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Does it Matter if I Don't Have Clear Water?

by Ann Louisa


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Is Cloudy Water Safe to Drink?

Should You Test Your Water?

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In some parts of the country, water flows from the top clear and cool. It is safe to drink and easy to consume. However, not every homeowner is lucky enough to have this water. Some people need to buy water softeners or filters before they can safely consume whatever comes from the tap.

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If your water is cloudy or not as clear as you like, you might be unsure whether you can drink it. Is this water safe? How can you enjoy clear water? Here are all the answers you need to understand your water quality.

Is cloudy water safe to drink? 

If you fill a glass of water from the tap and notice that it’s cloudy, you might wonder whether you should still drink it. There are many sources of cloudy water, but the most common cause is tiny air bubbles that form as the water moves through your pipes. These air bubbles are more likely to form when the weather is cold (usually in December for Arizona) or if your pipes remain cold despite warmer temperatures. 

If you are noticing cloudy water in the spring and summer months, check your water pressure. Houses with high water pressure tend to have cloudy water because air bubbles form as the water gets pushed out of the tap. If there is a burst pipe in your area or problems with your plumbing, air might get added to your water and create these cloudy bubbles.

Overall, this water is safe to drink. One way to know is to leave the glass on your countertop. The water should start to clear as these bubbles move to the top of the glass and disappear into the air. If the water remains cloudy or particles start to settle on the bottom of the glass, then you might not want to drink it.

Should you test your water?

One of the best ways to ensure your water is safe is to have it tested. Even if a previous homeowner or plumber assures you the water is okay, you can still request testing for your own peace of mind.

First, turn to your local community to learn what your water should include. Ask your local government for a Consumer Confidence Report or an annual quality report on the water. These reports provide breakdowns of appropriate levels of different chemicals in the water and create a benchmark for what you should expect from your tests.

The next step is to invest in a test kit. These cost between $20 and $150 depending on the model you buy. You can run these tests at home or you can send them to an EPA-certified lab. If you are convinced that your water is unclean and you were lied to, lab testing is more reliable and provides official results. The EPA has a list of certified laboratories in your area. There are six in central Phoenix alone.

With these results, you can learn whether your cloudy water is safe to drink or if you need to invest in systems that produce clear water.   

Top Solutions to Purify Your Water

Homeowners in Arizona have multiple options to purify their drinking water. Some use basic filtration systems that are placed on their countertops. However, you have to wait for this water to finish filtering once the pitcher runs out. Here are a few solutions to consider if you want clear water immediately in your home.

Envirotec™ 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

envirotec 5 stage

If you are worried about the state of your water, then you will want one of the best water treatment solutions on the market. A reverse osmosis system pushes water through a series of membranes. The undesirable chemicals and particles are filtered out, while the purified water passes through. This particular model has five different filter membranes, with each one getting smaller. It starts with a large membrane that filters out dirt and dust particles and then removes minute chemical traces toward the end.

This option can help you save hundreds of gallons each year compared to other water filtration models. It makes your water taste better, which results in clearer ice and better-tasting coffee and tea. This system was specifically designed for Arizona’s harsh water conditions, which means you are investing in a unit made just for you.

These models can usually be placed underneath your sink, so they don’t take up much room. Alternatively, you can install them next to your water heater for full-home filtration. Call the experts at Spencer’s TV & Appliance for estimates on pricing and installation. You can all read customer reviews to learn what others think of their reverse osmosis systems.

Samsung 2-Pack Refrigerator Water Filter

samsung 2 pack

If you want to start with a simpler solution to produce clear water, consider investing in a refrigerator with water filters. Samsung has some of the easiest filters to replace, ensuring you have clean water throughout any part of the year. This water filter constantly works to reduce contaminants, producing clear water that also tastes good. Most Samsung refrigerators come with water dispensers and room for filters, so you won’t waste space with a large-scale purifier. 

Most water filters, including these, last around three months. If you are a heavy-use household (which means you have a large family that drinks a lot of water), you might want to change these filters every 10 weeks. Some filters can last up to six months, depending on their size and use. In order to remember to change your filter, set a reminder on your calendar or write the change date on the filter itself. 

You can buy a set of Samsung refrigerator water filter bottles for only $75. The customer reviews for these filters say they are easy to install and start working immediately.

Thermador® Freedom® White Water Filter

thermador freedom

Thermador also offers a water filter that you can choose to improve the water quality in your home. This is made for select refrigerator models, so check to make sure yours is compatible before buying. This is the best water filter for many homeowners because it removes so many different chemicals and unwanted particles. You can pour water for your kids knowing it is free of chlorine, chloramines, lead, pharmaceuticals, and other contaminants.

Like the Samsung models, these water filters need to be changed every six months. The refrigerator should indicate that your filter needs to be changed as a polite reminder. You can also use holiday indicators to remember: change your filters on New Year’s Day and on the 4th of July.

Read customer reviews to learn what other people think of this product.  


Why are there chemicals in my water?

There are many factors that contribute to the makeup of your water. You might have different minerals and chemicals in the water depending on where it comes from, how it is filtered, and which city you live in. Many cities add chemicals to water (like chlorine and fluoride) to purify it from harmful bacteria. Home filters can remove these chemicals and improve the taste.

Where does Phoenix get its water?

There are three main sources that provide water to residents in Phoenix: the Salt River, the Verde River, and the Colorado River. The city also takes steps to reclaim water used by residents for non-drinking purposes (like water used to water plants and maintain parks).

Is Phoenix tap water safe to drink?

The city of Phoenix removes as many particles as its can from the water so residents can drink it safely. In most households, you can drink tap water without having to worry about what it contains. However, if your water looks cloudy or has a strange smell and taste, consider having it tested for purity.

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