean, white kitchen is beautiful in its own right, but a surprise element like natural texture can really give a new level of depth. Break up a big, white counter slab with a sliver of rich wood on one side — it's the ideal balancing act!

2.     Black & Brass Bring It Home

These two contrasting finishes will really look better than you think in your white kitchen. To fully accentuate all that is bright and white, scatter your kitchen with a few dazzling brass material pieces mixed with subdued black things. To fully nail the style, pair a brass kitchen sink faucet with a matte black pendant light. Need some inspiration? Check out our Cafe collection of white French door refrigerators to get an idea.

3.     Add a Graphic Backsplash

How about some texture and color? White kitchens require additional design layers to keep them lively, and a geometric black-and-white backsplash is the ideal way to do this. The pattern provides depth, and the color adds individuality, yet both are subtle enough not to detract from the overall motif. Discover the ideal backsplash for your all-white kitchen.

4.     Be Bold with Statement Pendants

Hanging pendants make a bold statement. For a beautiful and eye-catching presentation, use a powerful geometric pattern plated in gold. Hang them over a shining kitchen island or countertop to put them front and center.

5.     Dazzle with Bright, White Dishes

Take your white kitchen to the next level by equipping it with sparkling clean white dishes. Draw attention to this unified collection by displaying it on sleek open shelves. This short glimpse into your vibrant collection will unify the entire kitchen under one brilliant concept.

6.     Create Character with Subtle Subway Tiles

This small textural enhancement to your monochrome kitchen will make all the difference. Replace your backsplash with gleaming white subway tile. The way light bounces off them adds richness and character to your area.


Still have questions? We have the answers you are looking for to complete your white kitchen dream.

Q: Can a white kitchen be all white?

White kitchens are a classic and timeless kitchen aesthetic. They're straightforward, clever, and give lots of space for exploration. Consider it a blank slate for your individual flair.

Q: Are white appliances making a comeback?

White appliances are making a comeback as more homes mix the traditional style into a variety of themes, from modern farmhouse to contemporary.

Q: How can I make my white kitchen look expensive?

Since white reflects light and makes the area appear larger, you can pair it with some wood and metallic accents for a more posh look. If you don't want to paint your entire kitchen, painting kitchen cabinets might make a great difference. A feature wall may add value to your kitchen and can be painted or covered with textured wallpaper.

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