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Gas vs Electric Range: Which is Better?

by Pam Silvia

For any house flipper or new homeowner designing their spaces from the ground up, the question of choosing a gas range vs an electric range may sound familiar. Or, alternatively, if you’re looking to upgrade your cooking station, you may be pondering it for the first time.

On the outside, a gas range exudes a classic look with cast-iron grates that look sturdy enough to tackle heavy-handed use and flexible enough to cook virtually any meal.

On the other hand, an electric range (or, in the context of this blog, a radiant, non-induction stove), exudes a modern, stylish appearance with a glass-ceramic surface.

But there can only be room for one in your kitchen. Read our blog to answer the question of which is better for your home: a gas vs electric range?

 young girl cooks breakfast on gas range while parents look on

Comparing Gas vs Electric Ranges: GE Edition

For a quick comparison between both types of products, it might help to refer to the following table, which pits a GE slide-in gas range against its electric counterpart.

From price points to product dimensions to cooking options, here is how these same-brand ranges compete in the realm of amenities and perks:

Product Attributes

GE Slide-in Gas Range

GE Slide-in Gas Range
GE Slide-in Electric Range
Model Number (Stainless Steel) JGSS66SELSS JS645SLSS
MSRP $1,499–$1,599 $1,509–$1,609
Customer Ratings 4.7/5 (1,547 reviews) 4.6/5 (1,421 reviews)
Width 30 in. 30 in.
Height 36-1/4 in. 37-1/4 in.
Depth 29-1/4 in. 28-1/4 in.
Oven Capacity 5.3 cu. ft. 5.3 cu. ft.
Number of Cooking Zones 5 4
Color Options Stainless steel, slate, black slate Stainless steel, white, slate, black slate
Key Features
Extra-large integrated non-stick griddle
Two 15,000-BTU Power Boil Burners
10,000-BTU Oval Burner
Steam Clean
In-oven Broil
Dual-element bake
Two 3,100-W Power Boil Elements
Self-clean Oven
Removable Full-width Storage Drawer
White LED Display
Warranty 1 year limited 1 year limited

Gas Ranges Overview

Besides their appearance, a central dispute within the “gas vs electric range” debate is the “electric vs gas range efficiency” question.

Here, it might be important to note that gas ranges are typically more expensive upfront, as 5.3-cubic-foot oven ranges may cost anywhere between $760 and $1,260. By contrast, electric ranges with equivalent dimensions are often valued from $660 to $700.

That said, gas ranges are cheaper to maintain, as the price of natural gas is generally lower than that of electricity. So, while it might be less expensive to maintain a gas range for your culinary needs, more energy is wasted when cooking with this fuel option. If we’re talking numbers, about 74 percent of the energy produced on an electric range is transferred to the food whereas only 40 percent of the energy from gas models is channeled toward heating your meals.

Fiscally, the question is, what do you value most: cost effectiveness or cost savings? If the former, the electric range is the winner. In terms of the latter, the gas range is the clear choice.

Now, let’s look at other ways a gas range can be your household’s saving grace:

Gas Ranges Pros

✓ Heats up quickly

✓ Burners cool faster

✓ More durable construction

✓ Can be less expensive to maintain

✓ Can be operated during a power outage

Gas Ranges Cons

☒ Harder to control low heat

☒ Harder to clean

☒ May have fewer amenities

☒ Risk of gas leaks and explosions

 pot of pasta boils over LG slide-in gas range

Electric Ranges Overview

We’ve generally discussed the fiscal implications of owning a gas range vs owning an electric range and how a gas range comes out on top in terms of running costs, but what else is there?

In terms of installation, the electric range vs gas costs are as follows: roughly $160 for either fuel option. That said, if you are looking to purchase a gas range but your home does not have a preexisting gas line, the installation costs can surge—to anywhere between $360 and $660. As you might have deduced, selecting one type of range over the other may come down to what your home already has, especially if you are trying to avoid extra costs. This is an instance where an electric range may be the most beneficial option for you.

Here are other considerations you should take if you’re thinking of purchasing a new electric range:

Electric Ranges Pros

✓ Easier to control low heat

✓ Easier to clean

✓ Less expensive to install

✓ Typically has more cooking options

Electric Ranges Cons

☒ Takes longer to heat up

☒ Not as durable

☒ Can be more expensive to maintain

☒ Cannot be operated during a power outage

 man cooks breakfast staples on Frigidaire freestanding electric range

Our Top Picks: Gas Ranges

Now that we’ve highlighted some of the major differences between both types of ranges, it’s time to look at some offerings from popular manufacturers. If you prefer a gas range vs an electric range, here are some of our top picks!

Best Overall Gas Range

Upgrade your kitchen and get the look of a built-in range—with the fit of a traditional freestanding range. The Frigidaire 30” Stainless Steel Freestanding Gas Range (FFGH3054US) is a front-control range that easily fits into 30-inch cutouts. Most importantly, of course, it comes with five flexible burners that are engineered to handle all your cooking needs, whether you need to boil pasta water fast or simmer delicate sauces.

And as the cherry on top, this Frigidaire oven cleans itself so you don't have to, with one-touch self-clean options available in 2, 3, and 4-hour cycles.

Best Value Gas Range

You don’t have to splurge on a new cooking appliance to upgrade your culinary prowess. With this Frigidaire 30” Stainless Steel Freestanding Gas Range (FFGF3054TS), you can get meals to the table faster than ever, thanks to a 17,000-BTU burner that boils water at a record speed.

Like our pick for “Best Overall,” this gas range also boasts a slide-in appearance, a one-touch self-clean options, continuous grates, a storage drawer, and a large-capacity oven—but at 65 percent of the cost.

Best Luxury Gas Range

Batting for luxury and upper-premium cooking appliance brands is KitchenAid. Producing flawless cooking results with Even-Heat™ True Convection, the KitchenAid 30” Stainless Steel Slide In Gas Range (KSGG700ESS) ensures the inside of the oven is heated to, and stays at, the perfect temperature for any entrée, side, or dessert.

This beautiful gas range also features a Steam Rack that offers the ability to add additional moisture to the inside of the oven, enhancing cooking results. And if you currently hold the crown for “host with the most,” this gas range won’t disappoint with a 5.8-cubic-foot capacity that is perfect for preparing multiple dishes at once.

KitchenAid slide-in stainless steel gas range in modern kitchen

Pictured: KitchenAid 30” Stainless Steel Slide In Gas Range (KSGG700ESS)

Our Top Picks: Electric Ranges

If you prefer the allure of electric ranges, we’ve got some recommendations for you, too. Courtesy of LG, GE, and KitchenAid, here are our top picks across different price points (and other criteria).

Best Overall Electric Range

The LG 30” Stainless Steel Slide In Electric Range (LSE4613ST) has the largest-capacity oven in its class, so you can use all the pots, pans, Dutch ovens, and skillets you need to get your cook on. Inspired by pro-style ranges, this top-rated LG range moved the heating element from the bottom of the oven to the back wall for optimal heat distribution. If that’s not innovative enough, this LG electric slide-in range offers a streamlined custom appearance that enhances every kitchen décor and makes cooking a pleasure.

And just when you thought cooking couldn’t get any faster, it did—operating with 3200 Watts, these dual cooktop elements are the most powerful available. Not only do they deliver LG’s fastest boil, but they also let you match the element size to your cookware for the utmost in flexibility.

Best Value Electric Range

Where there’s great value, there’s GE. This GE 30” Freestanding Electric Range (JB645RKSS) has enough room to cook an entire meal at once, thanks to a 5.3-cubic-foot oven capacity and two 6-to-9-inch Power Boil elements—the latter of which boil water 25 percent faster than standard GE elements and can adjust to fit virtually any-size cookware.

A removable full-width storage drawer and a self-clean option also form part of this range’s list of amenities.

Best Luxury Electric Range

There are many features that make this premium KitchenAid 30” Stainless Steel Freestanding Electric Double Oven Range (KFED500ESS) a standout cooking appliance. From the EasyConvect™ Conversion System takes guesswork out of convection cooking to the dedicated warming zone on the stove, it is evident that KitchenAid has an edge on the competition.

The two ovens constitute a combined 6.7 cubic feet, providing an extra-large capacity and separate temperature environments for dishes as divergent as chicken nuggets and green-bean casseroles.

KitchenAid freestanding stainless steel electric range in modern kitchen

Pictured: KitchenAid 30” Stainless Steel Freestanding Electric Double Oven Range (KFED500ESS)

The Final Verdict

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that, when it comes to determining the winner in the gas vs electric range debate, it really depends on the consumer’s needs.

Favored by professional chefs, gas ranges allow for better cooktop control, enabling instant changes in heat since a flame doesn’t need much time to warm up or cool down. And compared to their electric counterparts, gas ranges are also more durable, and in the long run, more cost-effective. Yes, gas models typically cost more upon initial purchase, but when your monthly utility bill comes around, running costs are lower because gas is generally cheaper than electricity.

In short,if your family enjoys homecooked meals every day, a gas range is the more prudent purchase.

On the other hand, unless your kitchen is already equipped with wiring for a gas stove, it will be less expensive to install an electric range. Plus, more electric ranges are available for purchase in a broader spectrum of prices—with even more cooking options.

And if keeping your kitchen clean seems like an impossible task in your busy household, electric ranges with glass-surface cooktops cool down quickly and make easy work out of post-dinner cleanup.

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