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Samsung Top Load Washers (2022 Review)

by Joan Took

It’s no secret that Samsung is a household name. But what may surprise some is that Samsung is revamping the appliance world with new and innovative designs. Their pull to creativity and pushing the boundaries hasn’t stopped at the latest handheld device but can also be found spilling into many different assets of technological advances. Focused on maximizing convenience and value for their customers, Samsung has effortlessly delved into the world of the best home appliances. Their top load washers feature the basic needs that you desire for your home, plus a whole slew of custom options to make washing your clothes that much better. Check out our Samsung’s top load washer reviews and see how they’ll make a difference in your home.

Benefits of a Top Load Washer

Samsung has truly thought of it all when it comes to their top load washing machines. Many other appliance brands incorporate an agitator in their top load washers, but Samsung let those slide. An agitator is the lanky spindle in the middle of your washer to ensure your clothes are spinning. They are a good design, but unfortunately, they require more energy to keep your clothes turning and soaked. The result of Samsung letting the agitator design go has led them to have most of their top load washers pegged as Energy Star Qualified.

Let’s take a deeper dive into all things Samsung top load washers.

Is a Samsung Top Load Washer For Me?

If you’re one of the thousands of consumers looking for the next best thing, then Samsung top load washers are for you. Samsung markets their washers as “the most intelligent washers and dryers yet”, which is possibly true. They offer affordable prices as well as the ability to connect your smartphone to monitor your laundry remote. Depending on how advanced you’d like your washer to be, all depends on the price point you’re looking at.

Most top load washers are less expensive than their competing appliance, the front load washer. Samsung’s washers range anywhere from $600 to a little over $1,000. They may be a bit less competitive in prices compared to other appliance manufacturers. Still, if you’re looking for the next best thing that will last, Samsung is your best bet.

Top load washers also have a larger capacity to hold more clothes in one load of laundry. If you’re seeking reliability, fresh smart technology, and large capacity, then let’s keep going.

Features of a Samsung Top Load Washer

Active WaterJet: Preheat heavily stained or soiled clothing with the Active WaterJet by simply pressing a button. A built-in water valve bathes away the stains, so you don’t have to. Cut the worry and time in half by using this special feature offered only by Samsung.

Diamond Drum and Swirl Drum: The Diamond and Swirl Drum Interior are two features you won’t want to miss on your next top load washing machine. The Diamond Drum allows clothing to be gently washed by having a surface that protects your delicate laundry from becoming stuck and torn from damage. The holes to drain water from your washer are located deeper within the appliance to prevent fabrics being caught or harmed. The Swirl Drum interior prolongs the life of your laundry by handling your clothing gently. The deeper and smaller draining holes are located in the depths of your washer giving your laundry the best fabric care they need without fear of any accidents.

Cycles: Samsung’s top load washers provide an abundance of cycles and options for your laundry. There’s the Permanent Press (minimizes wrinkling), Spin Only (removes excess water from fabrics), Quick Wash (for smaller loads), My Cycle (customized cycle for any need), and Fabric Softener (gives an extra boost of fluff to your clothing) to name a few. Of course, depending on which model and advancement you’re looking for, you could see more in your washer.

Pros and Cons: There are quite a few positives when thinking about shopping for a Samsung top load washer. Their innovation in smart technology and advanced energy-efficient stances give them a major leg up in the appliance industry.



High Efficiency

Higher Price Point

Smart Technology

More water usage

Faster cycles than front load washer

More washing detergent needed

Accommodates larger capacity


Our Best Samsung Top Load Washer

Samsung 5.2 Cu. Ft. Brushed Black Top Load Washer (WA52A5500AV)

Our best overall top pick for buyers comes in at a whopping 5.2 cubic feet. This full performance top load washer effortlessly tumbles all your laundry in one load. Samsung features the Super Speed Wash in this competitive washer that finishes the job in a speedy 28 minutes. Before you know it, that sports jersey or favorite pair of jeans will be ready to go on the town in no time. Another attractive bonus is having all the control in your pocket. Samsung offers a Wi-Fi connection straight to your washer to begin, end, and schedule cycles on your time. Get out of the laundry room quicker and start doing the things you love more with this Brushed Black Top Load Washer.

What We Love:

  • Energy Star Certified
  • Full Wi-Fi Connection
  • Innovative Vibration Reduction Technology+

Black Samsung Top Load Washer

What to Look for When Choosing a Washer

Capacity: Capacity plays a major part when choosing the right fit for your family. You want to hit the sweet spot, just enough to fit all your needs but not too much where there’s excess. The ideal spot to stay between is 3.1 and 4.0 cu. ft. Anywhere within these capacities allows you to load in 12 to 16 pounds of laundry per load. Anything above a 4.5 cu. ft. is considered a large washer and could accommodate a family of five or above. Keep in mind, the larger the capacity, the higher the price point.

Performance: Performance is no issue when it comes to Samsung top load washers. As we’ve explained through how many cycles their washers have to how easily accessible they are from a touch of a button, there’s no worry about performance. What you do want to look for when choosing your washer is that it provides what you need and not too many features that you don’t. If you find yourself having frequent spaghetti spills, invest in a Samsung top load washer that is sure to handle those pesky stains.

LG vs Samsung Top Load Washers

LG and Samsung were once just electronic giants in the tech world. Today, they’re both budded into innovative and technologically savvy home appliance titans. In comparing the two against one another, they seem to have many similarities, but it’s good to know that Samsung offers a lower starting price point for their top load washers at $539. Samsung features a smaller-largest capacity at 5.4 cu. ft. And honestly, in our expert opinions, not many people will need anything over that. Samsung aims to focus on user convenience vs. its competitor. Also, Samsung has top-notch ratings and reliability that are unmatched by any other appliance maker. Ranked at #1 from customer reviews as the best top load washer of 2020, Samsung is a brand you should keep your eye on.

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