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Washer Not Draining? Here's What You Can Do

by Ann Louisa


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Washer Not Draining? Here's What You Can Do

Why is my washer not draining

How can you diagnose the issue

Should you repair or replace your washing machine?

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Washer Not Draining? Here's What You Can Do

You need reliable appliances in order to run your household. You don’t have time to squeeze out soaking wet clothes because your washer didn’t drain – especially if you planned to wear those items later on. A washer not draining is more than an annoyance, it’s a waste of water and energy. It can also cause you to run the dryer longer because the washer was unable to remove most of the water.

Don’t live with a washer not draining. Here are a few causes of this problem and potential solutions to get it running again.

Why is my washer not draining?  

The first step is to understand why your washer isn’t draining. There could be a variety of problems related to your electrical wiring, plumbing, and the appliance itself. This means it might not be immediately obvious why your system isn’t functioning as it should. A few common problems include:

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  • The machine is overloading your electrical system. An inefficient washer could flip a breaker or trigger an emergency electrical shut-off switch. This could be an appliance issue or a wiring issue.
  • The drain hose is clogged. This hose carries water from your washer into your septic tank or sewer system. If the hose is clogged, water might not drain or it might take much longer than expected.
  • The lid switch is broken. This secures the washer drawer so it can run without splashing water into your house. Check under the lid door to see if it is functioning.
  • The belt is broken. This powers the engine and makes your machine work.
  • The pump is broken. Your system isn’t able to push water out of the tub, which means it stays in there until it can drain slowly on its own.

Many of these issues arise because of the age of your appliance. While some problems occur because of use (if you don’t empty your pockets before running the washer, you could contribute to filter clogs) others are caused by the breakdown of parts over time. Just the belts in your car, washer belts aren’t made to last forever and need to be replaced as the appliances get older.

How can you diagnose the issue?

If you aren’t familiar with how appliances work, you may have a hard time figuring out why your washer keeps breaking. If the water not draining from washer becomes a chronic issue – occurring almost every time you use the appliance – then you need to figure out what is going on. Contact a plumber and ask them to diagnose the problem.

Most people don’t realize that plumbers can help with washing machine issues. They can diagnose problems related to all types of plumbing and can look at the drainage systems within your house as well. If the issue is electrical, they might also be able to fix the problem if you contact a certified plumbing and electrical specialist.

Before you call a plumber, check the age of the appliance and its overall condition. While this expert might be able to fix the issue, the cost to repair the problem might exceed the value of the appliance in the first place. Plus, more issues could arise after this one is repaired – which means you will keep putting money into a rapidly deteriorating washer.

Should you repair or replace your washing machine?

After the plumber identifies the issue, take time to decide whether you want to pay for the repairs. A washer not draining could be a sign that your appliance is starting to break down and become ineffective.

Older washers cost you money in multiple ways. First, older appliances use more water. Studies show that as much as 90% of the energy used to wash your clothes goes toward heating the water. Some people save up to $150 per year just by upgrading their washers to models that use less water.

Additionally, inefficient washers – particularly top-load models – use significantly more washers than modern-day front-load appliances. A front-load washer can use 75% less energy and water than top-load models. Finally, even if you fix the problem with your washer not draining, it might not be as advanced as today’s appliances. This means you run your dryer more and run up your electric bill. You might be surprised by how quickly you recoup your investment in a new washer just by upgrading your appliance.

Explore Top Washer Models on Today’s Market

There are multiple washer designs and styles to choose from if you are ready to replace your old appliance. You can choose from basic washers that fall in affordable price ranges or more advanced styles that come with extra technology features and WiFi connectivity. Here are a few top washer brands to consider as you start your search.

Frigidaire Washers


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Frigidaire offers a variety of washers to choose from based on your style preferences and home size. There are stackable options if you are looking for a washer-dryer combo or individual units if you prefer. You can choose a top-load washer and front-load dryer – both of which have high load levels.

Frigidaire washing machine prices start at $850 for basic models and increase to $1,700 for more advanced options and appliance combinations. Customers speak highly of the Frigidaire top-load dryer with 4.1 cubic feet of storage. This is a good starting point if you are just starting your appliance search.

GE Washers


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Another brand to consider as you research appliances is GE. GE laundry systems have become increasingly sleek in past years and the company has invested heavily in appliance performance. This brand carries front-load washers that are ENERGY STAR® certified. Some of the more advanced washers are able to sanitize your clothes along with washing them, reducing the spread of bacteria across your clothes. They also have WiFi capabilities so you can set controls on your phone and receive alerts when your laundry is done. 

You can take home a GE washer for around $1,350. Customers have positive things to say about these models and their advanced functionalities. If you want to learn more, check out our brand guide that dives into GE washers and dryers – including the pros and cons of buying from this brand.

LG Washers


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If you are looking for advanced technology in your appliances, then check out the washer and dryer models by LG. This company ensures that your appliances are WiFi connected, allowing you to control them from your smartphone. You can keep up with your laundry whether you are sitting on the couch or leaving work.

You can find LG laundry systems in a variety of styles. You can stick with a traditional top-load washer or invest in both front-load washer and dryer systems. You can purchase individual appliances for less than $800 or you can choose the top-rated combo systems for $2,300. You can read customer reviews to see what buyers have to say about this brand. To learn more, read our brand guide comparing LG washers to Electrolux appliances.


What is the cause of a washer not draining?

There are many reasons why your washer isn’t draining. First, check to see if the washer has actually completed its cycle. If the dryer is stopping mid-cycle, there could be an issue with the motor or the belt. If the wash cycle is complete except for the draining, the problem could lie in the pump and hose that removes the water.

Who do you call when a washer won’t drain?

Many people call electricians when their washers won’t drain. However, you might be better off contacting a plumber. Plumbers can look at the pipes in the appliance, the pipes in your home, and the system overall. They also might be able to check your electrical wiring. Contacting a general handyman is also an option. 

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