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Most Innovative and Effective Washing Machine Cycles

by Spencers TV & Appliance

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At a Glance:

Allergiene™ Cycle

Clean Washer Cycle

Smart Wash


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Trust Spencers Appliance?

Technology has come a long way from the first motorized laundry units. Today’s washers come with a variety of cycles that are meant to protect your clothes while cleaning them. They remove stains faster and use less water for a more efficient experience.

If your washing machine is more than a decade old and starting to wear out, you might need to catch up on all of the new washing machine cycles that come standard in most modern units. Some brands (like LG and Samsung) have proprietary cycles that are unique to their specific models. You don’t just choose between heavy-duty and permanent press anymore.

Use this guide to learn about the different wash cycles available and the brands that use them. This can help you choose the best possible washing machine to get your clothes clean.

Washing Machine Options at Spencers

Are you looking for a new washer for your home? Check out the many options Spencers offers with a wide selection of advanced washing cycles to make laundry day a breeze.

Spencers Washing Machine Options

Allergiene™ Cycle

Out of all the LG washing machine cycles explained, this might be the most valuable. The Allergiene™ cycle was created to help homeowners who struggle with seasonal allergies or live with pets that create irritating dander. Clothes are one of the most common carriers of allergens. You carry pollen on your clothes after walking outside while pet dander lands on your shirts and pants after you play with a furry friend. This can lead to flare-ups like itchy eyes, a runny nose, and a sore throat. 

This washing machine clean cycle introduces steam to the washing process and heats up your clothes to a level that kills most household bacteria. The cycle is designed to remove as many particles as possible so your clothes stay clean and don’t contribute to unwanted allergy symptoms.

LG 5.5 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer

LG White Top Load Washer

LG White Top Load Washer

If the Allergiene™ cycle appeals to you, check out this model by LG. It is an Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) certified washer that was designed to help people who need to remove pollen and pet dander from their clothes. This is also a mega-capacity washer – which is perfect for large families.

Even without a large family, you might love this unit. You can fit your entire comforter in the drum, which is great for removing dust and other household allergens that are hard to otherwise clean.

There are several positive reviews of this washer that highlight its value. One person says, “LG has been my go-to brand for washers and dryers as I had been impressed with their quality and durability. My last LG washer/dryer was well over 12 years old and still going strong. However, I recently moved to a new home and decided that it was time to upgrade.”

Clean Washer Cycle

Your washing machine takes good care of your clothes as long as it is regularly cleaned and maintained. However, many people don’t realize that they need to frequently clean their washing units – especially front-load models. Regular cleaning can prevent odors caused by mildew while also protecting the rubber seal on your washer.

This makes the Clean Washer cycle one of the most underrated washing machine cycles on the market. This cycle runs at one of the highest temperatures possible to sanitize the drum and runs quickly to minimize water usage.

Electrolux 4.5 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer


Electrolux White Front Load Washer

If you want a washer that cleans itself, check out this model from Electrolux. It comes with a variety of other useful cycles including the 15-Minute Fast Wash for when you are in a hurry, the Perfect Steam™ system to remove stains, and the Pure Rinse™ option if you are sensitive to fragrances and residue left by detergents. There’s a cycle for every laundry need.

The customer reviews highlight how valuable this washer is. One person writes, “I didn't realize how bad my old washer was till I bought the Electrolux. Truly a quality washing machine, I'm very pleased.”

Smart Wash

One of the biggest trends in washing machine cycles is removing the burden on homeowners to choose the right settings. Historically, homeowners needed to know what each setting was and when to use it. People would have washing machine cycles explained in manuals or in stores to learn about the features. However, with modern technology, the machine chooses the cycle for you.

The GE Smart Wash system starts with an evaluation of the clothes. The machine checks the weight of the laundry and the soil levels to understand what needs to be cleaned. It will then run an appropriate cycle that minimizes waste while maximizing cleaning power. For example, it will run a different cycle for your work uniforms than for your beach towels.

GE Profile™ 5.4 Cu. Ft. Diamond Gray Top Load Washer

GE Profile Diamond Gray Top Load Washer

GE Profile Diamond Gray Top Load Washer

This model by GE Profile is a great option if you are interested in buying a smart washer that sets your cycles for you. Not only will the Smart Wash option handle your laundry cycles, but it will also send alerts to your phone via the SmartHQ™ app. You won’t forget about your laundry with these notifications and can quickly flip your wet clothes into the dryer.

You can see how people love these products when you read the online reviews. One buyer writes, “Solid washer! I was quite hesitant to purchase a washing machine without an agitator but I'm very glad I pulled the trigger and bought one!”


The next step when improving washing machine cycles is to improve the dryer cycles that come after them. If you are washing delicate items, you don’t necessarily want extremely high power and heat levels when you dry them. This is what the MultiControl™ system is meant to help with. When you stack your Samsung washer and dryer together, you can use the MultiControl™ function to sync the needs of your washer with your dryer.

How to Stack Your Washer & Dryer

By choosing your settings once, you can flip your laundry faster and won’t forget to adjust your dryer cycles based on your washer needs. Manufacturers are increasingly creating washers and dryers that “talk” to each other, which means the washer tells the dryer how to best dry the laundry that it is currently cleaning. Once again, this takes the burden off of homeowners to choose the right cycles. 

Samsung 6500 Series 4.6 Cu. Ft. Brushed Black Front Load Washer

Samsung 6500 Series Brushed Black Front Load Washer

Samsung 6500 Series Brushed Black Front Load Washer

Once you have the Samsung washing machine cycles explained, you will love using this washer. There are several different soil levels to choose from and different power cycles that are made for different types of clothes. Samsung also has an AI Smart Dial system that recommends your favorite cycles and allows you to customize these suggestions. This way you will always see the most relevant options unless you need to wash specific garments.


What are the cycles in a washing machine?

The cycles on the washing machine vary by the size of the load, the level of dirtiness of the clothes, and the type of clothes you are washing. For example, a heavy-duty cycle will appropriately wash your comforter or your dirty yard work clothes. A more delicate cycle will protect your silk dresses, lingerie, and other less-soiled garments.  

What cycle is best for washing?

Most of the time, homeowners can either use the normal or permanent press cycle to clean their clothes. Both of these cycles are meant for day-day-day clothes like work shirts, pants, and casual tops. However, if you have highly dirty clothes or heavy-duty uniforms, you might want to use a heavier cycle or a second rinse to make sure they are thoroughly cleaned.

What do the different modes on a washing machine mean?

If you want to manually control your washing machine, you can adjust the water temperature, spin speed, and water levels used to clean your clothes. Heavy-duty clothes will need a higher spin rate and higher water levels for a deeper clean. Adjusting your water temperature to a cooler level can reduce your energy consumption.

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