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Wall Ovens

Shop the Best Wall Ovens

Whether you’re remodeling your space or buying your first home, deciding on what kind of oven your kitchen will need is a big step. Wall ovens are built into your wall and provide benefits that you just can’t find in a regular range.

Keep in mind that with a wall oven, you won’t have a stove attached. A cooktop or rangetop will need a separate surface in your kitchen for the full cooking experience. Check out this article for information on picking a range or wall oven.

Let’s go through the different types of wall ovens and what they bring to your home.

Single Wall Oven

Single wall ovens feature a single oven cavity and a professional cooking experience. As with all wall ovens, these will need to be built into a space in your wall or cabinets, and measurements are extremely important.

Single wall ovens come in electric and gas options. Keep in mind, for gas, you’ll need a gas line where you want your oven to go.

Double Wall Oven

As the name suggests, double wall ovens feature two ovens. Just picture it: You’re cooking a full turkey and two side dishes, all at the same time. It’s a dream come true for anyone who loves to host.

Oven-micro Combo

With an oven-microwave combo, you get the best of all cooking worlds. Thanks to a built-in oven and microwave, you can get your cooking or reheating done without needing to take up counter space with a separate microwave.

Electric Speed Oven

Welcome to the future. Electric speed ovens act as both an oven and a microwave at the same time. This 2-in-1 combination is a space saver and a time saver. Cook a pizza, make popcorn, bake a potato, and do it all in the convenience of one machine.

Warming Drawer

Warming drawers are the perfect accompaniment for a wall oven. When guests aren’t supposed to arrive for a while yet, keep your food warm and fresh in a warming drawer. You cooked it, now let the drawer keep it hot.

Whichever type of wall oven fits your kitchen needs, we’ll be happy to help you find it. And of course, with a wall oven, you’ll want to look into cooktops and rangetops for your stove option. Check out our guide to our most trusted brands, and if you have questions, give us a call or stop by today!