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Moving to Arizona: Understanding the Ins and Outs of Arizona Water

by Spencers TV & Appliance

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What You Need to Know About Arizona Water

Research Water Filtration Options

Understanding Reverse Osmosis

How to Install a Reverse Osmosis System in Your Home

Learn About Reverse Osmosis at Spencers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Trust Spencers Appliance?

If you are planning on moving to Arizona – or are already settling in – you might have a lot of questions about your water usage. Living in a desert can be complicated. It will affect how you landscape your yard and where you get your water from. Fortunately, once you get a system in place, you can enjoy as much water as you need from safe, reliable sources. Here’s what you need to know about Arizona water as you relocate to the Phoenix area.

The Best Water Filtration & Treatment Options

If you live in Arizona or are planning to move there, visit Spencers TV & Appliance for top-quality water filtration and treatment options for your home. Give your family the gift of clean and safe drinking water.

Water Filtration & Treatment

What You Need to Know About Arizona Water

Anyone moving to Phoenix, Arizona can rest easy knowing that the city provides safe and clean drinking water to most households. More than 1.7 million people receive clean drinking water within the city’s 540-square-mile service area. The city also conducts more than five million tests each year to make sure the water is safe to drink and come into contact with. You can visit the City of Phoenix website to learn what water is tested and the various chemicals and components that make up your tap water.

However, despite these reassurances, it is possible that you move into a home that has hard water. This means that your water has extra mineral deposits that give it an unwanted color or an unpleasant smell. Even if your water looks clear and doesn’t have an odor, it could be too hard if you notice limescale buildup around your faucets or a higher-than-expected water bill. A water filter system can soften your water and make it more pleasant to use.

If you don’t have hard water in your home but you don’t like the taste or feel of what comes from your tap, you can also look into water filtration. The water you use each day can impact your skin, hair, and clothes. Plus, you want your water to taste good. This is the best way to make sure you stay hydrated and enjoy your morning coffee or tea.

Research Water Filtration Options

Filtered Water from Faucet

If you are planning to buy a home in the area, ask your Realtor about the tap water. During the home inspection, you can also look at the water that comes from the tap to make sure it is clear and odorless. You can also drink some to see if you like the taste. If you are unhappy with the water in any way, add “invest in water filtration” to your moving to Arizona checklist.

You can decide how complex your water filtration system is. You can buy a water pitcher for around $20 to $50 for your most basic option. You can also look for refrigerators that come with built-in water dispensers, which also incorporate water filters. These built-in water dispensers save time and space compared to the manual pitchers, but you still need to remember to change the filters every three to six months. 

Finally, research whole house filtration systems. These systems will purify all of your water, from the water you drink from the tap to the water you shower with and use to wash your clothes. If you have sensitive skin or hair and aren’t happy with the Arizona water, a filtration system can give you the bathing experience you need.

Moving to Arizona is an exciting step in your life, but you don’t need to suffer through poor water quality to live here. 

Understanding Reverse Osmosis

Girl Holding Clean Glass of Water

One of the most comprehensive water filtration options you can choose is a reverse osmosis system. With reverse osmosis, the filter pushes water through a series of membranes that remove various particles and chemicals. Each membrane is smaller than the next, which means it catches finer particles with each level. There are also different types of reverse osmosis systems. You can opt for a four-stage filter or advance to a six-stage filter for a deeper clean. The result is fresh, chemical-free water.

Reverse osmosis isn’t just useful because of the multi-stage membranes (the most advanced option can even make your water taste slightly like coconut). It is also a popular choice for people moving to Arizona because it filters all of the water in your home. A whole house system will make sure any water that comes out of a tap or faucet in your home has been filtered – all without reducing your water pressure or desired temperature.

If you are moving to a home where the water tastes bad or the previous owner relied on a water pitcher, consider investing in a reverse osmosis system instead.

How to Install a Reverse Osmosis System in Your Home

Reverse Osmosis System

There are a few key things to know about installing a reverse osmosis system in your home. First, these systems are not bulky. You don’t have to worry about creating space in your house or decorating around a filtration eyesore. In fact, there are two common places where our experts can connect your reverse osmosis system: under your kitchen sink or next to your water heater. Most people don’t even notice their reverse osmosis systems once they are installed because they blend in with other plumbing work in your home.

The next thing to know is that it is possible to install these systems by yourself. If you have experience with plumbing and feel comfortable with home repair, you shouldn’t have an issue. However, we always recommend working with one of our installation professionals or a licensed plumber to install the system. This will give you complete confidence that it is working correctly.

Finally, the reverse osmosis system will not disrupt your home in any way. It quickly filters your water and delivers it to your faucets. When installed correctly, there shouldn’t be a change in your water pressure – just in the taste and feel of the water you use.

The sooner you install one of these systems or a similar water filter after moving to Arizona, the sooner you can feel comfortable using the water that comes from your tap.

Learn About Reverse Osmosis at Spencers

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Arizona is a beautiful state to live in with warm people and stunning natural wonders. One of the main things to know before moving to Arizona is that our store is the best place to go for water filtration, appliances, and electronics across Maricopa County. There are 11 Spencers locations throughout Glendale, Mesa, and the Greater Phoenix Area. There is no better place to find Energy Star appliances and everything else you need for your new home.

Visit your nearest Spencers location and learn about your reverse osmosis options. We can walk you through the different stages of various systems and start the process of installing a whole-house water filtration system in your home.


What is the best place to get water treatment services in Phoenix, Arizona?

Many home maintenance and appliance stores can help you test and improve your water quality. However, one store in the area stands above the rest. Spencers TV & Appliance offers a variety of water filtration solutions in its 11 locations. Find a local showroom near you.

Does Phoenix have a water problem?

There have been a lot of news stories lately that cover water limits and restrictions in Arizona. As long as Phoenix locals use a reasonable amount of water and limit their waste, there should be enough water to live in this area comfortably. 

Who supplies water to Phoenix?

Phoenix gets water from three main rivers: the Colorado, the Salt, and the Verde rivers. When snow melts in the nearby mountains, water flows into these rivers and fills them each year. This provides enough water to Phoenix and surrounding areas. The city also uses groundwater and reclaimed water to increase its water supply.

Why Trust Spencers TV & Appliance?

Since 1973, Spencers TV & Appliance has grown to 10 locations throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. The secret to our longevity is simple: personal service. Customer satisfaction has always been the focus of our business, and throughout the years, we have been able to work hard with our suppliers to bring you the best prices. After all, getting customers the best price and personal attention is how we compete with big-box stores, day in and day out.

Not only do we offer top-rated appliances, name-brand electronics, and the best mattresses on the market but we also provide water treatment solutions and perform kitchen design services. Stop by your nearest Spencers and see what you’re missing!

Shop Appliances in Arizona at Spencers

At Spencers TV & Appliance, we provide high-quality, name-brand products at great prices — check out our catalog to shop for appliances online today. Your friends in the business are always happy to help you find the best appliances. Call us, or better yet, stop by at one of our locations in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale regions. Visit us today!

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