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Time to Give Your Clothes the Perfect Dry

Are you remodeling your home with the latest and greatest appliances? Wondering if you should go ahead and upgrade your dryer?

Let’s go over what you need to know before you purchase.

Gas Dryer Basics

Other than a gas line (natural or liquid propane), gas dryers need a 110- or 115-volt outlet (the same kind of outlet you plug your toaster into) and an exhaust vent to get going. Gas dryers heat up much more quickly than electric models, and they generate more heat overall, which dries your clothes faster and with greater energy efficiency.

For the perfect dry every time, look for gas dryers with an Eco Dry cycle, which uses a moisture sensor that stops the cycle once your clothes are dry.

Electric Dryer Details

Electric dryers require a 3- or 4-pronged 240-volt outlet and a vent to run properly. And because your home already has the appropriate wiring (most likely), these dryers can be easier for you to install.

Be sure to check out electric dryers with a Steam Dry cycle to reduce wrinkles and static!

The Magic of Ventless Dryers

Ventless dryers are the laundry appliance you need if you want an electric dryer but don’t have an exhaust vent in your home (or can’t install one). Ventless dryers allow for ductless installation and come in three basic types: heat pump, condenser, or a washer-dryer combo.

  • Heat pump dryers recycle air during the heating process without emitting heat into your laundry room (desert living is hot enough already, right?).
  • Condenser dryers use lower temperatures to dry clothes, but the cycles end up taking longer.
  • Washer-dryer combos use either condenser or heat-pump systems.

Give us a call if you want help figuring out which type of ventless drying is right for you.

Dryer Sizes

Wondering whether you need a compact, traditional, or super-capacity dryer? That all depends on the size of your laundry space! Measure your space multiple times and allow for a 1-inch space on all sides of the appliance to ensure proper air circulation.

  • Compact dryers are 24 inches wide with average capacities ranging from 3.5 to 4.0 cu. ft., which can handle your average-size laundry loads.
  • Traditional-sized dryers are 27 inches wide, with an average capacity of 7.3 cu. ft. so you can conquer the entire family laundry pile.
  • Super-capacity dryers can reach up to 29 inches wide, with average capacities reaching up to 8 cu. ft., which means you’ll get through those endless loads more quickly.

Have any questions about our dryer selection? Are you curious about how to conserve energy? See our guide to energy-efficient laundry machines for more information.

And if you have other concerns or curious about the latest features, please visit your nearest Spencer's Tv or give us a call—we’re your friends in the business!