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Samsung Front Load Washer Reviews + Top Picks

by Angela Maple

Laundry has come a long way since using washing boards in rivers and hanging clothes out to air-dry. Now, more washers come in several colors, styles, and capacities, along with groundbreaking washer features that make doing laundry quick and easy. If you are on the market for a new washer, a Samsung front load washing machine can offer all that and smart technology to bring your laundry into the future.

Take a peek at the Samsung front load washer reviews our experts have put together for you, including our top picks, and more about what you can expect if you plan to buy a Samsung washing machine for your home.

At a Glance:

Performance Overview

Pros & Cons

Top Samsung Front Load Washer Picks

Samsung FAQ

Why Trust Us?

Samsung: What You Need to Know

Samsung was created to help others achieve the impossible, and for more than 50 years, they have been doing exactly that. They are engineering innovative technology that breaks boundaries and puts the human experience first for the best people-oriented appliances. Devices and home appliances from Samsung blaze a new trail forward in technology, creating an impact that is meant to better the world environmentally. Now, to ask the hard questions: Is Samsung the right choice for your home? Ranked #1 in customer satisfaction and known as the most intelligent washing machines in their category, you can expect nothing but the best for your laundry, along with features to make your home life simpler. These smart and quality-designed appliances are of mid-range pricing, being as low as $679 and as high as $1709 in cost. So, Samsung front load washers are the top picks for: 

  • Eco-friendly homeowners 
  • Smart home shoppers
  • Large households
  • Budget buyers

Performance Overview

Samsung washers are top-of-the-line appliances with amazing features that are more than worth considering.

Smart Dial: An innovative AI-powered dial that learns and suggests your preferred cycles, allowing for customized cycle options, plus quick and easy access to avoid shifting through wash options.

SelfClean+: A cycle that removes up to 99 percent of bacteria in any washer drum to eliminate most germ-created odors or mold.

VRT+: This noise- and vibration-reducing technology allows for doing laundry loads at any time or place without disturbing the rest of the household (day or night).

Steam: A wash option that doesn’t require pre-treatment and allows for a deep and thorough clean as steam penetrates every piece of clothing.

Pros & Cons

Like most things, even a Samsung front load washing machine can have its good and bad qualities, and we have listed a few below:


Quiet operation

✓  Clothes smell as fresh as detergent and softener

✓  Wi-Fi connectivity

✓  Self Clean+ cycle

✓  Multiple wash options    

✓  Affordable options


×  Can’t add items after starting cycle

×  Entire washer shakes during spin cycle

×  No option to add water for wash cycles

×  Can’t disable key sounds

Top Samsung Front Load Washer Picks

Best Overall: Samsung 4.5 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer (WF45T6200AW)

white and black front load washer

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Turn laundry into a no-brainer with our white Samsung front load washer, offering numerous smart features to make life easier. You can breathe a sigh of relief, no longer having to rush to get all of your laundry done before the kids’ bedtime. With the innovative Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) to reduce most noise and vibrations, you can quietly wash at all hours of the night if you run out of time during the day. Also, use one of the 10 cycles like Super Speed, Steam, or Sanitize to get the most optimal clean for your fabrics, clothes, and bedding. And after every dozen cycles, select the Self Clean+ to keep your washer drum fresh, clean, and 99-percent bacteria-free for the next 40 washes.

  • Product specifications
    • 4.5 cu. ft. capacity
    • Smart Care
    • VRT Plus Technology

Best Value: Samsung 6000 Series 4.5 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer (WF45T6000AW)

white and stainless steel front load washer

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Make laundry day less literal and turn it into a less time-consuming chore when you wash loads using our Samsung front load washer from the 6000 series that is as gentle on your wallet as it is on your clothes. This large capacity washer allows for bigger loads, so you can spend less time washing using quick wash, whites, activewear, other cycles. Also, with the Self Clean+ cycle, you can eliminate 99 percent of bacteria found on your clothes in the drum, guaranteeing the best wash for your fabrics. For the cherry on top, the Vibration Reduction Technology+ ensures a quiet wash, perfect for days when you can only do a lot during your children’s nap time or bedtime.

  • Product specifications
    • 4.5 cu. ft. capacity
    • Self Clean+
    • Vibration Reduction Technology+

Best Splurge: Samsung 5.0 Cu. Ft. Brushed Black Front Load Washer (WF50A8500AV)

Brushed Black Samsung Front Load Washer

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Treat yourself to this sleek and smart black front load washer from Samsung that’ll elevate your smart home game. Enjoy powerful stain removing action with this washer's Steam feature. Best of all, with the Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily manage your wash from the palm of your hand with the SmartThings App on your smart device, allowing for alerts, monitoring, scheduling, and running any cycle you need.

  • Product specifications
    • 5.0 cu. ft. capacity
    • Vibration Reduction Technology


Q: How do you clean a Samsung front load washer?

A: To clean a Samsung front load washer and prevent odors and mold from building up, we recommend using the self-clean cycle. Or, if your model doesn’t have such a cycle, you can use a washing machine cleaner product.

Q: How do you use the self-clean cycle?

A: The self-clean cycle prevents mold and odor, cleaning areas of the drum where moisture and detergent residue accumulate. Before selecting and running the self-clean cycle, make sure the tub is empty.

Q: Can I use pods in a Samsung washer?

A: Most Samsung front load washers have a drawer to add liquid detergent, but if you want to use a pod, you can put them directly into the washer’s drum.

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