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Spencer's Choice: Best Products from Miele Appliances

by Spencer’s TV & Appliance

Modern Kitchen with Food and Appliances

At a Glance:

Best Refrigerator

Best Range

Best Cooktop

Best Oven

Best Dishwasher

Best Washer


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Miele is a luxury appliance brand that is taking the American market by storm. The company has 123 years of experience designing, developing, and producing a wide range of home appliances. The company’s motto, immer besser, translates to forever better and reflects Miele’s desire to constantly improve its products and stand out above the competition.

If you are new to the Miele brand, get to know some of the top products it offers. Here are some of the best Miele appliances on the market and a few reasons why you will love each item you add to your home.

Best Refrigerator:

Miele MasterCool™ 16.0 Cu. Ft. Integrated Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Miele MasterCool Integrated Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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Miele designs its refrigerators with nutrition in mind. It enlists health experts and design engineers to create products that preserve the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables, maximizing their taste and nutritional benefits. A few key features of this refrigerator include:

  • SmartFresh: keep temperatures low and adjust the humidity in order to preserve your produce longer than expected.
  • NoFrost: never defrost frozen food again with the NoFrost system. This refrigerator controls the moisture in the freezer to prevent frost buildup.
  • Active AirClean Filter: enjoy an odorless refrigerator with this filter, which also captures bacteria and other germs that can harm your food.
  • DynaCool: use this fan to evenly spread cool temperatures around your refrigerator so your groceries stay cool wherever you place them.

This Miele refrigerator is an essential item if you care about the environment. You can reduce food waste with better grocery storage while also cutting back on the amount of energy your refrigerator uses. This appliance is ENERGY STAR® qualified and meant to cut back on your electricity costs. 

Best Range:

Miele 30" Clean Touch Steel Freestanding Induction Range

Miele Clean Touch Steel Freestanding Induction Range

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Induction ranges are increasingly popular with consumers. They allow home cooks to increase the precision of their temperature control while using significantly less energy than gas or electric cooktops. If you want to add a new range to your house, you can’t go wrong with a Miele induction cooktop with a convection oven. 

A few amazing features that will make you love this range include:

  • Four induction heating elements for flexible cooking
  • An oven convection system that reduces energy usage and speeds up the cooking process
  • Ergonomic design, including a swiveling handle, that was built to be intuitive to your body’s movements
  • Extra safety features like the hot surface indicator and child lock
  • WiFi connectivity and voice control for easy remote appliance management

There is good news for customers who want a complete Miele makeover in their homes. You can find this induction range in many Miele appliance packages and can save significantly when buying multiple items at once. Build your dream kitchen and make it Miele. 

Best Cooktop:

Miele 30" Black Induction Cooktop

Miele Black Induction Cooktop

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Another option to add induction cooking to your home is this cooktop. It comes with four total cooking zones including one PowerFlex area. Set the duration of your cooking zones so they switch off automatically when you are done using them. There’s no risk of you accidentally leaving a burner on once you remove a pot or pan from the stove.

If you choose to pair this cooktop with a Miele ventilation hood, you can enjoy clear communication between the two appliances with Con@ctivity. You won’t have to scramble to turn on the hood when one of your dishes gets smokier than expected.

The ceramic glass surface is also very easy to clean, allowing you to wipe down your countertops and keep your kitchen looking as good as new.

You can see how much thought and detail goes into Miele kitchen appliances when you look at products like this cooktop. Every detail serves a purpose and is meant to improve the cooking experience.

Best Oven:

Miele 24" Clean Touch Steel Electric Speed Oven

Miele Clean Touch Steel Electric Speed Oven

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This oven is a perfect example of Miele appliances pushing boundaries and helping customers step into the future of home cooking. A speed oven allows you to cook food as fast as a microwave with the quality and consistency of conventional oven systems. You can pop popcorn in your oven or use the roasting rack to prepare a delicious meal.

Check out the Quick & Gentle feature, which allows you to combine both types of cooking (microwave and conventional oven) into one heat supply. This reduces the amount of time you spend preparing meals without sacrificing the quality of the food you prepare. You will also spend less time waiting for an oven to heat up.

This Miele oven comes with WiFi connectivity so you can easily control it with the Miele@home app. You can also use that app to control any other Miele appliances in your home.

Best Dishwasher:

Miele 24" Clean Touch Steel Built-In Dishwasher

Miele Clean Touch Steel Built In Dishwasher

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The dishwasher isn’t the most glamorous kitchen appliance, but a luxury model like this one comes with extra features that improve your cleaning experience. A few reasons you will love your Miele dishwasher include:

  • EcoPower technology: save up to 2.4 gallons of water when washing dishes with the economy cleaning mode.
  • 3D MultiFlex Tray: use the cutlery tray at the top of the dishwasher to clean spatulas, whisks, knives, and other essential cooking items.
  • QuickIntenseWash: turn on this program to clean and dry your dishes in under 58 minutes. 
  • Half Load: run the dishwasher even when it isn’t full without wasting water and energy. Tell the appliance to run a half load and clean the dishes you need.

Each of these features is designed to reduce your water and energy consumption while making cleaning your dishes easier. You can enjoy flexibility in how you load your dishwasher and unload clean cookware every time.

Best Washer:

Miele W1 White Edition 2.3 Cu.Ft. Lotus White Front Load Washer

Miele W1 White Edition Lotus White Front Load Washer

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Your Miele appliances aren’t limited to kitchen items and food prep. You can also enjoy Miele washer and dryer units that protect your clothes while producing a cleaner, more sanitary experience.

This front-load washing machine maximizes the cleaning experience while reducing the amount of water needed to wash your clothes. It is an ENERGY STAR® qualified appliance that is proven to reduce your total energy consumption. This unit also comes with Automatic load control which analyzes how big or small your load of laundry is. If you are running a smaller load, the appliance will use less water.

Check out the different cycles available when you use this washer. The IntenseWash system offers the highest level of cleaning performance, which is perfect for getting dirt and grass stains out of yard clothes. The QuickIntenseWash program runs for just 49 minutes to thoroughly clean your clothes fast.


Who makes Miele appliances?

Miele is a privately-owned company based in Gütersloh, Germany. It was founded by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann in 1899 and is still run by members of the Miele and Zinkann families today. The company is known for producing quality, high-end appliances for consumers. Its products are currently sold in 47 different countries. 

Are Miele products guaranteed for 20 years?

Miele products are built to last and the company believes that most of their appliances will endure 20 years of average usage. While this is impressive, usage is also subjective. If you are a heavy user, your Miele appliance might not last that long. However, Miele products should last longer than most other appliances on the market.

Are Miele products expensive?

Miele is known as a high-tier or luxury brand in most markets. However, the durability of these appliances means you get high-value products for the price you pay. You can also find ways to save on Miele appliances by looking into package deals and checking for sales.

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