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5 Frigidaire Range Options for Every Kind of Budget

by Olly Mason

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An Overview of Frigidaire Ranges

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5 Ranked Frigidaire Ranges

Frigidaire Range FAQs

Why Trust Us?

Shoppers in the market for a new range are probably familiar with Frigidaire products, but when it comes to comparing the brand with others in the industry, knowing where the brand ranks is less than obvious. For many, taking the step to research Frigidaire could be the difference between overspending on a range with unnecessary features and saving on a new range designed with straightforward functions in mind.

Save yourself the trouble of opening a million browser tabs. Everything you need to know about Frigidaire ranges can be found here as we give you a behind-the-scenes look at the lineup, plus five models ranked from “splurge” to “extreme value.” Follow and discover if a Frigidaire range is right for your home.

Frigidaire Ranges Review

Frigidaire may have started as a refrigerator manufacturer (the name says it all), but over the 100+ years the brand has been active, it’s become a leading domestic appliance brand that serves the entire kitchen. Today, Frigidaire crafts three unique kitchen appliance lines: Frigidaire, Frigidaire Gallery, and Frigidaire Professional. In this spotlight, we’re diving into the brand’s entry line.

As the core brand line, Frigidaire ranges offer standard features with a few upgrades on high-end models. Overall, these first-generation ranges are designed to be simple to operate with enough performance for regular, everyday use. Take a look at what these ranges offer in terms of size, performance, and features.

Frigidaire Range Fuel Types

As expected, standard Frigidaire ranges come in gas and electric fuel options. The most affordable of the lot are Frigidaire ceramic coil ranges, which start at an MSRP of $849. But fans of modern design can also explore smooth top ranges as low as $1,079.

If a Frigidaire gas range is more your style, the brand offers a decent lineup with models starting at $1,029.

Heads-Up! Buyers will have to upgrade to the Frigidaire Gallery or Frigidaire Professional series to explore induction and dual fuel ranges from the brand.

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Frigidaire Range Sizes and Configurations 

In the words of Frigidaire, “we design products to help you run your home, your way.” Part of that goal is manufacturing products designed for homes of every size — especially kitchens, which can be anything from a galley to an open concept. The lineup also includes freestanding and slide in ranges for more installation opportunities for different kitchen styles.

Frigidaire meets the needs of standard kitchens with three range sizes:

Frigidaire 24 inch ranges: perfect for tight kitchen spaces

Frigidaire 30 inch ranges: the universal fit for kitchens of virtually any size

Frigidaire 36 inch ranges: for larger kitchens that go bigger during mealtime

Frigidaire Range Features

If your idea of a new range is an extravagant cooking setup inspired by the pros, you might want to reconsider Frigidaire ranges. But if you want a trusted line of ranges that gets mealtime done every night, keep reading to see how Frigidaire range features can make the task easier.

  • Self Clean Function A self clean function is essential for oven clean-up with minimal effort. Select Frigidaire ranges even feature a fast steam clean option for quick touchups in 30 minutes!
  • Air Fry ovens – Did you know Frigidaire was the first brand to add an Air Fry function to its appliances? Once found exclusively on premium Frigidaire ranges, the feature can now be found on Frigidaire base range models.
  • True convection The addition of a fan helps circulate heat throughout the oven, meaning food on every rack bake evenly without the need for rotation.
  • Even Baking technology Improved conduction heating produces heat that reaches every area of an oven’s interior for better baking results than a standard heating element.
  • Quick boil burner Unleash up to 17,000 BTUs of flame output on Frigidaire gas ranges with a quick boil burner.

Woman cooking on a Frigidaire electric range while a man smiles and watches from a kitchen island

Is a Frigidaire Range Right for Me?

All in all, Frigidaire delivers a solid entry-level range lineup designed to meet the needs of casual cooks to families that make meals regularly. Based on our Frigidaire range reviews, we recommend this series to:

Shoppers looking for an accessible, U.S.A. appliance brand

Households with the usual weeknight dinnertime routine

Buyers who don’t want to spend more on extra features

Fans of appliances in black, white, or stainless steel

Shoppers with a max budget of $2,799

Frigidaire Ranges, Ranked

To get a better idea of how Frigidaire ranges rank, we’ve reviewed five models, starting with a splurge down to our top affordable range. Take a look at how they compare!

The following recommendations come from our friends at BrandSource. Availability of products is not guaranteed."

1. The Splurge: Frigidaire® 30" Stainless Steel Free Standing Gas Range

Front view of Frigidaire FFGH3051VS 30” freestanding gas range

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With a 4.5/5 star rating, this Frigidaire gas range under $1,300 delivers a beautiful cooking setup at a fraction of the cost of luxury gas ranges. The standout is its slide in range design. Install into any existing 30-inch space for a touch of high-end beauty that elevates the look of your kitchen. Together with a large-capacity oven with Even Bake technology, four gas burners, and a continuous grate design, it’s no wonder why product reviewers like LivingParadise agree this freestanding gas range  feels and “looks more expensive than it is!”

Features We Love:

  • Even Baking technology means crisp cookies, golden roasts, and fewer menu mistakes.
  • Cook dinner faster with a quick boil burner.
  • Transfer pots using minimal effort with corner-to-corner grates.
  • Have 30 minutes? Give this range’s oven a quick spot cleaning with steam.

2. The Compact Option: Frigidaire® 24" Stainless Steel Free Standing Electric Range

Front view of Frigidaire FCFE2425AS 24” freestanding electric range

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This Frigidaire 24 inch electric range may be the smallest pick in our ranking, but it packs a decent punch. How? Try fan convection that wraps every inch of the interior oven in even heat. Or a sleek and functional ceramic glass surface that accentuates this compact range’s space-saving design. If you want to save even more on this top-rated electric range, explore this model in a timeless white finish!

Features We Love:

  • Fan convection produces even heat for accurate results.
  • A hidden baking element makes oven clean up simple.
  • Storage below also doubles as a warming drawer.
  • The smooth glass surface is low-maintenance and high-end.

3. The Mid-Price Pick: Frigidaire® 30" Stainless Steel Slide In Electric Range

Front view of Frigidaire FFEH3054US 30” freestanding electric range

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Nearly 5,500 reviews give this Frigidaire 30 inch electric range an astounding 92-percent buyer recommendation. Not bad for a range under $1,300. And neither are all the features it comes with, from a dynamic glass cooktop with five heating elements to its slide in installation for a polished presentation that looks deluxe.

Features We Love:

  • Bring pots of water to a boil faster with a Quick Boil element with 3,000 watts of power. 
  • Make room for all your cookware. A 12 inch heating element is large enough to fit the biggest saucepan and pots.
  • An expandable heating element gives you the flexibility to use cookware of all sizes.
  • Three color options give you design freedom. 

4. The Affordable Gas Range Pick: Frigidaire® 30" Stainless Steel Free Standing Gas Range

Front view of Frigidaire FCRG3051AS 30” freestanding gas range

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Four gas burners, a large-capacity oven with 5 cubic feet of space, bottom storage, and a simple design — this 30 inch gas range has all the tools to conquer weeknight dinner time after time. While one of the more basic models in our lineup, this gas range under $950 is a super-value ideal for home chefs who appreciate the beauty of simplicity. Crank up the heat for up to 16,000 BTUs of heat to sear steaks or quickly boil pasta water, while Even Baking oven technology cooks your main entrée to picture-perfect results.

Features We Love:

  • 16,000 maximum BTUs of fire output quickly boils water.
  • Exclusive Even Baking technology cooks foods on all racks uniformly. 
  • A Store-More drawer stows cookware or keeps meals warm.

5. The Budget-Friendly Option: Frigidaire® 30" Stainless Steel Free Standing Electric Range

Front view of Frigidaire FFEF3016VS 30” freestanding electric range            

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Ceramic coil ranges are timeless kitchen appliances. Whether you’re a new cook or seasoned, users agree coil ranges are intuitive to use, simpler to clean than gas burners, and have considerable heat output. This freestanding electric range from Frigidaire is a great example of that design done right.

Priced under $850, product testers agree this model is easy to operate and maintain. It has all the basic features a regular household needs to cook meals every night. Read below to see the other perks this affordable electric range offers!

Features We Love:

  • Fast self-clean cycles clean the oven interior in as little as two hours.
  • A Store-More drawer keeps cookware tidy and sides warm during meal prep.
  • An auto shut-off feature provides an extra level of safety. 
  • This Frigidaire electric range under $850 comes in white, black, or stainless steel.  

Frigidaire Range FAQs

Get to know more about Frigidaire ranges as we answer a few of the common questions buyers like you ask experts like us.

Who manufactures Frigidaire electric ranges? 

 Frigidaire is owned by Electrolux. They manufacture their gas and electric ranges in Springfield, Tennessee.  

How much do Frigidaire ranges cost?

Frigidaire manufactures affordable ranges available in gas and electric fuel options. Electric models range from $849–$2,799, while gas ranges from Frigidaire price between $1,029–$1,399.

How long do Frigidaire ranges last?

Like most models on the market, Frigidaire ranges are made to last between 13–15 years.

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