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Column Refrigerators

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Discover a Column Refrigerator in Phoenix, AZ

If your dream kitchen involves a seamless, integrated design, you’re going to need a refrigerator that matches your vision. While you could choose a regular refrigerator in a counter depth style, a column refrigerator provides you with endless versatility, especially when paired with a column freezer. So, whether you’re planning a side-by-side custom design or add a cabinet or wine fridge in between your freezer and refrigerator, we have what you’re looking for. Let’s go over what you’ll find in our selection.

Shop by Brands

With a top brand in your home, you’ll elevate your kitchen design to new heights, so it’s essential to choose the brand carefully. We recommend comparing all the top brands we offer as every brand puts its unique mark on a column fridge design. The brands we carry include:

Don’t forget to read our column refrigerator reviews to pinpoint specific benefits that might help you with your refrigeration needs. No matter which brand you decide on, you’ll have plenty of storage for your fresh foods and unique look.

Shop by Sizes, Styles, & Features

Since a column refrigerator requires a built-in configuration, you’re going to need to measure your space carefully (at least three times!). Once you know what size you need for your kitchen layout, check out the sizes we offer:

After choosing the size, you’ll need to select the style. We offer sleek finishes that’ll make your kitchen design stand out. However, if you prefer a hide-in-plain sight design, we also provide custom panels that’ll match your existing cabinetry. We’ve compiled a list of what we have available:

As for the features, there are a few things to consider like in-door water dispenses, custom panels, Energy Star certification, smart connectivity, soft-close doors, LED lighting, and dual temperature zones. And if you want a completely integrated look, look for column refrigerators without handles.

Now that you know more, it’s time to find a column refrigerator at your local Spencer’s TV & Appliance. We carry the brands, sizes, and styles to make your kitchen stand out. Our team has been proudly serving the valley for over 47 years with a commitment to providing incredible deals on high-quality products. Do you have any questions about refrigeration? Contact us by phone or stop in person at any of our Phoenix-area showrooms!