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Hard Water Causes and How to Prevent Them

by Bill Welles

For those of us that reside in Arizona, we know the negative impact hard water can leave. Pipes can clog due to excessive scale buildup, meaning minerals and corrosive deposits can prevent draining. While you shower, you may find that your soap doesn’t fully lather or rinse off, and while you’re doing a load of laundry, you might notice clothes fading or becoming stiff after just a few washes.

Beyond that, the high mineral count found in hard water can leave stains behind on your porcelain sinks, tubs, and toilets. After running the dishwasher, you may also find soap scum left behind on your glassware. Because of that, you can be left with a metallic taste when you go to take a drink of water, an indication the glass was washed in hard water.

If you’ve experienced any of these problems, the expert team at Spencer’s TV & Appliance is here to discuss what causes hard water and how to prevent it. Read on for more information.

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What is Hard Water?

pouring a glass of water

Before we figure out how to combat hard water, it would help to have a better understanding of what exactly hard water is. Hard water is water that has an excessive buildup of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. While groundwater flows through limestone and dissolves small amounts of these minerals as it passes, a certain amount can become stuck within the water, increasing the pH and leading to hard water. If you’re concerned, hard water does not pose any health risks, but it can be problematic for businesses and homeowners if the minerals become overly corrosive.

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Effects of Hard Water

We mentioned this scale buildup in pipes or appliances, which may negatively impact the performance of your dishwasher or washing machine. The first noticeable sign is a whitish film that seems to stick no matter how hard you try to scrub or wash it away.

When soap combines with the minerals found in hard water, it turns into soap scum. Soap is designed to soften the water, but when too much calcium or magnesium is present, the soap can’t do its intended job, which is why you might have noticed a residue along your shower walls, sinks, or dishes.

This film can also be left behind on your clothing or towels. You'll find that fabrics aren’t as soft, the colors aren't as vibrant, and they may begin to lose absorbency. The high mineral content clings to clothes fibers and inhibits the freshness of your laundry.

How to Prevent Hard Water?

If you’re living with the effects of hard water or still aren’t sure how soft your water should be, Spencer’s TV & Appliance has you covered with an entire catalog of water treatment tools, including water softeners and reverse osmosis systems.

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Our Top Water Softener Picks

In this article, we’re focusing on water softeners and how they can be used to treat hard water. Let’s explore a few of our favorite picks.

Envirotec Water Softener System (ET64H)

Envirotec water softener

With this first Envirotec water softener system, the multiple tank design allows for easy movement during installation, and it is proven to outlast a discount cabinet system up to five times as long. The regeneration tank is constructed of high-impact polyethylene and stores 150 pounds of salt or potassium (for salt-free regeneration).

The MaxFlow valve has excellent service flow rates for better water pressure in your showers and faucets. The Ultrastar High-Temperature Resin is designed for desert climates backed by a lifetime guarantee, and the optional Enviroguard upgrade reduces odor, chlorine, and chloramine in your soft water while retaining color brilliance in hair and clothes.

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Envirotec Water Softener System (ET50HWS)

Envirotec water softener

Digital Demand Monitoring is a new efficiency-boosting feature that knows precisely when to regenerate, saving water and salt usage up to 75 percent over conventional water softeners. The superior capacity 50,000-grain system eliminates hard water bleed-through and lasts much longer than similar systems.

Like the first water softener we highlighted, this model also includes a high-impact polyethylene regeneration tank, the Maxflow Valve, and the Ultrastar High-Temperature Resin, designed for desert climates.

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Envirotec Water Softener System (ET42H)

Envirotec water softener

The standard unit is a smaller version of a deluxe water softener system with a capacity of 42,000 grains; however, it is still an impactful product that is designed to handle harsh water conditions with the MaxFlow high-flow metered demand valve.

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Shop Water Softeners at Spencer’s TV & Appliance

If you live in Arizona and you need a water filtration system made for the harsh and ever-changing desert water conditions, Envirotec is the best home water filtration in the Valley, manufactured in Mesa, AZ and sold in Phoenix, AZ. Envirotec is exclusively sold at Spencer’s TV & Appliance and offers the highest quality water softener system, reverse osmosis water system, and whole-house water filtration system Phoenix residents can find.

Each product is designed to outlast any national brand’s product (which is not made specifically for desert conditions). Whether you want to treat the water in your kitchen, your bathroom, or your entire house, we carry the Envirotec water filtration systems you need to get better water at home.

Don’t forget to refer to our blog on the top 5 benefits of a water softener to learn more about water treatment, and be sure to shop local at Spencer's TV & Appliance for all your water filtration needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your friends in the business. We are proud to have served the Phoenix area for over 47 years. Call or visit any of our 10 locations today!