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How to Fix if Your Water Smells Like Chlorine

by Ann Louisa

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Why Does My Water Smell Like Chlorine?   

What to Do if Your Tap Water Smells Like Chlorine   

How Do Whole-House Water Filters Work? 

3 Best Whole-House Water Filter Reviews 


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You rely on your water system to provide clean water every day. You need to cook, bathe, and wash your clothes in this water without questioning whether it is dirty or damaging. If your water smells like chlorine, you might start to wonder if it’s safe to use. Are there harsh chemicals in the water that could hurt your skin and wear out your clothes? Can you drink tap water that smells like chlorine?  

It’s time to get to the source of why your water smells like chlorine. If you learn how to identify why this occurs, you can take steps to enjoy cleaner water and know that your family is safe. Learn more about the causes of this phenomenon and what you can do about it. 

Why Does My Water Smell Like Chlorine?   

Most people like to think the water that pours from their pipes is naturally fresh and clean. However, it actually goes through a water treatment process where it is cleaned and sanitized with a series of chemicals. Phoenix gets its water from the Colorado River at Lake Havasu along with the Verde River and Salt River watersheds. The water that is collected from these sources needs to be thoroughly cleaned before it is ready to flow through your sink.  

Every city and region has its own policies for cleaning water this is why tap water might taste better in some areas than others. If your water smells like chlorine, it might mean that you live in an area where the chlorine levels are higher than expected, to the point where it is notable. Most cities try to purify residential water so it has no odor, but some people are more sensitive to smells than others. 

The EPA requires chlorine in drinking water on some levels. This chemical kills harmful bacteria that could create gastrointestinal distress if consumed. However, some cities have higher levels of this chemical (while staying within the legal range) than others.   


What to Do if Your Tap Water Smells Like Chlorine   

Unfortunately, if your water smells like chlorine, there isn’t much that you can do to address the root of the problem. Your city is in control of water purification, and the smell likely won’t dissipate any time soon. This is particularly true if the chlorine smell has been constant since you moved to the area. If your tap water suddenly starts to smell and the city hasn’t made any changes to its water treatment process, you may want to call a plumber to assess the problem.   

There are small-scale and large-scale solutions if you want to get rid of the chlorine smell. At the most basic level, you can fill a pitcher of water and keep it in the refrigerator before drinking it. This should reduce the chlorine smell. Boiling the water and then cooling it can also reduce the smell. However, this isn’t a long-term solution. You shouldn’t have to boil your tap water every time you want to drink it or wash your hands.    

You may be able to install a water filter in your home that removes some of the chlorine before it flows through the tap. If your bathroom sink smells when water runs, a whole-house solution is ideal so you can comfortably use your water anywhere.  

How Do Whole-House Water Filters Work?  

If your home’s water smells like chlorine, a water filter that works for your whole house might be your best option. This way, you won’t have to worry about showering in water that has higher chlorine levels (which might impact the softness of your hair and skin). These systems are installed either under your sink or attached to your water heater. The filters remove purifications quickly, so you don’t have to wait for clean, hot water.  

Best of all, most users who set up water filters don’t notice a difference in how quickly their water heats up. They can enjoy clean, chemical-free water without having to boil it or rely on water delivery services.  

As you start your water filter search, look into a reverse osmosis filter. Reverse osmosis works by forcing water through a membrane to escape a pressurized environment. When water passes through the membrane, certain chemicals get filtered out. This is because they are too large to push through. The result is clean water on one side (which gets sent to your tap) and chemicals that are sent down the drain on the other side.   

2 Best Whole-House Water Filter Reviews  

There are a few top options to consider if you want to install a reverse osmosis water filter in your home. Most people are familiar with water softener systems, however, you aren’t limited to this technology. Learn about reverse osmosis systems and why homeowners love them as we review three options.  

  1. Envirotec™ 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System 


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The most basic reverse osmosis system sends water through four different stages of cleaning. Each membrane is slightly less permeable, which means fewer chemicals can pass through. This provides four different opportunities to clean your water.  

This option is ideal if you have harsh water conditions but normal water needs. If you are buying for a small home that uses a standard amount of water, then a basic system such as our exclusive Envirotec 4-stage water filter will help you remove the chlorine smell without any issues.   

  1. Envirotec™ 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System 

If you want the best possible water system for your home, invest in a six-stage reverse osmosis filter. This option is made for houses that have particularly harsh water to the point where homeowners cannot bathe in it. If your water smells like chlorine to the that it reminds you of a swimming pool, consider this option.  

The six total membranes ensure that nearly all chemicals are pulled from the water, leaving it as pure as possible. It catches sediment as small as one micron, 40 times smaller than those visible to the human eye. The Stage Four ECT™ Filtration extends the water contact time with the carbon 60 times longer than any competitors, which makes Envirotec™ one of the best brands in the business.  

This system can still fit under the sink in most cases, but it may need to be housed near your water filter or in a storage closet if you have a smaller home. Not only will your water no longer smell like chlorine, but it might taste better than you expect. The sixth membrane is actually a polishing filter through a coconut carbon blend to ensure the water tastes great.  

As you can see, it’s solving how to fix your water if it smells like rotten eggs isn’t impossible, and upgrading your home’s water system to one can be beneficial to your health and appearance. At Spencer’s TV & Appliance, we specialize in home water treatments for all lifestyles.  Check our water systems online or visit us at one of our showrooms to learn more about how to solve your home’s smelly water issue.  


Here are a few last pointers for you to consider when it comes to smelly water.  

Why does my water smell like chlorine? 

Water comes from multiple sources and needs to be treated before it can be sent to your tap. Your local city or county municipality might treat the water with slightly more chlorine, causing the smell. You can install water filters in your home to remove it.  

Is it safe to drink tap water?  

In most towns and cities, it is safe to drink tap water without any health repercussions. However, the water may be harsher or more contaminated in your area. Consider having your water tested and installing filters if you aren’t sure if the water is safe. It is better to be safe than to drink bad tap water for years.  

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