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Washer and Dryers that Save Space in Apartment

by Olly Mason

Although appliances have come a long way in terms of size, the reality is, buyers who live in an apartment (or any small living arrangement, for that matter) have it tough when it comes to buying appliances. As a result, shoppers dealing with restrictive spaces have to deal with limited search results and narrow options, which often leads to settling for the best choice available.

Fortunately, an apartment sized stacked washer and dryer is one fitting solution to that problem. With a small footprint and space-saving design, stackable washer and dryer units let buyers get creative with installation, whether it’s in a closet, laundry room, or even the living room. Take a look at our list of 5 best stacked washers and dryers to find a choice that suits your home and lifestyle.

Best Overall Stacked Washer Dryer Unit

Lifestyle image of Whirlpool WET4027HW stacked washer dryer unit

Sometimes, the best solution is a simple one, which is why we consider the Whirlpool® Electric Stacked Laundry unit (WET4027HW) as our overall best stacked washer and dryer. Reasonably priced, this space-friendly laundry appliance is petite yet full of features, including:

  • 9 wash cycles
  • 4 dry cycles
  • An Autodry Drying System that senses when clothes are dry and stops the cycle
  • A dual-action agitator

Final Takeaway: Whirlpool topped the 2019 Appliance Repair Report for both washers and dryers, meaning buyers can trust this best stacked washer dryer to be a reliable investment.

Best Affordable Stacked Washer Dryer Unit

GE GUD24ESSMWW stacked washer dryer unit in a laundry closet next to a basket of clothes

Surprisingly, our affordable stacked washer and dryer pick — the GE® Unitized Spacemaker® Stack Laundry (GUD24ESSMWW) — is priced the same as our best overall recommendation. However, despite its competitive washing and drying options, which outperform our best overall pick, its downfall is size.

Here’s a quick comparison:

  • 12 wash cycles vs. 9 wash cycles on overall winner
  • Both come with 4 dryer cycles
  • 6 wash temperatures vs. 5 wash temperatures on overall winner
  • 9.4 total cubic feet on overall best vs. 6.6 total cubic feet on best value

Along with more wash and dry cycles, the Auto-Load sensing is a great feature, too. Smart technology automatically measures the size of a load and determines the precise amount of water necessary. Additionally, we were fans of the slim 24-inch profile that grants users even more places for installation, as well as the central positioning of the washer and dryer knobs that provide every user with easy access.

This is especially handy considering our overall winner measures 75-½ inches tall, whereas our value stacked washer and dryer is just below 75 inches. It’s not much of a difference, until it comes time to reach up to select washer or dryer settings.

Final Takeaway: This GE stacked washer and dryer unit is a viable option for shoppers looking for a laundry appliance to perform the basics without breaking the bank; ideal for individuals who live alone or with a partner, but not families.

Best Gas Stacked Washer Dryer Unit

Wide shot of Frigidaire FLCG7522AW stacked washer dryer in a walk in closet

Did you know, gas dryers are proven to have quicker dry times? That’s important since faster drying can help save money, while less heat duration is better for fabrics. Still, not every household has a gas supply for a dryer, but for those that do, the Frigidaire® 3.9 Cu. Ft. Washer, 5.6 Cu. Ft. White Gas Stack Laundry (FLCG7522AW) is our recommended pick. 

This Frigidaire stacked washer and dryer may be compact, but with enough washer space to fit a king-size comforter, it helps make easy work of laundry days. And with the MaxFill washer option, users can be sure even the largest washes are thoroughly cleaned.

While this is one of the simpler choices on our list, it still comes with great incentives, including:

  • Innovative sound-dampening technology for quiet operation
  • Quick Wash and Dry Cycles
  • 6 dryer cycles
  • 10 wash cycles

Final Takeaway: As is true with most gas dryers, the price of the Frigidaire FLCG7522AW is steeper upfront, but the cost of gas will be cheaper than electric, and it comes with the benefit of quicker dry times for additional savings. This is a good choice for apartments with a gas supply in the laundry space, but would also like a large-capacity washer and dryer.

Best Electric Stacked Washer Dryer Unit

GE GUD27ESSMWW stacked washer dryer in a compact laundry closet

With a 4.4 star rating from over 3,900 reviews, the GE® Unitized Spacemaker® 3.8 Cu. Ft. Washer and 5.9 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer (GUD27ESSMWW) is by far the best-rated stacked laundry unit on our list. So, what makes it a winner?

For one, it has the greatest total washer and dryer capacity than any other top-load model mentioned — 9.7 cubic feet versus 9.4 cubic feet on our best overall and 9.5 cubic feet on our best gas stacked washer dryer. Just like our best value GE stacked washer dryer, this provides users with a lineup of functions that are basic, but effective.

That includes:

  • 11 wash cycles
  • 4 dry cycles
  • 6 wash/rinse temperatures
  • Auto-Load sensing with 4 distinct water levels

Electric vs. Gas

As mentioned above, gas dryers can help reduce costs thanks to quicker dry times, but they also tend to cost more up front. At about $100, this GE stacked laundry unit offers buyers a little more purchase leverage, while the use of electricity means buyers don’t have to worry about whether or not there’s a gas line set up at home.

Final Takeaway: This unified GE washer and dryer delivers standard functions with above-standard capacity, making it especially great for households of up to four. Additionally, as a highly-rated GE appliance, users can count on reliable performance from this stacked washer dryer.

Best Luxury Stacked Washer Dryer Unit

Speed Queen might not be a household name like the other brands on this list, but one thing’s certain: Speed Queen laundry appliances are true luxury. That’s because they were initially designed for commercial laundromats, but have since been adapted for domestic use with the same durability and performance.

The Speed Queen® 3.5 Washer, 7.0 Cu. Ft Dryer White Stack Laundry (SF7003WE) may be a splurge, but with a large washer capacity of 3.5 cubic feet and twice the dryer space at 7 cubic feet, it makes sense. But size isn’t the only feature that makes this selection so luxurious.

Advanced Washer & Dryer Features

While some of the stacked washer and dryer units on this list provide limited wash and dry options, this Speed Queen stacked washer and dryer goes beyond basic. These are some of our favorite features:

  • 4 soil level selections
  • A moisture sensor in the dryer that detects when clothes are dry, preventing extended run times and heat damage to fabrics
  • An Eco Cycle that optimizes water temperature and levels, helping to cut down on costs
  • Allergy Rinse Cycle helps cut down on common allergens found in clothes
  • Sanitize with Oxi uses the combination of special additive and high-temperature waters to effectively eliminate bacteria from the washer

What’s more, the Speed Queen SF7003WE is also designed with an advanced dynamic balancing system, and since all Speed Queen machines register at 43 decibels, this unit is especially apartment-friendly.

Considerations: Keep in mind, this stacked laundry unit’s dryer is gas-fueled, meaning shoppers interested in this choice will need to make sure their apartment is equipped with a gas supply line.

Final Takeaway: This Speed Queen stacked washer-dryer appeals to shoppers looking for American craftsmanship and unparalleled performance designed for durability and outstanding results.

Best Front-Loading Stacked Washer Dryer Unit

LG WKEX200HWA WashTower installed in green themed laundry room

It’s a fact: Front-load laundry appliances provide optimum access to the inside of the unit, which makes a big deal when bending and reaching are regular parts of the laundry routine. And then there’s the washer lid, which can only open partially on stacked laundry pairs with a top-load washer.

That’s why the design of the LG 4.5 Cu. Ft. Washer 7.4 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer White Front Load Stack Laundry (WKEX200HWA) is such a smart solution. While comparable picks, like our Speed Queen, also feature a front-load design, this LG WashTower uses a closer layout to make using the washer and dryer doors easier. Additionally, the Center Control panel allows for easy operation of both from one spot (it’s also worth mentioning our Speed Queen pick also uses this configuration).

Star-Quality Performance

It’s not easy for a space-saving laundry appliance to compete with a standalone washer or dryer, but that doesn’t stop this LG stacked washer and dryer. For starters, it’s the only selection on our list with Energy Star certification, and since it’s an LG, it’s also the only naturally WiFi compatible unit featured.

That means:

  1. The washer can communicate with the dryer to determine the right dry cycle based on the wash
  2. The ThinQ App allows users to control, monitor, and diagnose the appliance from a smart device

And then there’s the features.

Leading Washer & Dryer Results

The impressive lineup of exclusives from the LG WKEX200HWA is hard to match. In fact, this recommendation could easily be a contender for the overall best if budget was less of a concern. True to LG’s spirit of embracing technology, this top-rated LG stacked washer dryer features AI Sensors that analyzes fabric and load sizes and customize wash and dry cycles based on the information.

And with the ultra-capacity of a 4.5 cubic-foot washer and 7.4 cubic-foot dryer — the most for both on our list — users can wash more less often, all on a space-saving 27-inch width footprint.

Here’s what else the LG WashTower can do:

  • TurboWash 360 uses five spray jets to completely wash clothes in under 30 minutes
  • TurboSteam dryer technology helps keep clothes sanitized and refreshed in between washes
  • Provide custom wash and dry settings; 6 wash cycles and 6 dryer cycles

Final Takeaway: The LG WashTower is a smart choice for buyers with a bigger budget who are also looking for familiar industry names and progressive features.

FAQ: Stacked Washer and Dryer Units

Now that we’ve provided our favorite stacked washer dryer units, let’s go over some common questions.

Does a stacked washer and dryer require ventilation?

Yes, just like a freestanding dryer, a stacked washer dryer unit uses a dryer hose to vent hot air and moisture out of the dryer. As with standard dryers, there should be a minimum of six inches of clearance for the hose, and the hose should extend no longer than 25 feet.

Can I separate my unified stacked washer dryer?

Unlike stackable laundry pairs, unified washer dryer stacks are designed to work as a single unit and cannot be separated. That means buyers should especially consider factors such as door clearance (particularly height) and upstairs installation where tight corners and awkward entrances may be more difficult to navigate. For professional help, check out our services.

What are a stackable washer dryer dimensions?

Most stacked washer dryers come in the standard 27-inch width size that’s the same as a standalone washer or dryer, but there are also 28-inch options, as well as slimmer 24-inch models. Typically, these units fall between 74-½” tall up to 79” in height, and 26 to 33 inches in depth.

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