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A Look into GE Washer & Dryers [Guide + Reviews]

by Olly Mason

One of the biggest appliance names on the market is going under our radar. This guide with three GE washer and dryer reviews will tell you everything you should know before shopping the brand, plus a look at some of the best matching washer and dryer duos from our catalog.

At a Glance:

GE Washer & Dryer Features

GE Washers & Dryers Pros & Cons

Recommended GE Washer & Dryer Buyers

Our Best GE Washer & Dryer Set Picks

Tips for Shopping Washer & Dryer Brands

LG vs. GE Washer & Dryer Sets

Why Trust Us?

Purchasing a matching washer and dryer set can save you some money versus buying each appliance individually, and because the laundry bundles are designed to work compatibly with each other, the user process is simple and efficient. 

GE checks the box on everything a busy household needs to tackle laundry days quickly and efficiently with its lineup of washers and dryers that count on over 100 years of innovation. GE has been a household name for generations, so it’s no wonder Good Housekeeping recognizes that performance with recommendations on several of the brand’s latest front load washers.

Generally, high-end front load washers rank higher in ratings than traditional washer models, and dryers tend to outperform washers in terms of buyer ratings. But with a 10-year limited warranty on select washers and a strong repertoire of exclusive features, GE remains a highly recommended brand of laundry appliances we encourage you and our shoppers to explore.

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GE Washers & Dryers

No two households are the same, and for that reason, GE arms itself with a variety of washer and dryer selections to suit just about every kind of shopper. GE top load washers are ideal for users with simpler laundry needs and who appreciate easy operation without too many add-ons like built-in Wi-Fi. On the other hand, GE front load washers embrace modern style and are often outfitted with the latest technology from the brand.

GE dryers are the perfect complement to the GE washer catalog, available in models from standard to large capacities with upgrades like Wi-Fi compatibility, smart link technology, steam, and quick dry options.

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GE Washer & Dryer Features

GE tackles some of the biggest laundry concerns, like dealing with front load washer maintenance or clothes that are truly dry the moment a cycle is over. Take a look at all the features available across the lineup.

GE Washer Features:

UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock™

The number one problem with front load washing machines is mold and mildew buildup on the door and the detergent dispenser. UltraFresh with OdorBlock technology uses ventilation to draw moisture away from these areas, keeping them dry and free of bacteria.

Microban® Antimicrobial Technology

Microban provides an added layer of bacteria protection on the areas most affected by moisture, the door, gasket, and soap dispenser.

SmartDispense™ Technology

With the capacity to store up to 50 ounces of liquid clothes detergent, SmartDispense lets you skip a step in the laundry routine. Plus, smart technology determines the right amount of cleaner to use for each load, which saves money and prevents fabric damage.

1 Step Wash + Dry

Select GE front load washers with 1 Step Wash + Dry make it possible to start a load and dry it in the same appliance. Keep in mind this feature is convenient, but dry times are longer than conventional dryer cycles.

Washer Link

Imagining a washer and dryer that do the thinking for you is no longer science fiction. GE smart washers and dryers with Washer Link technology communicate via Wi-Fi, so once a wash has completed, the dryer selects a customized cycle based on the wash.

GE Clothes Dryer Features:


GE steam dryer technology vaporizes moisture for a boost of cleaning performance to target stains on clothes right from the fiber. 

Built-in Wi-Fi

Download the SmartHQ app to your personal device to monitor and program your GE smart washer or dryer while on the go.

Quick Dry

Pop lighter loads into select GE dryers with Quick Dry for a 25-minute dry cycle.

HE Sensor Dry

Two thermistors actively gauge temperature and moisture levels to know the exact moment to end a cycle. On top of being convenient, the feature also protects your garments from damage from exposure to excessive heat.

Damp Alert

Receiving a notification when your clothes are at the desired level of dampness is the best way to combat wrinkles and creases in clothes.

4 Way Venting

Four venting options make GE dryers compatible with virtually any laundry space and configuration.

GE Washers & Dryers Pros & Cons

A new GE washer dryer set can help simplify your home’s laundry routine, but there are a few considerations you should be aware of. Here’s how the pros and cons add up.


Large capacities

A great selection of Energy Star laundry appliances

10-year limited warranty (on select washers)

Exclusive color options 

Endorsed by professionals 


Not many washer features

Limited color options

Washers rank lower than dryers

Recommended GE Washer & Dryer Buyers

Thanks to over 100 years in the industry, GE is pretty good at understanding the needs of its users. The last thing anyone wants is for their laundry appliances to create more problems, which is why we’re fans of innovative GE features like UltraFresh with OdorBlock or SmartDispense. And as a regularly recommended brand by Good Housekeeping, GE washer and dryer pairs get a thumbs-up for busy households that deal with everyday messes from children’s clothes to uniforms, and everything in between.

GE is also accessible to nearly every budget with affordable laundry duos and mid-end laundry pairs, many including washers with a 10-year limited warranty. Overall, GE is one of our personal top appliance brands we encourage buyers to explore.

Shop GE washer and dryer pairs if…

  • Your budget is between $1,318–$2,498        
  • You’re looking for the best front load washers on the market
  • Performance is priority
  • You prefer a stackable washer dryer pair

Our Best GE Washer & Dryer Set Picks

Discover a GE washer and dryer set for your home’s needs with these three pairs.

Best Overall: GE® Laundry Pair-White (GELAUGFD55ESSNWW)

Front view of GE GFW550SSNWW washer and GE GFD55ESSNWW pair

Shop Now

A GE UltraFresh washer and dryer pair is a top-performing combination of washer and dryer technology designed to treat your clothes with some of the best care on the market. This GE stackable washer and dryer duo counts on 4.8 cubic feet of wash space matched by a 7.8 cubic-foot dryer capacity ideal high-demand laundry needs. Link the two up to your home’s wireless network to be able to monitor and program each appliance right from your personal device.


  • UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock
  • Microban technology
  • Sensor Dry
  • Damp Alert
  • 4 way venting
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Energy Star certified washer

Best Budget: GE® White Laundry Pair (GELAUGTD45EASJWS)

white ge top load laundry pair

Shop Now

This laundry pair featuring a large-capacity washer and GE electric dryer is a laundry room champ that goes hard on stains and easy on your wallet. Round one tackles messes with a special washer agitator that penetrates down to the fiber. For stubborn messes, select the Deep Clean and Deep Rinse cycles to get a boost of performance that leaves garments clean the first time. Finish strong with Auto Dry inside the large dryer, which automatically senses temperature to end a cycle the moment clothes are dry. 


  • Heavy-duty agitator
  • Deep Clean/Rinse cycle
  • Reversible dryer door
  • Auto Dry

Best Luxury: GE® Sapphire Blue Front Load Laundry Pair (GELAUGFD85ESPNRS)

Front view of GE GFW850SPNRS washer and GE GFD85ESPNRS dryer pair

Shop Now

Who says the laundry room can’t be glamorous? This GE blue washer and dryer set in a stunning sapphire finish is just the sparkle you need to give your laundry space a touch of luxury. Best of all, this duo performs as good as it looks, complete with an UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock, SmartDispense technology, and 1 Step Wash + Dry for the flexibility to dry two loads simultaneously. Other upgrades include a Powersteam dryer option, plus built-in Wi-Fi for a simplified user experience wherever there’s access to Wi-Fi.


  • UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock
  • SmartDispense technology
  • 1 Step Wash + Dry 
  • Powersteam
  • Quick Dry
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Energy Star certified washer

ips for Shopping Washer & Dryer Brands

You don’t have to shop aimlessly for a washer and dryer duo. Find the winning set by starting with these four areas.


Another bonus of purchasing a matching washer and dryer pair is compatible capacity. Typically, it’s recommended that your dryer provides twice the space of your washer. But in reality, you won’t find a dryer with 10 cubic feet of tub room to match a washer with 5 cubic feet of volume. Instead, evaluate your home’s laundry demands.


The level of performance for each brand is unique to each user, but overall, the public is a big indicator of a washer’s or dryer’s quality. GE remains a solid appliance brand, although dryers tend to outperform washers in the lineup in terms of buyer ratings. On the other hand, more expensive GE front load washers consistently rank according to buyer, and with several washers and dryers endorsed by Good Housekeeping, the brand is regarded as a reliable brand to shop.


The more features a washer or dryer has, the more it will reflect in the price. Not all features are good, though. For example, GE’s SmartDispense might seem like nothing more than an added convenience, but when you take into consideration how much you save by using only the right amount of detergent, the upgrade is worth it. On the other hand, top load washers with a fabric softener and bleach reservoir shouldn’t cost more than one without the feature.


Laundry space is valuable, so having a diverse lineup of laundry appliances is an indispensable tool when dealing with tight quarters. While browsing, keep a tab on models that are stackable, compatible with laundry pedestals, or have reversible doors that can be the solution to your space’s unique problems, which many GE front load dryer models offer.

When it comes to GE dryers, we’re fans of the 4-way venting that allows the appliance to work with a given space—not the other way around.

LG vs. GE Washer & Dryer Sets

The question many shoppers are asking is, “are LG washers and dryers better than GE?” The answer depends on budget, user experience, and how much laundry your household goes through.

Dollar for dollar, GE washer dryer sets are more affordable than LG models, and shoppers will find exclusives like UltraFresh with OdorBlock and Microban protection. However, LG consistently packs more features into its products than GE. While GE entry-level washers and dryers might have a few features, higher-end models showcase the best of the brand, meanwhile, LG occasionally adds some of its best features on more affordable models in its lineup.

LG also outdoes GE in terms of capacity, but buyers will pay for that upgrade, not to mention the extra space needed in the laundry room. Both brands offer smart washers and dryers, though LG’s tech background has made it a leader in connected appliances.

Overall, we recommend GE laundry appliances for buyers who want a reliable, straightforward experience and LG for shoppers who want the next generation of fabric care with a focus on features and smart tech.

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