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7 Best 30-inch Gas Ranges for Cooking in Any Size Space

by Olly Mason

No matter if you cook a little or a lot, where you make your meals has a huge impact on how enjoyable the process is. For the majority of households, a 30-inch range is where all of the magic happens. While these common kitchen cooking appliances have become a quintessential staple in the modern home, there are a few major factors every buyer should take into consideration when it comes time to replace or upgrade.

One of those factors is deciding between a gas range and an electric range. In this article, we’ll first give you our list of the best 30-inch gas range from seven categories, followed by the information you should know before you make the final purchase.

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Best Budget 30-inch Gas Range

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Best 30-inch Slide in Gas Range

Best 30-inch Professional Gas Range

Best 30-inch Freestanding Gas Range

Best 30-inch Double Oven Gas Range

How to Measure to Fit a New Range

Reasons to Shop for a 30-inch Gas Range

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Our Top 30-inch Gas Range Picks

From price to performance, this compilation of seven 30-inch gas ranges was designed with every kind of shopper in mind. Since we’re dealing with flame-powered cooking, we also placed high emphasis on how much output each model delivered, with a minimum of 15K BTUs being the standard.

1. Best Overall: Frigidaire® 30" Stainless Steel Free Standing Gas Range-FFGF3054TS

Frigidaire FFGF3054TS 30-inch freestanding gas range

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Fall in love with the art of cooking all over again with this top-rated 30-inch freestanding gas range from the makers at Frigidaire. Over 3,000 product testers have rated this model a remarkable 4.7 stars for its versatile five-burner cooktop, a powerful Quick Boil port with 17K BTUs of heat, high-performance sealed burners, and Low Simmer technology. Together, this full package—complete with 5 cubic feet of oven capacity with three self-cleaning timer options—provides all the tools necessary for home cooks of every level to make successful meals night after night.

2. Best Budget: GE® 30" Stainless Steel Free Standing Gas Range-JGBS66REKSS

Front view of GE JGBS66REKSS 30-inch freestanding gas range

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For under $900, this affordable 30-inch gas range with a maximum 15K-BTU heat output and the industry’s largest integrated griddle cooking surface can be yours to explore wherever your culinary curiosity takes you. The cooktop also features an edge-to-edge design, so switching from burner to burner is a matter of sliding to the next flame. Pop entrées in the spacious oven below, and once cooking is done, use the Steam Clean function for cleanup that’s easy on the elbows, hard on messes, and gentle to you and the environment with no chemicals necessary.

3. Best Luxury: Thermador® Pro Harmony® 30" Stainless Steel Pro Style Gas Range-PRG305WH

Front view of Thermador PRG305WH pro-style slide in gas range

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When it comes to gourmet cooking, Thermador reinvented the game with exclusive Pedestal Star burners that provide up to 56-percent better heat coverage over standard round gas burners. This 30-inch gas model features five Pedestal Star flame ports with a heat registry of up to 18K BTUs, along with ExtraLow burners for a full configuration of firepower up to professional standards. Quality lines every surface of this pro-style range, from the designer-inspired knobs, slide-in layout, and powerful gas oven complete with convection baking and telescoping racks. 

4. Best 30-inch Slide in Gas Range: Samsung 30" Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Front Control Slide-In Gas Range-NX60T8311SS

Front view of Samsung NX60T8311SS 30-inch slide in gas range

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Flush installation is always in fashion. See for yourself with this best 30-inch slide in gas range featuring the modern flair Samsung is known for. Ignite your passion for food with a 17K-BTU burner, part of a five-burner setup with a center griddle surface and continuous grates. Other highlights include wireless controls with the Samsung SmartThings App and an extra-large 6-cubic-foot oven equipped with the even cooking of convection.  

5. Best 30-inch Professional Gas Range: Monogram® Statement Collection 30" Stainless Steel Pro Style Gas Range-ZGP304NTSS

Front view of Monogram ZGP304NTSS 30-inch gas range

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When a range comes with solid-brass controls and customizable backlighting, you know you’re onto something great. It’s the quality Monogram puts into each of its ranges, including this best 30-inch professional gas range that makes enjoying the pleasure of high-end kitchen appliances a reality even for smaller spaces. Although this pick has the least number of burners on this list, it also boasts the highest output—up to 21K BTUs—as well as low-simmer technology for a full spectrum of heat methods. Get lost discovering new flavor profiles on this 30-inch smart gas range with SmartThinQ Wi-Fi controls capable of automatic syncing to compatible connected appliances, Precision Oven Modes with intuitive baking temperatures and times, and convection baking. 

6. Best 30-inch Freestanding Gas Range: GE® Profile™ 30" Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Free Standing Gas Range-PGB935YPFS

Front view of GE PGB935YPFS 30-inch gas range

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The simple freestanding gas design gets an upgrade with this 30-inch model from GE that’s loaded with features. Tri-ring burners provide the flexibility of three flame sizes in one burner, plus 21K-BTUs of power that matches our top professional gas range pick. That power is directly matched inside the oven with True European Convection and an Air Fry function, all with no pre-heat technology and self-cleaning with steam for a convenient user experience on a whole new level.

7. Best 30-inch Double Oven Gas Range: KitchenAid® 30" Stainless Steel Free Standing Gas Double Oven Range-KFGD500ESS

Front view of KitchenAid KFGD500ESS 30-inch double oven gas range

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Wondering how to simplify mealtime even more? Consider this best 30-inch double oven gas range. With two oven cavities and a total of 6 cubic feet of capacity, creating main dishes at the same time as sides or dessert is easier and more efficient than ever. The bottom portion also uses an exclusive KitchenAid bowtie fan with Even-Heat True Convection for superior heat coverage and golden results. With all the possibilities in the ovens, the addition of a five-burner cooktop with a max of 17K BTUs of performance is a lovely perk for getting ahead during dinnertime.

Measuring for New Gas Range

The first step in creating the best user experience for any appliance starts with proper measuring. Take this customer testimonial, for example:

“…we discovered that we couldn't open the dishwasher all the way because it banged into the handle on the oven's warming drawer. (Our previous oven didn't have a handle on the bottom drawer, so it never occurred to us there would be problem.)”

This experience—from shopper Erin. F.—perfectly highlights how crucial it is to account for all of an appliance’s dimensions before purchasing.

That’s especially true when it comes to shopping for a new range, since styles can vary between freestanding ranges, drop-in range models, and slide-in ranges. While freestanding stoves are relatively flexible when it comes to installation (typically, it’s just a matter of sliding into a space and plugging in), their counterparts often come with special trim kits that fill the gaps between the range and surrounding cabinetry.

Take a moment to check out this quick video on how to measure for a new range to ensure your new purchase is a perfect fit from the start. Once you’ve reviewed the 101 on measuring a kitchen range, you can go over range styles in our freestanding vs. slide in range guide for more information on the benefits of each style.

You Should Shop a 30-inch Range If…

Unless your kitchen is particularly small (like in some apartments and condos), a 30-inch range will most likely fit a kitchen’s space just fine. It’s considered by many as the unofficial range size and is the most common size found on the market.

While we recommend 30-inch ranges be the starting point for every shopper looking to upgrade or replace a range, this stove size is particularly beneficial for two kinds of buyers:

  1. Budget shoppers: Because 30-inch ranges are so popular, they’re also affordable. 
  2. The laid-back home cook: Even if your household does a good amount of cooking, a 30-inch range offers a good amount of cooking space to create meals with ease. On the other hand, if you’re a lightweight home cook, a 30-inch range build will be more than enough for cooking while occupying a footprint no larger than a refrigerator.

Other Considerations:

Burner count – 30-inch ranges have a minimum of four burners, but many models have a fifth cooking zone, often included as an oval burner. And don’t forget BTUs—we like a minimum of 15K when it comes to maximum output.

Griddle – Alternatively, some five-burner gas ranges will use the center burner with a griddle cooking surface. We recommend removable griddles over integrated ones for more versatility.

Gas vs. electric oven – All-gas ovens cook differently that electric ovens. Whereas the latter is a dryer heat, gas baking uses what’s known as “moist heat,” which some prefer for roasting, while not as universally good at baking all deserts and pastries. Learn more in our gas vs. electric range article!

Pricing – Keep in mind, all-gas ranges cost more up front than electric models. At the same time, gas is cheaper than electricity. Ultimately, what is already in your kitchen will play a role in determining which range fuel source you should select.

⊳ Ventilation – If you cook on gas, a range hood is necessary—not just an option. Discover the styles and benefits of range hoods here.

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While big box stores push sales, we work directly with our buyers to find the right appliance for their needs. For us, knowing you’re truly satisfied is what has driven us since we first opened our doors in 1973, and continues to be our practice with our shoppers today.

Take this Customer Testimonial, for example:

“I had researched Bosch dishwashers for a couple of years, and knew pretty much which one I wanted, but Justin was especially helpful in steering me to a better one at a good price.”

This comment, from Tom L., regarding appliance expert Justin from our Scottsdale showroom, demonstrates our approach to appliance shopping: we value purpose over price. We also apply that strict principle when we conduct product reviews, meaning each and every pick comes with the approval of our experts, along with a strong rating from buyers just like you. 

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