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3 Stylish GE Monogram Dishwashers on the Market

by Ann Louisa

The Monogram ZDT985SINII panel ready dishwasher with a matching white cabinet front panel

At a Glance:

5 Reasons to Invest in a GE Monogram Dishwasher

How Long Do Monogram Dishwashers Last?

Top GE Monogram Dishwasher Models


Why Trust Us?

Every kitchen appliance needs two things to be successful: it needs to do a good job completing its designated tasks and it needs to look good in your kitchen. While plenty of dishwashers effectively clean plates and glasses, many look bulky and stick out against the rest of your kitchen design. This is where the GE Monogram dishwasher lineup comes in.

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Discover Monogram Dishwashers

Monogram is a line of products by GE that come with elevated design elements. There are multiple built-in, counter-depth, and panel-ready models that align with your design preferences, offering homeowners a selection of sleek appliances that match of any upscale kitchen.

To learn more about your options and choose the best Monogram dishwasher model for your kitchen, follow along.

How Long Do Monogram Dishwashers Last?

Most kitchen appliances last between 10 and 15 years, depending on how they are used and cared for. As a high-end brand, Monogram dishwashers are built with quality materials to extend their performance. You can expect your Monogram dishwasher to last up to 15 years if you regularly clean it.

Like all appliances, dishwashers wear out. If you use your GE dishwasher Monogram every day because you have a large family, it will likely wear out faster than if you only use it once per week. There is good news if you need to repair your Monogram dishwasher: many handymen and plumbing professionals are familiar with GE products because it is such a popular brand. They should easily be able to diagnose the problem and get your system running again.

5 Reasons to Invest in a GE Monogram Dishwasher

If you aren’t familiar with the Monogram brand, you might not realize how beneficial a Monogram dishwasher can be to your home. Many users who have these premium dishwashing machines love them after a few uses and continue to explore the various features they come with. Here are a few signs that a GE Monogram dishwasher is perfect for your home.

You want to elevate your kitchen. If you are tired of standard appliances that produce average results, consider looking at high-end appliances that are built to provide higher performance levels.

You already trust GE products. GE is a great brand for most American homes. However, Monogram is a step above. With these models, you can enjoy the best in GE quality while elevating your kitchen design.

You have a specific design plan for your kitchen. Many Monogram dishwashers are panel-ready. Your dishwasher shouldn’t distract guests from your good sense of taste. 

You have specific cleaning needs. Monogram dishwashers come with features to accommodate new parents, home cooks, and various other homeowners. Explore the niche features that can clean bottles, delicate china, and utensils.

You want appliances that last. If you don’t enjoy shopping for appliances, head straight for the Monogram dishwasher section. These dishwashers are durable and will last a long time if you care for them.

If you agree with any of these reasons, check out the current Monogram dishwasher models available at Spencer’s TV & Appliance.

Top GE Monogram Dishwasher Models

Whether you are a long-time fan of Monogram products or are discovering these appliances for the first time, there are several dishwasher options that will amaze you. Here are three top units for you to consider, including GE monogram dishwasher reviews, as you start your dishwasher search.

Monogram Statement 24" Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

Front view of the Monogram ZDT925SPNSS dishwasher

This is the first option to consider when shopping for a GE Monogram dishwasher. It is a standard built-in unit that comes in a stainless steel  finish with Monogram’s signature bar handle. More than 90 powerful jets spray food particles off cookware and clean pots, pans, and plates with ease. The food is then broken up and washed away with the help of the hard food disposer. This is thanks to a series of stainless steel blades that grind food up until they flow down the drain.

This model also comes with four bottle jets that are specifically made to get into the bottom of milk, water, and other drink bottles. Whether you need to clean baby bottles or prepare glassware for your homemade kombucha, these jets have you covered. 

Historically, buyers love this pick based on over 330 Monogram dishwasher customer reviews. One buyer writes, “We gave this dishwasher some hard tasks right away and it did not disappoint. We cooked sausages, roast pork, and roasted potatoes in Pyrex. Each time the dishwasher cleaned the cookware, it was spotless.”

Monogram® 18” Panel Ready Built-In Dishwasher

Front view of the Monogram ZDT165SILII dishwasher

Your dishwasher doesn’t have to be the focal point of your kitchen. In fact, many homeowners are happy to hide their dishwashers behind cabinet panels in order to create a more seamless look. This Monogram GE 18” dishwasher comes panel-ready, which means you can fit it with a custom panel during the installation process and don’t have to think about this element of your kitchen design. The control panel is built on top of the appliance, so it isn’t blocked by the cabinet facade.

Aside from appearances, we also recommend this Monogram dishwasher for its flexible loading. It comes with nylon gray racks that have ball-tipped tines, plus plenty of space for your dishes while also protecting them during the wash cycle.

Overall, customer reviews for this compact dishwasher are positive. One positive dishwasher review notes this model is “practically silent and does a great job washing.”

Monogram 24" Custom Panel Built-In Dishwasher

Front view of the Monogram ZDT985SINII panel-ready dishwasher

This is another panel-ready GE Monogram dishwasher that you can add to your home. Once you secure the exterior cabinet facing, check out the features offered inside this appliance. This dishwasher comes with an adjustable third rack that can hold your spatulas, large spoons, and knives. You can rest these tools on the designated rack instead of trying to stuff them in with your other utensils.

This is an exceptionally quiet dishwasher that runs at 39 dBA — quieter than a conversation. GE Monogram invested heavily in sound-absorbing materials that prevent you from hearing the motor, churning water, and drain lines. You can run this dishwasher while you watch TV or set it for the night before you go to bed. Either way, it won’t disrupt what you’re doing. 

Over 200 Monogram dishwasher reviews for this model with over half of buyers giving this a 5/5 make this one of the best top-rated Monogram dishwashers in the lineup. Just take this review, for instance, which says, “The light is fantastic, the design is exceptional, and the keys for my water flask are the best…I bought an entire collection of GE Monogram and Café appliances. The look, the quality, the incredible features are all top notch.”  

As GE’s premium appliance line, Monogram dishwashers do not disappoint and make up for their higher price points in exchange for better materials, performance, and luxury designs. Sound enticing? Then head to Spencer’s TV & Appliance, where you can explore even more Monogram dishwashers from the lineup. We’re the largest independent appliance supplier in the area with the best prices around!


It’s worth learning about the Monogram GE dishwasher line, so to get you up to speed, take a moment to review the following frequently asked questions and our answers.

Why is my GE Monogram dishwasher not draining?

If you notice that water is pooling at the bottom of your dishwasher, check to make sure the filter and the drains aren’t clogged. While GE Monogram dishwashers do a great job of breaking up food particles, clogs can sometimes form over time. There could also be a problem with your electrical system that caused your dishwasher to stop draining mid-cycle.

Should you repair or replace your dishwasher?

The biggest factor to consider when you have a broken dishwasher is its age. Most dishwashers only last about a decade and their value depreciates over time. If your dishwasher is more than five years old and the repair costs are half of its value, it might be more economical to replace it instead.

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Shop GE Monogram Dishwashers at Spencer’s

At Spencer’s TV & Appliance, we provide high-quality, name-brand products at great prices — check out our catalog to shop GE Monogram dishwashers online today. Your friends in the business are always happy to help you find the perfect GE Monogram dishwasher for your home. Call us, or better yet, stop by at one of our locations in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale regions. Visit us today!

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